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Chapter 9

After all, I did stay up all night and finished the book. It was amazing but I was so sleepy and when I decided to close my eyes and rest, Andro woke me up. It would be a long day.

After I took a quick shower and put on my clothes my clothes, I ran to the kitchen because my stomach was grumbling from the hunger. Mom, dad, Andro, and Elara were waiting for me with crossed arms and I just dismissed their heated gazes and pretended that I was not 20 minutes late for our breakfast. The first meal was the most important meal in our family and we wait for each other. If I was hungry, they were hangry. “Good morning guys,” I greeted with a bright smile and sat on my chair, the hunger tension was the real deal here. We started eating after I got what I wanted and when I was about to eat my second bite, I looked at mom, remembering my question for her. “Say, mom, you are going with dad or us to school today?” I asked her and then ate what was left on my big, round plate.

She smiled and shook her head. “Neither, your dad rented a car for me and it’s waiting for me to use it, so I will take Elara to school and catch up with you later.” She countered and I nodded in understanding. “And of course, I will pay you back Carolos” She added and dad rolled his eyes then wiped the honey from his face. He was a messy eater and that made him cute. If his students were to see him while he ate, they’d be in a daze.

He shook his hand at mom with a sigh. “Nah... Kids, are you ready?” Dad asked us to change the subject and stood up. I nodded and washed my plate and then my hands. Andro and Elara also finished eating and getting ready so we headed to the cars.

As we entered the school’s building, Franking and Emilia grabbed me by the hands and pulled me with them to the bathroom. I was surprised by their action but waited for them to explain. They have got to have a reason, right? “She needs your help!” Emilia exclaimed and I looked at Franky with raised eyebrows.

“I need your help!” She repeated and I decided to sit on the sink where it was dry. I crossed my arms and waited for her to begin her explanation. “So, last night, I dreamt of Rick,” She spoke and I got more interested in the matter.

“Keep going” I nodded with a smirk and she gasped.

Franky shook her head with a tiny blush. “It’s not what you think, it was a weird and kind of a scary dream. I dreamt of him that he was an agent and was on a mission to save me...” She stopped to see me grinning at her. “Anyway, the dream is long so I will tell you what matters. After he saved me from falling down the great wall of China, someone pushed him and he died. I woke up sweating, I was frightened and thought that it was in real life but when I saw my room, I calmed down. Do you know what it means?” She told me and then asked. I was surprised by her crazy dream but who was I to judge? My dreams were crazier and it was not a joke. Once, I dreamt that I was slaughtered by a samurai just because I didn’t finish my cup of milk. It was brutal.

“Oh, it looks like you had it rough. I understand and I get it, I’ve been in your shoes a couple of times and it was all family related dreams, or should I say, nightmares. Do what I always do, say: It’s just a dream and it will only come true if I became a film director! That will help you for sure.” I replied with a warm smile. A dream was just a dream but when it becomes a nightmare, it will be hard to forget it.

Emilia rubbed Franky’s shoulder and smiled. “I knew she could help you, and don’t take it seriously, I mean... You were in China! The farthest place you have traveled to was New York, so relax” Emilia joked and we laughed. Franky nodded and thanked us for calming her nerves down then we headed to our classes.

It was the last period when my classmates started talking about a hot new teacher. I forgot that mom was going to teach us Chemistry which was our last period, so when I saw her, I facepalmed myself. I looked at Andro and saw him facepalm himself too. He overlooked that thought, as well. We were twins after all. Before mom got the chance to introduce herself to the class, Andro stood up and slapped his hands on his disk. He was angry at himself and then at his horny classmates. Mom was shocked at his behavior yet she didn’t say a word. “I’ve heard enough about you talking about the new hot teacher. She is my mom and I will not go easy on anyone who tries to disrespect her!” He yelled in a high voice and I nodded in agreement.

Mom sighed. “Okay class, calm down! Thank you, Andro but I can handle myself.” She stated and I laughed at him, he just pouted. “So, my name is Carina Bamford and I will be your Chemistry teacher for the rest of the year, nice to meet you all.” She said and then the lesson started. It was a nice coincident that my mom’s last name before marriage was also Bamford, that way, no one will know that she and dad were not together... for now. I will bring them back together.

As I was writing notes, Levi tapped my shoulder and I looked at him. He brought his face closer to mine and whispered. “Is she really your mom? She looks young to have you two!” He said and I chuckled.

“She is, and we also have an older brother, he’s a 24-year-old soldier... Now, you should be surprised!” His eyes widened and I contained my laughter. “Besised, she’s 47, she’s not that young but she looks like a 30-year-old woman, right?” I explained and he nodded then gazed at mom for a second then back at me.

“You do have some of her features” He added with a warm smile and I thanked him because I took it as a compliment. Who wouldn’t take it as a compliment when you have such a beautiful mother? I loved her so much and she could teach in a fun way, you would never feel bored in her class. After the last experiment, mom ended the lesson with a joke. She said: How do mountains see? We waited for her answer and it was lame yet funny at the same time. She answered: They peak...

Rick, Jace, and Levi laughed too much at it that they fell on the floor. That told me that they had the same sense of humor and they’d laugh at any lame joke. Andro had some mature friends, I tell ya.

After the school ended and we headed home, I was not hungry because I ate a chocolate cookie at school, so I decided to visit Ruth and buy caramel candy for Elara. This time, I took Andro’s old bike in case of another chase from the men in the area. The moment I got there, I let go f the bike and opened the door. I saw Ruth sitting on a chair while talking to a man. His back was to me so I didn’t know who he was until I walked closer to them. “Hey, Ruth!” I greeted, she smiled warmly at me and then looked at the man. My eyes widened but then I remembered that Ruth’s shop was popular. “Hi, Zeno...”

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