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Chapter 28

After I explained everything to Zeno, we all went to school except for Nolan. He decided to stay with Elara at her school. We told him that he should rest because of his broken leg but he didn’t care. He wanted to keep an eye on his baby sister alongside Anthony, her bodyguard. Dad was more relaxed and at ease knowing that his eldest son wouldn’t let anything bad happen to his youngest child.

“Good morning Evelina,” Franky and Emilia greeted me the moment I entered the class. I smiled and sat in my seat. “Good morning to you too,” I felt bad for hiding what was happening from my friends but everyone, at some point in their lives, had a secret and they’d like to keep it as a secret forever. That was my secret.

“So, girls... anything new in your relationships?” I asked, trying to tease them about it. They both blushed and I chuckled. “Mine is normal, and I’m happy that way with Jace. It’s going smoothly.” Emilia stated and I was happy for her. I looked at Franky and she was smiling like a cute geek. “Mine is good actually. Rick invited me to have dinner with his family,” she cleared and I clapped my hands together. “Yes, that’s is so sweet. Congrats,” I said and hugged them both. At least their lives were fine.

Us girls and boys were heading to the chemistry lap to prepare for an experiment with mom when we all heard a loud explosion coming from there. We looked at each other and I dropped my books on the floor. “Mom!” Andro and I both yelled and ran to the lap. “Please don’t be there. Please don’t be there!” I kept on repeating until we got there. The smoke was too heavy and we couldn’t see anything. I asked a student that was near if he saw mom inside and he said that he did see her writing on the board. After a few seconds, we saw dad rushing to us. “She’s supposed to be in there!” He yelled for us and I gave Andro the look. The look that said we wouldn’t give up on her. I saw a fire extinguisher and handed it to Rick. “Spray us! Now!” I shouted and he nodded. He sprayed us and we didn’t waste another second. We went inside the burning and smoky lap. “Mom!” Andro called and we crawled to the teacher’s desk. “Mom,” I called again and heard faint coughing. “Over there,” I pointed to the closet next to the desk and we stood up.

Andro tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. I tried with him but it was stuck. “Try pulling harder,” he cried and I did. As I was pulling with all my might, I felt two hands around me. I looked behind and saw dad. “Come on kids, pull!” He yelled and we put everything in that door and it opened. I blinked twice and felt like screaming. We saw mom on her stomach, and not moving. Dad turned her over and I gasped. Her left side of her body was badly burned. Dad went to check her pulse. “It’s weak but it is still a pulse, help me. Lead the way kids!” Dad held her in his arms and we ran outside. It was not easy yet we did it. We were coughing from the smoke.

All the teachers and students were waiting for us, the paramedics were already there along with the firefighters. They went to fight the fires and the paramedics came to us. “Is she still alive?” One of them asked and we nodded. She checked for a pulse and nodded. “It’s weak but we’ll try everything we can to save her.” She assured and we followed them. “Please don’t let our mom die!” I begged as the tears rolled down my cheeks. Andro gasped for air as we continued running to the ambo.

“Sir, only one can ride with me. The rest can follow us,” The other paramedic stated and I looked at them. “I will. Please!” I responded and Dad and Andro agreed. “We’ll be right behind you,” Dad said and saw Levi waiting for them with the car. “Get in,” he said and the ambo’s door closed. I stared at mom and dark thoughts clouded my mind. “Mom, please open your eyes. Please, don’t leave us, please mom.” I whimpered and the woman looked at me with sad eyes. “Grab her hand and squeeze it as hard as you can, and if she reacts, tell me.” She told me and I quickly did as she said. The burns covered her side but her face was clean from burns. The more I looked at them, the more I squeezed. After a while, I felt her fingers moving. “She reacted. Her fingers are brushing my hand.” I said almost in an excited tone and the woman nodded.

“She’s strong, and she won’t die. She has you in her life. She won’t leave her family behind, just pray.” She countered in a soothing tone and I cried even harder. “Mom, wake up!” I said and the one driving stopped the ambo. “We’re here,” He said and opened the back doors. I helped them get her down and we rolled inside the hospital. I looked behind me and saw Andro, dad, Franky, Emilia and the boys running towards us. “47-year-old female with burn injuries all over her left side. Her pulse got stronger in the ambo, reacted and she inhaled a lot of smoke.” As the paramedic explained her status, mom began gasping for air. The doctor checked her lungs. “Her lungs collapsed. Please step aside so we can do our job,” he said and I bit my lip. “Please doc, save her!” Dad grabbed his shoulder and the doctor gave a firm nod. “We’ll try everything we can to save her, all you got to do is wait,” he replied and closed the glass door behind him.

We all saw how they were trying their best to save her but I couldn’t watch any longer. I ran outside to take a deep breath and saw Nolan walking fast with Elara, Oriana, and Zeno. As they saw me, they all hugged me. “How is she?” Nolan asked with a horrified expression on his face.

“S-she’s alive, but she was burnt pretty badly...” I said. “And they are trying their best to keep her alive. You can enter, I will wait here,” I added and Nolan nodded. Elara and Oriana followed him however, Zeno stayed with me. “I’m here for you. We’ll pray together, don’t lose hope.” He said and I agreed.

Please God, keep her alive...

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