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Chapter 35

“No one moves!” Meg shouted and we all looked back at her. She was holding a remote control that had only one red button. I was too frightened to think of what it was for but when she opened her jacket, we all froze. There was a bomb attached to her body. She was officially a psychopath. She planned from the very beginning to kill herself and take us with her. I refused to die that way. I wanted to die on my rocking chair next to my husband after I’ve achieved all my goals in my life.

Mom placed her hands on my shoulders and squeezed them. She was scared. We were scared and there was no helping it. “Don’t you dare do it!” Alessio yelled and she scoffed. “Or what? Kill me? I’m already attached to a bomb, ready to die. Are you really an FBI agent?” She cleared sarcastically and he remained silent. She had a solid point. “The only difference is that you are not ready to die,” she added with a smirk. She was right, we weren’t ready. “Oh, God! It’s all my fault. If I wasn’t born then none of this would have ever happened.” Dad cried and I winced at his words. He was in pain but he was not thinking clearly. His vision was clouded with dark thoughts.

As I wanted to reason with him, Elara stepped forward and stood in front of him, startling us that she was able to move after her terrifying experience. “But daddy, without you... we wouldn’t have been born! I’m happy that I’m alive so please don’t say this. I love you, I love everyone here except this crazy lady!” She countered with teary eyes and I got goosebumps from her words. She was too mature for her age. I couldn’t have said it any better than that. Dad let his tears run down his cheeks and held her tightly. “I’m sorry, you are right!” He replied. I glanced at Zeno and saw him smiling, I raised my eyebrows because it was not normal to smile in this situation, however, he whispered that his dad called and help was already here, they just wanted Meg to step back half a meter. I connected the dots and reached to one conclusion only. We could be saved.

“Awe, these family moments... I despise them the most,” Meg exclaimed like she was puking and I couldn’t care less about her. I sighed and started walking towards her with no fear left in my bones. Elara washed all my negative thoughts away and I’ve never felt so courageous before. “Just shut the hell up!” I started and she was taken aback by my outburst. “No one cares about what you want! I’m sick of you, you are nothing. Absolutely nothing because if you were something, you’d stay away from us. Your life got wasted chasing unrealistic dreams. I hate you and I never hated a person in my life, that should indicate to you that I’m extremely furious.” I shouted in a firm tone and she, to my surprise, stepped back.

I kept on walking forward until I saw my golden chance. “Cover Elara and Oriana’s eyes!” I called and in a split second, a bullet went through Meg’s head. I bit my tongue too hard and my legs gave up on me and fell to the floor. Her blood was on my face and clothes but I was too thunderstruck to care. A sniper that I saw before he shot her, smiled reassuringly at me, it was like he was telling me it was all over. FBI agents rushed to the scene and other men in heavy uniforms as well, I figured that they were the bombs’ diffusers, if that what they were named. My family and friends were all jumping from joy.

“Evelina!” Zeno was the first one to help me stand up and he embraced me tightly. I was too weak to do anything so I let him hold me. “It’s okay, it’s over. You were amazing and quick-witted. You saved us!” He said while holding my face between his hands. His eyes were sparkling and I chuckled for the first time since all this madness began. “I didn’t, they did...” I stated and he shook his head with a smile. He placed his forehead on my forehead and took a deep breath. “When I told you about my dad calling for help, I meant that I would make her step back but you beat me to it. You are brave! You added the light that was missing in my life Evelina, you made it so much better and I’ve been meaning to tell you something but I don’t know if it’s the right time...” He whispered and I looked into his eyes. “What?” I asked and he wiped the blood from my face then bit his lip.

He looked like he was debating if he should tell me or not but then he opened his mouth to speak. “I love you, Evelina. You are an amazing person and I just fell hard for you, I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I love you.” He confessed and I was bewildered at his sudden announcement. I was speechless and I didn’t know what to say. “You don’t have to give me a reply now, think about it and tell me when you are ready. I will accept every decision you make.” He added and ruffled my hair then walked to his dad without waiting for me to speak. Out of what happened, Meg, guns and the bomb, I did not expect that.

Before I could think about it even further, Nolan walked towards me and gave me a bear hug. “You were amazing, I give you that but never and I mean never do that ever again! I was about to shit my pants!” He joked and his killer smile made me I laughed out loud, all the tension eased. My laugh caught everyone’s attention and unintentionally, I made all of them laugh with me, even the FBI agents and the hospital guard that had a bullet in his leg. As they said, laughter was contagious and I felt overjoyed that all of this was over. “Thank you, God...” I muttered and Andro, Nolan, Elara, mom, and dad gave me a group hug. “It’s all over!” They said and I cried.

“Evelina, you were like the heroine in an action movie! That was lit!” Franky cleared with a wide smile and Emilia nodded with happy tears in his eyes. “I will never ever get scared of heights. That was far scarier than the heights and it went well,” she mentioned and I smiled. Jace, Rick, and Levi gave me side hugs and then thanked me for being fearless. They were wrong. I was full of fears and that was okay, I was human after all. With fear came courage and with sadness came happiness. It was a full package, take it or leave it. You decide.

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