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Chapter 5

“Elara, wake up baby sis!” I heard Andro call for Elara from outside of her room, I walked out of my room while I was trying to let my phone (alarm) shut up. Andro didn’t dare to open the door because he respected a girl’s privacy even if she was a six-year-old girl. My brother was a gentleman and I admired him for that. I saw on his social media accounts that he had a lot of friends and went to many parties after he moved here, you could say that he was the popular bad boy in his school but he was never a bad boy at home or even in my eyes. He was sweet and the cuddly type yet he’d never admit it and would kill me if he knew what I thought of him.

He annoyed me, yes, made jokes about how I was too sweet and caring, yes... but he never made me feel alone or hated. He loved me for me and I loved him for him. When he left with my dad, I felt angry and sad to the point of not talking to him for months but then I realized that he chose his path and I had to respect that. I called him and we talked for five hours that night. It may sound like it was too much time on the phone but it was not, for us at least. We barely made up for the lost time.

I was standing near my door, watching Andro waiting for Elara when she opened the door with a bright smile. “I’m ready!” She pointed out and grabbed her backpack. She looked so cute with her hight ponytail. I taught her how to tie it like that and she was a quick learner.

Andro grinned then looked at me. “Someone’s excited about school...” He commented and I chuckled then walked to them. I hugged her and we walked to the kitchen only to see our parents sitting opposite each other, in a staring contest. That’s what I thought, at least. “Good morning!” Andro exclaimed to grabbed their attention and they snapped out of it. Mom stood up and walked to us. She gave us all kisses on the cheeks and brought us plates full of pancakes and chocolate.

Mom smiled then sat next to Elara on the chair. “Eat it all, I don’t want to see anything in these plates or I’d have to shove it in your mouth by force.” She threatened in a calm tone and we all looked at her in horror. Even dad. “I’m kidding!” She added quickly as she saw our face and laughed. Dad joined her and eventually, we laughed too.

I really missed these moments but it would have been perfect only if Nolan was here to complete the circle. I really appreciate what he does to our country, he serves and protects, I really do but sometimes I wished that he’d be a little selfish and stay with us and forget about his duties. But, in the end, I was the selfish one for even thinking of that. “Guys, you need to get out now so you can take Teddy Bear to her school and you won’t be late for yours,” Dad announced after we all ate. Mom gave us Lunchboxes for us to eat and I couldn’t help but laugh at Elara’s box. It was the biggest one and had jelly bears. Those were her favourite.

“Yeah, thanks mom” Andro nodded and we got out of the house and entered his car.

It only took us ten minutes to get to Elara’s school and it was not far from ours. We escorted her to her class, kissed her goodbye and told her to make friends and be strong. And she just had to ignore the meaningless comments, that if there were any. We walked back to the car and I sat in the passenger seat. “I’m nervous for some reason...” I cleared in a quiet tone after we took off to our school. Andro looked at me for a second and then he grabbed my hand and he squeezed it gently like he usually does.

He smiled but kept his eyes on the road. “Don’t be, you’ll make new friends, hopefully, girls and you will love it there. And as I said yesterday, you will love the principal and the school in general... I hope!” He reassured me but the last part was unnecessary yet I nodded with a sigh. I hoped that it would be that easy. At my old school, I had two best friends. They were twins like Andro and me, a girl and a boy, I loved them so much as if they were my own siblings. They actually called more like a dozen times to check up on me, yesterday. Alaska asked if I saw any cute guys and told me that she’d come with Evan to visit us very soon. I was delighted to hear that my childhood best friends won’t abandon me for leaving them like that. I was lucky to have them.

“We have arrived” Andro stated like an annoying servant to the king and I looked outside to see many and I mean many male students walking to the front gate. I barely saw a girl walking and I felt anxious all of the sudden. I looked at Andro with a questioning stare and he arched his eyebrows at me in confusion. “What?” He asked, completely clueless about my inner worry.

“Dude... Where are the girls?” I asked as we stepped out of the car and all eyes went on me. I walked closer to Andro and grabbed his arm really tightly. He avoided any eye contact with me and rubbed the nape of his neck. I knew something was up and grabbed his ear lope and squeezed it. “Where are the girls Andro? Answer me, please, I’m dying here!” I begged and he sighed. I let go of him and crossed my arms in anticipation.

He chuckled but I knew that it was a nervous chuckle. “I guess it’s time you should know that this school was an all boys school... But it became for girls too not long ago. For the past two years, we only got a few female students and now, you are one of them. You made them less fewer!” He explained and I shocked on air. This was an all boys school? And less fewer? He was indeed an idiot.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” I asked feeling a bit angry that he didn’t tell me about such an important thing sooner. I felt like my family forgets to explain the most important thing all the time.

“I forgot?” He reasoned and I huffed at my brother’s stupidity.

“Is there more that I should know about?” I asked as we started walking towards the entrance of the huge school, he shrugged and I gave up. The colours on the walls were soothing for some odd reason. The light grey and beige went well together. I looked to my right and saw teachers walking in a hurry and then I looked to my left and saw male students walking lazily. I saw a group of boys staring at Andro and me so I titled my head as a questioning remark. One of them smirked and they walked closer to us. I tugged on Andro’s shirt and he looked where I was looking.

I was expecting him to stand in front of me and yell at them but he didn’t. He smiled at them and they smiled back. “Hey guys” He greeted and bro-hugged them. They nodded at him and then focused on me. So, they are his friends, I hope they are not jerks.

“Who is she?” The one who was tall and had a shaggy brown hair asked my brother. He was quite handsome and looked like the type of guy who will always smile no matter what. Became he was standing so close to me, I got to see his eyes very clearly. The grey halo that surrounded his dark blue eyes made him look extra charming.

If he was this friendly and my brother was fine with him being this close to me, I gave him a bright smile. “I’m Evelina Bamford and Andro’s twin sister, nice to meet you” I introduced myself and all the three guys’ eyes went wide. I guessed that Andro did not tell them about me. I felt Kind of disappointed.

The boys examined me from head to toe but I knew that they were not thinking in an ugly way. I felt that they had clear and pure intentions. “You are the twin sister?!” Oh wait, he did talk about me. “Man, she’s beautiful Andro and doesn’t look like you...Thank God!” The shaggy hair guy exclaimed with a smirk and Andro rolled his eyes at him. “I’m Rick, by the way, and I’m your brother and these guys best friend. Nice to finally meet you” He introduced himself and we shook hands.

The second guy who had short curly blond hair approached me with a warm smile. He was good looking as well. His defined cheekbones were sharp and his doe eyes made him look younger than my brother and his other two friends. He looked like the quiet type. “I’m Levi, nice to meet you, Evelina,” He said in a quiet tone and I smiled then shook his hand.

I turned my attention to the last guy in their small group and smiled once again. He was the cute type. His hair was straight short and light brown and his eyes looked like they were sparkling, the blue in them looked so calm like the ocean blue on a summer day. As he smiled at me, I felt like pinching his cheeks. He was too cute but he was also too tall, all of them were. “My name’s Jace, I hope you like it here,” He said in a cheerful tone and I nodded.

“Nice to meet all of you, are you all in the same class?” I asked Andro as we entered the school and headed to the secretary’s office to get my schedule. Andro nodded then turned his head to speak with the nice looking old lady behind the disk. While he was getting all the information I need, I spoke to the guys and asked them about the school.

“...Yeah, and the principal comes every morning to every class to check up on us and the teachers. He’s really nice and Andro’s-” Before Rick could finish his sentence, Andro cut him off by slapping the back of his neck. “What was that for?” Rick asked him with a glare and my brother just glared back until Rick understood the reason for the slap, I thought so at least...

“Baby sis, it looks like you have me in all your classes which is a great thing. That way I can keep an eye on you and protect you from the nasty male students because believe me, we have those too.” Andro cleared and I grabbed the papers and we walked to my first class which was English literature.

I knew that this school didn’t have a lot of female students but I didn’t think that I’d be the only girl in my class. I got some unpure and friendly stares from all of my classmates. I hoped they don’t approach me in the wrong way of thinking. I wanted to have a peaceful high school life but that was not possible because of my brother. He already got himself into a fight as soon as he stepped foot into the class and it was because of me. Some guy slapped my butt as he saw me enter and I yelped in surprise and shock. Andro, Rick, Levi and Jace hid me behind them and the fight started but stopped as the teacher came to the class with a scowl on his face.

All of the students sat in their chairs and Andro made me sit next to him. “I see we have finally got a female student in our full of testosterone class, I hope she knocks some sense into your thick skulls.” The teacher remarked and all the boys whined. “By the way, I’m Tommy Green, the fun teacher. You can call me Tommy.” The teacher said with a bright smile and I felt calm at last. He was in his late forties, good looking and looked so happy with his life. “I finally got a girl in this class!” He added with a relieved sigh and I chuckled at his facial expression. He looked genuinely happy.

“Okay, that was unexpected and nice to meet you, my name is Evelina Bamford and I’m Andro’s twin sister.” I fully introduced myself to the class and Tommy’s eyes went wide. I titled my head in confusion.

“If you are Andro’s sister, that means...” Tommy began saying just as the door swung open and I saw someone I did not expect to see in this school at all.

“Sugar pie, you have finally made it!” I saw my dad run towards me and I froze. He hugged me tightly and then I looked at Andro. He wasn’t looking at me because he knew that I was glaring at him. He didn’t tell me on purpose!

“Dad? What are you doing here?” I asked in total confusion. The confusion ate me alive today.

“Wait, you didn’t know that your dad was the principal here?” Tommy asked and they all waited for my reaction. Oh, I did react.

I slapped dad’s cheek, really hard. “You what?” I yelled and nobody uttered a word.

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