Home Can Be You

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Chapter 30

I was running away from a dark shadow, screaming and calling for help, petrified of it. My hair was wild and my clothes were all dirty and bloody. I didn’t know why it was following me but I wanted to just disappear from its sight, be safe and when I wanted to run faster to my safety, I fell off of a cliff. I was wide awake and on the floor. I looked around me and remembered that I was still in the hospital with my mom. The nightmare that felt so realistic made my sleep escape from my grip at 3 am.

I sat back on the big chair and sighed heavily. As I scratched my hand, I remembered the fire in Virginia. I looked at it and the small-sized wound was still there as a light scar. I actually didn’t hate it, I felt proud to have it. It proved to me that I could save souls. It proved to me that no house was actually a home. A home could be a person and for now, that home was my family. Life could be challenging however it was all about the ups and downs. It was all about our will and instinct to survive. “No...” As I was engrossed in my thoughts, I heard mom whimper. I stood up and walked to her bed. She looked like she was having a nightmare and I had to do something, therefore, I shook her shoulder very gently. I didn’t want to frighten her.

She moved a little before she opened her teary eyes. “Mom, are you okay?” I asked her in a soft tone. When she focused on me, I helped her sit probably. “Yeah... I just, um, I just had a nightmare...” She replied in a quiet tone and I understood exactly what was she feeling because I had one not long ago. “What was it about?” I decided to ask her because I knew that talking about your fears and nightmares would actually help you forget them. Yet, I would never tell her my nightmare. I didn’t want to add more sorrow to her state.

She glanced at the window and gazed at the half-full moon. It was beautiful and filled with secrets. The secrets of all humans. The sun knew us but the moon knew who we were. “It was like living that day, that explosion all over again but it was far worse than reality! You and Andro were in the class with me when it happened, and I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t save my babies. I was horrified and blamed myself for the bomb, so I stayed next to your bodies until I died as well...” She told me her nightmare and I felt that my nightmare didn’t compare with hers. She was crying and looking at the moon at the same time. I didn’t know what to say to ease her pain so I just carefully sat next to her on the bed and embraced her. “I’m so grateful that it was only a dream. I’d rather die than see you wither before my eyes!” She whispered and I kissed her forehead.

“Oh hell no! I won’t die that easily, don’t worry, mom, I’m a cat with 9 lives.” I commented in a humorous tone and she laughed. “I think we should go back to sleep and hope that the nightmares don’t come back, for you as well.” She stated and I arched my eyebrows in confusion. “How did you know that I also had a nightmare?” I asked and she grinned. “Oh honey, I gave birth to you and I just know when there is something up with you. With all of my babies. Your eyes were filled with anxiety when you woke me up and they were red.” She explained and I was dazzled by her close observation just when she was barely awake herself. Moms were scary heroines.

“And how do you think I knew that something had happened between you and Zeno?” She added and I whined. She was too sharp and I had to tell her that Zeno had kissed me on the cheek. She gave me the look of I knew it. I didn’t comment any further and shut my eyes.

It was 9 in the morning when our family and Zeno came through the door. He did keep his promise and brought his dad and another policeman that looked more of a surfer than a policeman, I didn’t care because he gave off good vibes and he looked old enough to be my granddad. “Good morning guys,” mom greeted them with the brightest smile ever and I just had to smile at her enthusiasm. “Good morning, mommy,” Elara was the first one to greet back, she also gave us big and warm hugs. She made us feel at home, she gave us the comfort that we were thriving for since we got here.

My brothers handed me new clothes and put mom’s on the chair next to her bed. “Carina, are you ready to talk with Alessio and this policeman?” Dad asked her as he kissed the crown of her head with a kind smile. “Yes,” She agreed then gazed at them. The policeman stepped closer and smiled. “Hello, I’m agent Hill, I worked with Alessio here for years in the FBI before I decided to take it easy and work in the CPD for a while. That while is now two years old,” he said and I chuckled at his simplicity. “How are you?” He asked mom and she smiled in return. “As you can see, I’ve been better but I’m still alive and talking so that’s a go. Thanks for asking,” I loved that mom was not grieving about her body burns or her injuries when she should be. I loved her positivity. I loved her.

“I hope you get better soon, but as you may know, I have to ask questions that we probably have the answers to but one can never be too sure.” He said and we all nodded in agreement at his last statement. “How did the explosion happen?” He asked and we all looked at mom. She told us, we knew it was hard for her to recall. “I’m a chemistry teacher so I was in the chemistry lab preparing the class for the next lesson. I saw a small box and next to it was an iron ribbon. I knew it right away that it was from Meg Forman, yet I still opened the damn box. I looked at inside and saw a timer for five seconds, I quickly hid inside the supply closet and... well... look at me.” She explained what had happened and it pained me all over again that she had to go through that all by herself. I wished it was me instead of her. Mom and dad suffered greatly for years because of that evil witch and I wanted to help. I didn’t know how though.

“We did run the scene, investigated it and found that iron ribbon you’re talking about. It looked exactly like the previous ones, so we can affirm that it was planted by Meg or at least someone who works with her. We will work hard to catch all of who are involved in this case. For now, we’ll have patrol cars escort you Bamfords wherever you go. We won’t let another thing happen to any of you. You have my word on that.” Hill assured us and I felt that I could trust him. Like if Zeno and Alessio trusted him, why should I not?

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