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Chapter 3

After we ate out breakfast and changed our clothes, the taxi came and drove us to the airport. Once we stepped foot into the building, we were escorted to the airport check-in. Everything was sorted out, apparently, dad made all this happen in a couple of hours and I was impressed and I was sure as hell mom was too. We didn’t have to do anything but sit our butts in the plane and wait for it to take off.

“Elara, do you need anything, sweetie?” I asked my little sister as she made herself comfortable in the window seat. She shook her head no and stared outside. I kissed her temple then turned my head to mom who was talking to the stewardess about how long it will take us to get there because I knew for a fact that it took us once 12 hours by car.

“It won’t take long, this flight will be one hour and thirty minutes long. Should I get you something to eat or just water?” She asked mom and mom looked at us. I shook my head and told her that Elara was good.

“Okay, I’ll take the water please” Mom requested and the stewardess smiled with a nod. She walked away and I closed my eyes to rest for a bit.

I opened my eyes when I felt the plane descending from the sky. I looked around me and saw Elara sleeping and mom reading a newspaper that was in the seat pocket. “Hey,” I said when I stretched my arms over my head.

“Hey, did you sleep well?” She asked when she put down the newspaper. She grabbed my hand and rubbed her thumb over it.

I smiled at the sensation. It felt nice and relieving. “Yes actually, hey mom...” I trailed off, wanting to say something for her.

“Yes, sweetie?” She waited for me to talk and I did after I took a deep breathe then looked her in the eyes.

I gave her a tight smile. “It will be okay, we’ll make it through. I know that you have an awkward relationship with dad but I still see the love in your eyes. I may not know the real reason for your divorce but I do know this... We are a strong family. We will make it through with a big smile and always remember, I’m not just your daughter, I’m your best friend. Like I always say: I’m an open book but a closed well, remember that!” I ejaculated in a firm tone. I meant every word that I said and I was willing to sacrifice my life for my family. They were everything I have.

Her tears were floating down her rosy cheeks like a waterfall, nevertheless, she looked absolutely stunning. I loved my appearance but sometimes, I wished that I looked like mom. She was like a model, with her dark blond hair, sea blue eyes and a perfect body, she would have been a famous fashion model. But, I still thank God that I was born into this amazing family. I was thankful that she was my mom.

“What did I do to deserve such a blessing?” She asked with a wide smile. I whipped her tears away and held her cheeks. “I love you, I love Elara, I love Andro, I love Nolan and I still love your dad. I’m so lucky to have you in my life and I’m grateful that no one got hurt in that fire. I know that it meant the world to you and it had a lot of memories but you should always remember, Evelina, that home is not a place. Home is where the family is, and I will talk to you when I want to, and I’m sure I’ll have those moments since I’m getting to live with the man that I’ve been married to for 25 years. I hope that everything will be okay” She finished and I hugged her tight.

The pilot spoke through the speakers, letting us know that we had descended successfully and we all clapped for him. We stood up and looked at Elara who was still asleep. “I’ll carry her, I’m sure you’re still tired. You didn’t sleep” I pointed out and mom thanked me then walked ahead of us.

Once we were out of the plane, we walked to the exit with Elara in my arms, seconds later, she woke up and demanded to walk saying that she didn’t want to tire me even more. She was a sweet puddle of joy.

“Evelina, Elara, mom!” We heard someone call from the doors and we saw my other half. My dear twin. I missed him so much and since we were twins who couldn’t see each other every day, the longing was stronger. I felt my eyes tear up when I ran to his arms that were opened wide. “God, how much I missed you in my arms” He whispered then buried his head in my hair. We didn’t look so much alike but you could still see the resemblance. We had the same hair colour that was light brown but different eye colour. While I had a dark blue to grey eyes, he had hazel ones.

“I missed you too” I replied in a quiet tone. I didn’t care about anything at that moment but our embrace. It was waited for. After some time, I lifted my head from his chest and kissed his cheek. “Where’s dad?” I asked as I looked around us. I didn’t see him.

Andro put his arms around my shoulders then laughed. “He’s home preparing food for you guys, he said that he wanted to make the best meal for his girls,” he replied with a grin and at the same time, he glanced at mom. She was considered one of his girls. I laughed then let go of him to let Elara and mom have the special moment with him.

“How long till we get there?” Elara asked Andro with a smile. He was driving a beautiful car that I didn’t see last time I was here. But then again, I haven’t seen him since Christmas two years ago. It had been a very long while.

“About that...We changed houses. We picked one that is closer to dad’s work and we’re almost there” He replied and I nodded. To think about it, I didn’t get to know what was dad’s job. As I was about to ask Andro about it, he entered a big driveway that was in front of a big house. It was a beautiful one actually, with two storey building and a front yard, it looked fancy. “We’re here” He announced and got out of the car after he parked it.

“That’s a nice house” Mom commented after she closed the door. Elara and I got out and stood next to mom, admiring the place. It looked expensive.

“It’s our house from now on,” out of nowhere, we heard dad’s voice from behind us. We turned and looked at him then gasped. “Don’t mind the... ” He said and pointed at his face and clothes. His face was covered in flour and his clothes with a red sauce. I hoped that it was not blood.

“What did you try this time?” Andro asked, his tone laced with amusement.

Dad scratched the nape of his neck and laughed. “I tried making pasta with pizza but I slipped on the floor with the flour bag and ketchup. Anyway, let me hug my girls” He opened his arms wide but we didn’t move. I just raised my eyebrows.

I shook my head. “Um, not with this on you. I will give you the biggest hug after you take a shower” I pointed out then stepped back when he stepped closer to me. “Dad, no!” I raised my voice in order to sound alarming but he just smirked. What a beautiful life I have! He grabbed me and hugged me tightly, I groaned but then hugged him. I was already dirty and needed a shower. “I missed you, dad,” I whispered and he tightened his grip on me.

“Me too, sugar pie” He replied with his nickname for me then kissed my forehead. He let go of me and turned to Elara who was hiding behind Andro’s legs. “Come here, you little angel” Dad told then surprised her by holding her close. She tried to release herself but then gave up and giggled like a sweet angel.

“I love you, dad,” She said and dad’s smile just got even bigger. That made us smile.

“I love you too, teddy bear” He replied then kissed her cheeks and forehead. I could see the love and adoration in his hazel eyes. He looked happy to see us. I looked at mom and saw her smiling widely at dad and Elara, she missed that sight. She missed the love if her life, I saw that in her sad eyes.

Dad let go of Elara and stood in front of mom. They stood there in silence until he hugged her tightly. We all smiled brightly at them and I rested my head on Andro’s shoulder. “Carina” Dad breathed in her neck and mom closed her eyes.

“Carolos,” She said. Saying their names was their greeting. They’d put so much love in just saying the names of their once was the partner. And I thought of getting them back together when I saw Andro giving me the look. I just nodded. We understood each other without uttering a single word.

“How are you guys?” Dad asked as they let go of each other. We started walking towards the front door.

“We’re fine, but tired from all the events that happened.” Mom answered and sighed. We were exhausted not just physically but emotionally too.

“You’ll stay with us as long as you want to and you can live forever with us. I already prepared three rooms for you” He said and I smiled at him. I’d love to stay here all the time but I know that mom won’t. But, Andro and I will do our best to bring them closer together.

As we entered, mom turned and looked at me like she was about to die. She had that facial expression that said I was doomed. “My job!” She exclaimed and shook my shoulders. “Give me your phone” She demanded and I handed her it, she opened it and groaned when she saw the screen. “One percent, Eve! Really?” She remarked and I shrugged.

“Our home was brunt down, remember that?” I reminded her and she sighed.

“Can I borrow a phone, I need to tell my school that I’m not in Virginia.” She asked Andro and he pulled it from his pocket. “What’s the password?” She asked and he smirked.

“Your wedding date” He replied and I mentality high fived him. He was a genius and I was proud to admit that. That was one step forward.

My parents looked at him like he was an alien. “Really?” They asked at the same time and my brother nodded. Mom typed the password and she was in. “It worked, oh baby!” She hugged him and kissed his forehead. Andro looked happy.

“Okay guys, let me go and talk to my boss and get myself fired. You could start eating... That if there is food” Mom said with a smirk then walked to another room.

When dad raised his finger to protest, he shut his mouth and sighed. “She’s right, let’s order pizza,” He stated and we all laughed.

Dear God, I hope that my parents get back together...

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