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Chapter 33

“Good news, we found the iron ribbon!” Alessio said as soon as he stepped foot into the hospital room. “How’s that good news?” We all asked in unison and he cowered back. “Don’t bite me, will ya? It is good news because now she will spend all her life in prison as soon as we catch her.” He explained with a sigh and I arched my eyebrows. “Again, how’s that good news if we don’t know where she is?” I asked and they all nodded. “Good point!” Alessio stated and I facepalmed.

“Fantastic...” Zeno commented and we all remained silent until the nurse can into the room to check up on my mom. We all stepped outside to give her a little privacy and some alone time. “Dad, I think I should go and buy Elara clothes, you know, we have nothing left. Luckily, I packed mom’s clothes and some of mine before the explosion.” I mentioned. “Andro, I think you should come with me and buy for Nolan and dad and for yourself,” I suggested and he agreed with a warm smile. “And I will go home and prepare the rooms for you guys, Elara, Ori, do you want to come and help me?” Zeno asked and they jumped with excitement. “I will take that as a yes.” He added and I chuckled at their happiness. A kid can always find happiness, even in the darkest of places.

I think I started crying when everything that had happened with us crossed my mind all at once. I was still picking clothes for Elara when that happened. I quickly leaned against the wall, away from peoples’ attention and took deep breaths. Andro was in the men’s shop across from where I was, picking clothes for the dad and Nolan. After a couple of minutes, I slide down on the floor and buried my head between my knees and cried in silence. But I guessed that I wasn’t that silent. Andro heard my anguish from across the shop. He was my twin after all. He felt it.

I felt him kneel in front of me and he patted my head. I raised my head to see his watery eyes. “Let’s sit outside for a bit and we’ll continue shopping after you are calm,” he spoke in a quiet tone and helped me stand up. I felt warm and protected in my brother’s arms. I lost the feeling of being safe since all the attacks began and I was more than glad to get a hold of this kind of feeling once again. “Can you save these clothes aside for us? We’ll be back in a bit,” he asked the cashier and she nodded with a smile. She obviously saw me crying but didn’t ask, which I really appreciated it. I didn’t want to blurt out my emotions to a total stranger.

Andro walked me to the car and we sat there without talking for a while. “Can you tell me now why are you crying? The sadness is consuming my heart and I know that it’s not mine. I’m your other half and I know that what you’re crying about is grave and huge.” He countered with a very concerned look in his eyes. I sighed and nodded.

“You know,” I began and wiped my tears from my face. “All that is happening, why us? What we did wrong? I’m looking back and it is a real disaster. Three houses had been ruined because of us, if not more!” I yelled at no one in particular and Andro held my hand. “No, not because of us. It all happened because of that woman. She’s crazy and it’s not our fault that she is, don’t feel bad for other’s phsyconess, if that’s even a word!” He explained and he managed to make me smile. “There’s that smile.” He exclaimed with a dazzling smile then he hugged me. “I love you sis, and you should always remember that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, don’t let the agony dominate your vision...”

I nodded then sighed in content. I was calm. “One more thing!” He added and I titled my head. “Yes?” I said and he grabbed my shoulders. “What happened to you a while back? You were in pain, I felt it!” He cleared and my eyes widened. The twin bond was starting to scare me. It was never this strong before. “Um...” I trailed off, didn’t want to tell him but I knew better than to hide it from him. “My chest hurt me but I’m okay now, I think it was because of the smoke that I inhaled when we pulled mom out. The doctor checked me and told me that it will be okay, he gave me some pills. No need to worry,” I explained and he scoffed. “Why didn’t you tell us?” He asked and I sighed. “I told you, I didn’t want to worry you and it was not serious. The doctor told me that I will be okay if I take my pills for the next week. You can’t tell anyone! I trust you not to tell them or else I won’t ever talk with you ever again!” I threatened and he raised his hands in surrender. “Fine! Now, let’s continue our shopping adventure.” He said and I agreed.

It took us about two hours to finish everything. After the exhaustion killed us, we decided to buy McDonald’s for everyone and head back to the hospital. On our way home, we stopped on a red light and decided to sing along the song out loud. The windows were open and I didn’t realize that someone else was singing along with us until I looked to my right. The car next to us was filled with children who enjoyed the song as well. “Alright!” I said and raised the volume and the mom also joined the singing audition. It was the best moment that had happened today and it raised my hopes that everything will be better. We drove alongside the other car when it was a green light until we reached a junction. “Byeeee!” Andro and I waved them goodbye and we arrived at the hospital. Hope should never fade away because if it does, our souls would wither as well.

Dear God, thank you...

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