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Chapter 29

An hour had passed since we got her into the hospital and finally the doctor came out of the door. I stood next to my family and we all grabbed our hands hoping for the good news to come. “Well?” Dad maintained with watery eyes and the doctor remained with a firm expression which scared me to death. “She is stable now and she will live normally, however, her burns were second-degree burns and will take a long while to heal, some of her burns might leave scars under her chest but it is manageable, be patient with her. It’s important that she stays in this hospital for at least a month so we can monitor her and treat her burns as best as we can. Only family members can enter now, I will come back later to check on her.” He explained her situation, gave dad a light pat on the shoulder and then went to another patient. Doctors were miracle workers. And miracle was another word for hard work.

Dad was the first one to enter the room and we followed him. “Hey Carina,” he said in a quiet tone and she gave us a faint smile. With all she’s been through, she still managed to smile. “The doctor explained to us everything, you’ll be here for a month or so. Thank God, you are still alive.” He said with tears and then kissed her forehead, gently. “I’m sorry guys for worrying you, I’m okay now!” She cleared and we beamed at her cheerfulness. How was she okay? She was not okay and she knew it.

“What happened, mom?” I asked as we all sat around her, waiting for her to talk. She took a deep breath and then glanced at her wrapped hand. “It all happened so fast but I do remember what occurred. As I was preparing the class for the next lesson, I saw a small package and next to it was an iron ribbon. I knew it was from Meg, yet I still opened the box. I looked at the inside and saw a timer for five seconds, I quickly hid inside the supply closet but clearly, I was not fast enough to avoid the full blast.” She explained and sighed like she was disappointed in herself.

“Thank God you are still alive. You acted fast to avoid death, mom!” I reminded her and she laughed. “True, but I will kill that bitch!” Mom ejaculated and then looked at Elara. “Sorry Teddy bear, I had to say the b-word.” She added and Elara chuckled. “It’s okay, whoever did that to you mommy, deserves the b-word,” Elara replied and we all laughed. After a while of chatting, a nurse came to check up on mom and she allowed visitors other than family. The whole group came rushing inside.

“Thank God you are okay, you scared us back there,” Emilia said and the rest talked with mom for a bit. I decided that I needed to clear my head from all the negative thoughts and walked to the vending machine to grab a snack. I thought I was alone but when I looked to my right I saw Zeno. “Hey,” I said and he smiled. “Hey, are you okay?” He asked and I nodded while staring at the families and the patients. “Yeah, it’s just amazing how the cosmos works... The hospital is the only place that everyone gets out of it without even entering it.” I countered and he arched his eyebrows in confusion. “You get born in it,” I finished and he titled his head with a smile. “That was actually beautiful.” He commented and I nodded. I felt his honesty.

“Do you want something?” I asked as I grabbed my chocolate bar. “No, thanks. Do you want to sit outside for a bit?” He asked and I followed him. We walked for a little while until we reached a bank. We sat on it and gazed at the bright sky. Dark thoughts were replaced by questioning ones. “I still don’t know what I should become in the future. You already figured out your passion and you want to chase after the dream of becoming an FBI agent. I admire your motivation, you and my brother and the boys. It is mind-blowing if you ask me,” I said what was on my mind and he looked at me. Like I said something out of the ordinary.

“You don’t have to think so hard about it, Eve, your passion for something will eventually come around. You will figure it out once the time is right, don’t rush it. As they say, good things take time to be achieved. I am positive that you will crack the rotini thinking and become someone amazingly talented at her job. I just know it.” He replied as he looked into my eyes with soft glints and I felt way better. Amazing what simple words can do to you. Either break you or soothe you. His words put me in a deep slumber that I was very comfortable in.

I patted his back and smiled. “Thank you, I needed that,” I said and then stood up. “I think we should head back,” I added and he stood up as well. “We should,” he confirmed and then, out of nowhere, he kissed my cheek. I was too in shock to register what had happened. It took me a while to snap out of it and looked back at him. He had a wide grin on his face that said what was untold. “What was that for?” I asked and my hand instantly went to the cheek that was kissed. “Felt like doing it, let’s go,” he replied like it was no big deal for him and walked to the main entrance. I followed in silence as the kiss was replayed in my head over and over again.

“It’s getting late, you should all head home,” mom announced and we all whined. “I’m not leaving you, I will stay with you,” I said and sat on her bed next to her legs. They all knew that I wouldn’t move so they gave up before even trying to talk me out of it. “Okay, but tomorrow I’m bringing dad and another police officer. We have to make it official, that psycho almost killed you today! Who knows what she’ll do next?” Zeno cleared and dad agreed. “We’ll be back tomorrow morning and we’ll bring clothes for the both of you. Good night,” he said and kissed us both on the forehead.

It took us about five minutes to actually have a quiet moment together but mom had to ruin it. “So, Evey, what happened between you and Zeno today?” She asked while wiggling her eyebrows and I facepalmed myself. Why did I volunteer to stay with her? Already regret it.

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