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Chapter 31

After agent Hill finished asking questions, he left. The rest stayed with us. “I do hope they catch her soon, we don’t need any more blows!” Andro said and I nodded. He was right. She was dangerous to all of us, however, we wouldn’t lose to her pathetic tactics and sinister intentions, she was desperate and we were stronger than her. “I brought cards with me, who wants to play?” Nolan asked and the rest agreed except for me. I just wanted to take some fresh air, so I stepped outside of the room and started walking to the exit but Zeno grabbed my hand.

He had been with me since day one but lately, I’ve been feeling that he was getting closer to me. Maybe it was just my imagination, I wasn’t sure. “We are having breakfast in a cafe, my treat,” he announced with a bright smile and didn’t wait for my reply, he just dragged me with him to his car. “Buckle up,” he said and I did. “Why this sudden invitation?” I asked the moment he drove out of the parking lot. I was somewhat confused as to why would he take me with him, only I wasn’t bothered by it. Even though it had been a day here, it made me a little happier to get out of the hospital for a bit.

“I just felt like it,” he gave me that poor reply once again. That bothered me. He wouldn’t really tell me the real reason. I raised one eyebrow and crossed my arms. It was clear on my face that I was not satisfied with the answer and he knew it because he smirked. “What?” He asked when he glanced at me then gazed back at the road. “You know! What is ‘I felt like it’ supposed to mean? And it’s not the first time you say that. Remember yesterday?” I asked feeling very frustrated.

He grinned and shook his head. “Not telling, now, when are you going back to school?” He replied then asked this question to change the subject. Frankly, it worked. “I don’t really know, maybe next week?” I said while looking at the passing cars in the other lane. “I don’t want to leave mom all alone, at least for the first week. What she’s been through was not easy and you know it. No normal human being would laugh the next day of an explosion. Mom was not normal... Maybe she was an alien?” I joked and he laughed. “Maybe, who knows? Let’s ask her when we get back,” he said in a serious tone then he laughed and parked the car in front of a classical cafe.

The outside of the place looked from the old days back in the sixties but it gave me a good, and a nostalgic feeling that was arduous to describe. I smiled at this precious place then we entered side by side. The inside was much more elegant and captivating. I felt like I was in a good movie in black and white. “This place is gorgeous! Nicely done, Zeno.” I patted his shoulder and he bowed down. “Thank you very much, my lady. Now, let’s eat,” he said and humor was lacing in his tone. I like that side of him. It was fun to see.

It took us about ten minutes until we decided on what to order. A waiter came to our table and held a notebook. I smiled at him. “Hi, I want to order the mango smoothie. Three Sliced Biscuits, the homemade Creamy Sausage Gravy, and two boiled eggs.” I told him my order and he wrote it down. “And you sir?” He asked Zeno who was taking a last glance at the menu before looking at the waiter. “I will take the Mexican special: Hash Browns, Cheddar, and Jack Cheese, 2 Eggs, Chorizo Sausage, Avocado, Cilantro, and Onions. And I would like to order the banana berry smoothie. Thanks,” he finished and the waiter did the math on his small calculator.

“That will be 28 dollars and 2 cents. You can pay once you finish eating and the food will be ready in about ten minutes maximum,” the waiter explained and we nodded. He left to another table and Zeno and I stared back at each other. “Don’t you think he had the softest hair ever? It was shiny and so soft I wanted to pull it!” I countered with a laugh and Zeno’s eyes widened. “That’s exactly what I was thinking!” he said and I gaped. “Really?” I asked and he grinned. “No.” He replied and I hit his arm. “Sorry, but his height threw me off. He looked about 6 feet 5 and I am 6 feet 2, he looked huge!” He commented and I didn’t expect him to focus on something like that. It surprised me because his pride as a man got hurt.

“If he’s huge to you, what he’s supposed to be next to my 5 feet 5 figure? Humongous? Gigantic?” I asked with irritation. I was not short for a girl, I thought but boys could get sensitive about their heights. “Yeah, maybe,” he replied and we both sighed. As I was finally getting relaxed, I heard loud beating in my ears. I was startled by it, jumped a little until I focused on the source of the sound. My heart was beating to fast and it was a first for me.

Zeno immediately noticed my mood change. “What’s wrong?” He asked, however, I couldn’t answer because a sharp chest pain hit me hard. I clenched my chest with my hand for a moment until it calmed down. “Evelina? Are you okay?” He asked again and I took a deep breath. “Yeah, sorry. I just felt a sharp pain in my chest. It’s gone now, no need to worry!” I assured with a bright smile and he looked skeptical but didn’t question it. “Ok,” we chatted until the food came to our table. it looked delicious and we didn’t waste another second.

“Thank you for your kind service,” I said to the waiter. Zeno handed him the money and I gave him a tip. “Thank you, hope you could come again,” he said with a soft smile and we smiled in return. “Definitely!” I replied then we walked out of the cafe to the car. While walking, I felt that sharp pain again. I stopped walking and closed my eyes for a second. I couldn’t handle it any longer, therefore, I fell to the floor. “Evelina!” Zeno dropped in front of me and grabbed my face in his hands. “Tell me what’s wrong?” He asked in a firm tone and I felt like crying from the pain.

“M-my chest! It hurts!” I barely spoke and he didn’t ask any more questions. He carried me to the car. “Zeno, it h-hurts!” I whimpered, feeling weary and anxious. “I know sweetie, please endure it until we get to the hospital.” He said in a soothing tone then closed the door next to me and ran to the driver’s seat. “Hold on,” he added and drove fast to the hospital. I wanted to rest my eyes and sleep but he didn’t let me. He kept on telling me to stay awake until we got there.

He carried me to the entrance and a nurse rushed to us. Her face was expressing confusion. “Aren’t you Carina Bamford’s daughter?” She asked and I couldn’t talk. The pain got stronger. Zeno decided to speak. “She is and she’s having sharp chest pain. It started about an hour ago, stopped for a while then it came back ten minutes ago, help her!” He shouted in anguish and the nurse rolled a bed to our side. “Put her here, I will get her a doctor.” She stated and Zeno placed me on the bed. He rubbed my cheek and kissed my forehead. “It will be okay, just don’t panic,” he ejaculated and a doctor came to us.

The nurse told him what was wrong and he came closer to check my pulse for five seconds. “Okay, it is a little higher than it supposed to be. Can you do me a favor and take a deep breath for me, please,” he requested once he placed his hand and his tool on my back. I did as he asked and it was unpleasant. “I heard slight vibrations in your lungs, did you, by any chance, exhale something that you shouldn’t have? Smoke? Drugs?” He asked and the sudden realization hit me hard. “Y-yes, I helped pull my mom out of the fire yesterday, she’s here right now,” I answered him and then felt my chest pain ease a little because of the morphine that the nurse gave me.

“That explains the vibrations in the lungs. And for your chest pain, it is more likely due to stress and anxiety. We will run some tests just for precocious and then we’ll see.” He cleared and I nodded in understanding. “Just one thing before I do the tests... Can you keep it as a secret from my family? I don’t want to worry them and you’re saying it could be because of stress. I don’t want to stress them over something mild. Please!” I begged while looking deep into their eyes. The nurse, the doctor, and Zeno. They all agreed to keep quiet about it then we went to run some tests.

Dear God, please spare me from anything serious...

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