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Chapter 6

“Wait, you didn’t know that your dad was the principal here?” Tommy asked and they all waited for my reaction. Oh, I did react. I reacted as any other sane person would react.

I slapped dad’s cheek, really hard. “You what?” I yelled and nobody uttered a word. I was furious but I didn’t show it on my face. People tell me that I had a calm face in every mood that I had but I didn’t really worry about how I looked after that news. I didn’t know my own dad. Was I that much of a failure? A bad daughter? No, he was just too mean to tell me. He thought it would be funny for everyone yet it wasn’t for me.

I heard few gasps when dad looked me in the eyes but that didn’t faze me, at all. “First, that hurts! Sugar pie, why did you hit me?” He asked as he rubbed his cheek, I gave him the stink eyes and he nodded quickly with a fearful expression. “I see, you don’t have to answer. It was my bad for hiding this from you but I wanted to see your reaction and frankly, I did not expect the slap yet thank you, that was my wake up call to make a little speech here for the rest of the class.” He explained with an overjoyed happy face. That happy face meant a disaster afterwards. I’ve seen it all before and it was never good.

“Oh no, dad. Please, just... Go to your work” I begged him to go before his protective side made an appearance but he ignored me and slammed his hands on the teacher’s disk. I sighed, feeling deafened, so I just watched in silence.

He cleared his throat before talking and I stood behind Andro to hide from the wave of embarrassment that was about to hit this class and me. “So, guys... This is my daughter, Evelina, my sugar pie.” He began with a smile then it turned into a scowl. “If anyone of you -hormonal stupid- males come near her with bad intentions, I will kill you mentally then send you home forever and I will not go to jail for it. I will not tolerate a male bulling a female student. You saw what happened when Bobby tried to force a kiss on one of the female students here, do any of you know where he is, now?” Dad asked the students with crossed arms and I felt kind of worried about that Bobby guy. All of the males those were in class, shook their heads no with pale expressions.

Dad grinned. “Exactly! Now, have a nice day, gentlemen!” He dismissed himself after he kissed my forehead and got out of the class like he did not just threaten anyone. I was astonished, to tell you the least yet it was expected of him. He was my protective father and I was blessed to have him in my life.

The moment he got out of class, I faced the students with an apologetic expression on my troubled face. “I am, so, so, sorry. I apologize for his stupid actions. Please, don’t hate him!” I cleared in a desperate tone that clearly indicated that I was genuine about my words of apology but the students just laughed it off, along with Tommy. The teacher. The supposed to be the responsible figure in the whole class.

I arched my eyebrows in confusion and Andro wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I saw Rick, Andro’s friend, stand up and walk to me with a blank expression. I didn’t know what to expect so I didn’t speak. “Hate him? Are you kidding us? We love our principal. I mean, sure he can be strict at times, that’s because his job is not easy but he’s absolutely the best. No one will defy him, they respect him and I’m pretty sure he’s going into every class in this school as we talk, to warn the male students. He’s a father, after all, so don’t worry and enjoy it here. You’ll love it!” Rick explained with a bright smile and I nodded with relieve reflecting in my eyes then I gazed at Tommy.

He gave me a warm smile before he opened his mouth to speak. He looked like Chris Colfer, to be honest, the actor who wrote awesome books and acted in so many shows and movies. “As he said, Mr Bamford is a nice person. We all adore and respect him.” He assured me and then pointed with his finger to our seats. “Now, go sit so we can continue our lesson” We did as we were told and the lesson kept on going for another 30 minutes.

When it was time for lunch, we all headed to the cafeteria. They told me that the food was to die for and I was kind of excited for it. As Andro, Rick, Levi, Jace and I were walking next to each other, I noticed two girls glaring at me for a second. I shrugged it off and chatted with the boys along the way. The feeling that I was being watched grew the moment I sat next to Andro and Levi on their ‘supposed to be’ table.

I got a strange feeling so I quickly turned around and checked the area. I was right, I was being watched, and by the same two girls who glared at me when we were walking. I told my brother what I’d eat so he could bring it to me and then I excused myself to the bathroom. I knew that they’d follow me and that’s why I didn’t hurry. I wanted the girls to catch up to me. I was not a coward who used her brother or father as a shield, I was cable of protecting myself.

“Here we go... ” I whispered as soon as my foot stepped on the bathroom floor. I turned around and saw the two girls standing in silence with crossed arms and unhappy faces. “What can I do for you ladies?” I asked in a calm tone because I was sincerely interested in their motive. I leaned my back on the wall, next to the sink and waited.

The one with the straight black hair stepped forward and uncrossed her arm. “We are not looking for a fight or anything, don’t get the wrong idea. We just want to make sure of something... ” She began and the one with the blonde hair continued. “Are you, by any chance, interested in Rick or Jace?” She asked with a solid expression and I sucked in a breath. I was surprised for their straightforwardness but I kind off expected something like that.

“If you mean in a romantic way, no. I’m interested in making them my friends since they’re my twin brother’s friends. You know?” I replied with a warm smile to let them be sure that I was honest with my words. I was not interested in them in a romantic way and I would never be after the two of them confessed to me.

The girls smiled in relief and I nodded. “Now that I’ve proved I’m not your enemy or rival, can we be friends? And tell me, who likes who?” I asked them, raising my hopes in forming a new bond with them and they quickly nodded.

The two smiled. “Of course, I’m Emilia and I like J-Jace” The blonde introduced herself then shook my hand. I took a closer look at her face and she was indeed beautiful. Her round face, brown eyes and light freckles were shaped as her personality; calm. I then looked at the black haired one and waited for her to speak.

I’m Franky, and I have a crush on Rick, nice to meet you” She said with a wide smile, she was also beautiful. Her honey round eyes and one dimpled cheek made her look adorably friendly compared to the one from two minutes ago. Love can be brutal.

“And I’m Evelina, Andro’s twin sister if you didn’t know that yet” I cleared with a small chuckle and we walked out of the bathroom and headed back to the cafeteria together. “Do you want to sit with us?” I asked them as we approached their table, and the girls’ cheeks turned bright red. They were so innocent and it was so cute for them to be shy around the one they liked or possibly loved.

“What? No! They don’t know us and they would think we’re intruding on them” Emilia exclaimed in a panicked tone and Franky nodded rather quickly, she almost broke her neck.

“So? How do you expect them to notice you two if you don’t dare to even approach them?” I asked in a firm tone. I was not taking a no for an answer due to that, I grabbed both of their hands and dragged them with me to the table. When we got there, the boys saw us and they smiled.

“Made new friends already?” Andro asked me as he handed me my food. I nodded and we all sat down. The girls were too shy to speak yet.

“Aren’t you Emilia and Franky?” Rick asked and their eyes went wide for a second and they nodded at the same time.

“That’s us” the girls confirmed with light smiles.

Andro nodded his head as if he remembered something. “We attend the same math and history class together” Jace pointed out and then the girls beamed at me with glowing smiles that made my day a lot better. I gave them a look that said: nice approach. Though the boys did the approach yet it was a progress giving the circumstances and timing.

“Yes, we do” Emilia replied in a soft, calm tone and Franky pinched my thigh. I almost yelp but held it in because I knew that she was excited and I didn’t want to embarrass her. She needed a release and my leg was the cure. Our friendship was considered very fast going because we literally just met and I helped them take a step forward with their love lives. It was nice to talk with girls and that made me remember my time with my twins of friends. Alaska and Evan. If only they were here, everything would be completed.

Yet, we couldn’t have everything we wished for. Some wishes were meant to stay as wishes and never come true, that was the universe of reality.

After a while of chatting with everyone, Franky pointed her finger at me. “Wait!” We all looked at her as she said that. “You’re the principal’s daughter!” She stated as if she just realized it which in her case, she just did.

“Damn, I forgot that she’s Andro’s twin and Andro was the son of the principal who came in the first period and threatened the boys if they ever come near his daughter, wow...” Emilia countered in a daze and I chuckled along with the boys.

“Yep, that’s me” I replied and we continued talking while eating until the bell rang.

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