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“And that’s why, your honor, my client should not be pleaded guilty.” I finished my speech to defend my client of a murder he did not commit. He was framed by his ex-girlfriend and was begging for a lawyer to take his case. After I reviewed it and searched for clues and evidence with the help of my husband and brother, I was 100 percent confident that I would win the case. Zeno was promoted to executive director after 15 years since he got into the agency, as well as my brother, Andro. Andro was the senior supervisor of the special agents. I was proud of them and was lucky because being a lawyer and having two men in my life in the FBI came in handy.

The jury debated between themselves and then the jury spokesman raised from his seat and cleared his throat. “Your honor, the members of this jury find that the defendant is not guilty.” He stated and the judge nodded. “Very well, the defendant may be released.” As he said those words, I sighed in relief. The bailiff stood up and said. “All rise,” and with that, my case had been closed.

“Phew, that was a long day!” I declared as I dropped on our bed. Zeno was already there with nothing but sweatpants. He was 37 years old and still looked hot. “Tell me about it,” he said as he brought me to his chest. He was still as compassionate and romantic as ever. “Well, I won the case, as usual, but it was not easy. The other lawyer was as stubborn as a brick!” I joked and he laughed. “The important thing is that you won. Now pay attention to me. You neglected me this past week for this case, I need my love,” he whispered in my ear and was about to kiss me when our door was wide open.

“Mom! Rose took my blue blanket and hid it!” Our son, Ryder, came into our room, angry and upset. He jumped between us and I grunted due to the impact. He was 6 but he was not light, his bones were heavy, just like his dad. He also got his facial features but my hair and eye color. “Rose, come here,” I called for his twin sister and kissed Ryder’s cheek. “That was supposed to be my cheek!” I heard Zeno mutter and I chuckled. “Yes, mommy?” She poked her small head from the door and her hair fell on her face.

Her blue eyes showed innocence but I understood my daughter, she was a little rascal and I knew that Ryder was not lying. “Where did you put his blanket?” I asked her with a raised eyebrow and she crossed her arms and huffed. “I hid it because he took Pipo,” she exclaimed and I eyed Ryder. He hid his head under Zenos back and Zeno laughed. “Why did you leave that part out?” He asked his son and I shook my head. “Come on, give her her toy back and she’ll give you your blanket back, right?” I countered and they both nodded and stepped outside. “She got your personality and beauty,” Zeno commented when they were out of sight.

I chucked and nodded. “Maybe, and he got your personality and handsomeness. Now, where were we?” I asked in a seductive tone. His eyes twinkled and I giggled. “Here,” he kissed my lips and I enjoyed the quiet moment until the door was open once again. “Oh come on!” Zeno grunted and fell back on his back. “What now?” I asked with a sigh. They giggled and I loved how they looked exactly alike but were so different from each other. “We want to sleep with you...” They replied in unison and jumped between us. Ryder hugged my waist and Rose hugged Zeno’s. They were so adorable and we couldn’t refuse this innocent offer.

I looked at Zeno and saw him admiring our babies who slept peacefully in our arms. This made me miss my family. I wanted to visit my parents, Andro and Elara. I wanted to catch up. I wanted to pay Nolan’s grave a visit. Its been a year since we were there. The Evaska twins came and visited us three months ago and it was nice having them around with their own families. “Zeno,” I trailed off and he looked at me. “Yes, beautiful?” He replied and I still blush at his nicknames. “Wanna visit Nolan and the rest?” I asked him with a longing gaze and he nodded but before he could talk, the twins bounced up and down. “Yes! We want to see our cousins,” they said and I smiled. “I thought you were already asleep?” I countered and they laughed. “Nope,” they responded and we all laughed. “Alright then, since tomorrow is Sunday, we will visit everyone, including our friends, how about that?” Zeno finally talked and we all nodded. My family was perfect and I was very glad about everything that had happened in my life. Everything happened for a reason, I was a strong believer of that.

Thank you, God, for finding my home...

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