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Chapter 34

It had been two weeks since mom was in the hospital and she was showing improvements. I was completely cured of my smoke inhalation problem and my stress lessened by the time. As mom stayed in the hospital, the rest of us stayed at the Tolers, and to be honest... It was kind of awkward for me to sleep under the same roof as Zeno. I didn’t hate it though, I just felt that it made me blush whenever I remembered that his room was right next to mine. And besides that, He’d ruffle my hair every once in a while and stroke my cheek whenever we were talking about deep stuff. I liked these small gestures, however, I felt flustered every time he did it.

“Hey mom, how are you today?” I asked as we all entered her room. It was a long school day but it was finally over. Jace, Levi, Rick escorted Andro and Emilia and Franky tagged along as well. The room was not that small but it felt tiny due to our number. 15 human beings -Anthony, Elara’s bodyguard included- in a hospital room was not such a good idea but we didn’t care. We wanted to feel safe with each other, no one admitted it but I just knew it.

Alessio cleared his throat and we all waited for him to speak. “Guys, I want to give you a quick update on Meg Forman.” He said and Dad placed his hand on his shoulder. They became best friends in the last two weeks and I was really happy for them. “The FBI cameras were scattered in all the gun shops in Chicago and they caught her at a gun store, Purchasing. She bought a small gun that we call a derringer. It is very beneficial at a close range and I’m afraid that she’s planning on getting closer to you. Be alert and careful especially today because she bought it yesterday and when criminals buy guns, they plan on using it as soon as there is an opportunity,” he explained in a calm but firm tone and I didn’t know why I felt a great wave of hatred run down my spine. It was like a gust of wind and I quickly looked around me, checked whoever was in the room. Everyone seemed normal and none of them emitted that kind of hatred. They were furious, yes though none of them gave me these bad vibes.

I opened the door and stepped outside. Apparently, my action caused all their attention to turn on me. I brushed them off and kept on searching for the person who had the ability to carry this much hatred. “Are you okay?” I felt Zeno’s hand on my shoulder and I ignored him. Anxiety, fear, and fury ran through my entire body. I didn’t know what to do. I was clueless. “Evey?” Andro patted my other shoulder. I focused back on them when I didn’t find what I needed to find. Maybe I was just hallucinating. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” I replied and gave them a reassuring smile. “Are you sure?” Zeno asked and I nodded with a sigh. Behind him, I saw Elara trying to reach for the water container. She was too short to reach it so I walked to her with a smile. But before I could have reached her, someone else did. My smile fell, my face paled and I froze in my place. Shocked. “Here you go, honey!” Elara was in the air, held by a woman. She was not any random woman. “Thank you, nice lady,” Elara said as she drank water, oblivious to the danger she was in. The woman was far from being a nice lady.

I gasped and snapped out of my daze. “Let go of her!” I screamed and I tried to rush to my baby sister but stopped trying. She pulled a small gun and placed it near her head. “No!” I yelled. Everyone who was in the room rushed to my side and were flabbergasted at the horrifying sight. Alessio and Anthony pulled out their guns and aimed it at her. “Meg Forman, let go of the child or I will shoot!” Alessio demanded in a loud tone and whoever was in the hospital was aware of the danger so they started running outside. Mom’s doctor was standing behind Meg, in case he had to do something and the hospital guard was next to him with his gun aimed at her.

“How? I’m holding the kid in my arms and if you shoot, I will make sure it hits her,” she said in a calm tone. I was not amazed because she held no emotions in her eyes except hatred. I looked at Alessio and heard him curse under his breath. “And whoever is behind me should just walk towards the rest over there before I shoot her!” She added. How did she know?

“Okay, but don’t shoot,” the doctor responded and raised his hands, followed by the guard. As they were in front of Meg, the guard turned to her and tried to knock her down but she was faster than him and shoot his leg. “Ugh!” He grunted and fell to the floor. The girls screamed in horror and stood behind Rick and Jace. Oriana was trembling. The doctor quickly grabbed him and made him sit on a chair then began treating him. “Good, now the doctor is busy with the pathetic guard and girls, please, quit yapping, your voices are annoying!” She ordered and they did stop screaming and cowered back even more. I didn’t blame them. It was scary to be in here, although, for some reason, I wasn’t scared of her, I was scared of what she could do to my baby sister.

“Now for the real reason as to why I’m here...” She looked at all of us until her eyes landed on my dad. Her facial expression changed to rage. “Carolos! Dear, you know that you are the one who’s causing all this misfortune to your family, right?” She asked with a malicious smile. Nolan stepped forward and flipped her off with his middle finger. “That’s his answer to your irrelevant question, bitch. Now, let go of my baby sis before I reach you. Just so you know I am not afraid of being shot!” He challenged her. He was determined but I didn’t think that his bravery would work here because she only smirked and rested her back on the door next to mom’s room, where we stood. She did that to make sure that no one would attack her from behind.

“Maybe you are not afraid but what about your baby sis?” She remarked and pressed the gun harder on Elara’s head, Nolan sighed in defeat and stepped back. Elara silently cried yet never satisfied Meg with a scream. She was too mature for her own age. She needed to be a child. She needed to scream. She needed to express her fear. “What do you want?” I asked, in an agonized tone and Meg gazed at me with a wicked smile. “Evelina, what a beautiful girl you are, but you are not that bright. I thought by now you’d know what I want?” She sassed and I scowled at her, tried to walk towards her but was stopped by Andro’s grip. I did know what she wanted. She wanted to destroy our family. She wanted dad, however, I wanted to hear it come out of her mouth. “I don’t. Care to explain?” I replied in a challenging manner and she shook her head.

“Fine!” She caved in and adjusted herself so she was comfortable standing with Elara in one hand and the gun in the other hand. “I loved your dad for decades, but he never knew. He just disappeared from my life and when I found him again, he was married with three kids and expecting this human in my hands,” she countered and whispered in Elara’s ear something we couldn’t hear and she yelped. “No!” She weakly refused and Meg didn’t care, she just continued talking. “I was mad, really mad to see him happy with another woman. I hated her from the first sight, I wanted to destroy her but I was innocent back then, so I just sent threats and made you divorce. You were out of his life for years and I saw that as my chance to be with him. I thought I had him but he refused me without giving a second glance. That infuriated me and I started digging in his history for things to use against him and after months of digging, I found out that he didn’t really divorce your mom. They were still married. That was the last straw and I wanted to end your lives. Clearly, I failed because that made you even closer.” She explained while glaring at dad.

He was standing still, looking with the corner of his eye at mom’s bed. His eyes widened for a split second but then focused back on Meg. I got confused and looked back at mom’s bed only to see an empty bed. She was not in it where she was supposed to be, she was unable to move her legs. I carefully looked around me and didn’t spot her anywhere. Where did she go?

I stopped listening to Meg’s rubbish and put all my attention to finding mom. After a while of searching, I spotted her with the little gap under the door Meg was resting on. I knew for a fact that the room was empty and mom was barefoot. After contemplating in my head, I kind of read mom’s mind and figured that she would want the perfect moment to open the door.

“Are you even listening?” Meg abruptly asked me and I looked at her with a bored expression to provoke her. “No, I already know why you did all that, you were just wasting your time. I guess you are not the bright one, after all, you are so slow and stupid!” I answered her and she finally snapped. She raised her gun and pointed at me but before she could do anything, I took a deep breath. “Now, mom!” I yelled at the top of my lungs and the door was opened with such force it surprised Meg.

She fell on the ground and let go of the gun and Elara. “Elara, run!” Andro opened his arms for her and she didn’t waste another second. She hugged him tightly and he carried her. “She’s crazy Andro, she kept telling me that she’d feed me to hungry men,” Elara stated and our eyes widened. Her words had a double meaning and it disgusted us. “It’s okay, teddy bear. Now, stand next to Oriana and grab Levi’s hand.” He instructed and she nodded.

Mom was next to me in a split second and when I wanted to ask her how did she get her, Alessio dashed to arrest Meg but he stopped and raised his hands. “No one moves!” Meg shouted and we all looked back at her. She was holding a remote control that had only one red button. I was too frightened to think of what it was for but when she opened her jacket, we all froze. There was a bomb attached to her body.

Oh dear God, save us...

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