The Hooded Werewolf

By Gemini Havoc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


A story about a werewolf girl that wears a hood to cover her face. She's snarky. She's sarcastic. She's funny. But she has a heart so soft that you could sleep on it. Alexandra joins the royal pack in Russia to become a guard. It has been her dream since she was a little child. However, there are not many female guards in the werewolf population meaning Alexandra gets more attention than she wanted. It does not help that everyone wants to know what her face looks like behind her hood. What she does not expect is to find her mate...what if it's someone powerful...the only thing Alexandra knows to do is hide, so that is what she does. She hides from her mate. What has the moon goddess planned for her? Will her mate find her? Will she finally learn to take of her hood in front others? Read the book to find out....I hope you love it. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ "Are you affected by me, mate?" He says and I sense his dark aura enveloping me and the surroundings. I could sense his immense power in the air and just continued to stare at him trying to seem unaffected. "No." I replied calmly. "Are you sure, mate? What about when I do this?"He came even closer to me ensuring there was not a

Chapter 1

I woke up to the smell of pancakes swirling into my nose and i moaned. Pancakess. Delicious. I rolled myself out of bed and saw that it was soon to be midday. I felt amazing, I mean, who wouldn't after sleeping in? I'm not a morning person and i will always want to kill those who are. Only psychopaths can generally feel happy in the early morning. Am i right or am I right?

I dragged myself across the floor towards my bathroom and had a long steaming shower to wake up.

Once I had finished, I dressed quickly into some sweats and a loose tank top and went downstairs following the amazing scent.

"Hey honey! Did you sleep well?" my mother asked

My mothers name is Kate and she is a short thin woman with straight golden hair and she's awfully kind but strict. She has bright green eyes with strong cheekbones giving her the perfect model look. She has a Russian accent when she speaks making her sound authentic. My mother's side of the family is originally from Russia meaning I understand it and speak it.

"Yep, thanks. Where's dad?"

"He left to help Alpha William in his duties...Alexandra sit down and eat please. How many pancakes do you want?" she replied

"Okay and um 5 thank you." I said and started gobbling the food down

We had just recently moved to Ashland, Oregon in America from a small village in England called Dean where my dad used to be the alpha but we had to run when an enemy pack attacked us, killing most of our pack. The rest of us who survived fled all around the world to other packs.

My parents met when my mum was on a vacation so when they met my mother agreed to stay in England to live with my dad. Mates.

My father swore an oath to the alpha of this current pack to not overthrow him so we could stay here and join the pack but he still helps the alpha with the pack problems. I've also heard that Alpha William is stepping down soon to let his son lead the pack.

I'm starting school here in Ashland tomorrow and I'm nervous.I don't even know why I'm attending school if we only have a few weeks left before we finish it. I want to become one of the warriors at the alpha kings palace and i don't really need grades to become one. Stupid human laws.

I wear a hood to hide my face from others as I do not like to be judged by looks, therefore everyone will know me for me instead of how my face appears like. Not that I'm ugly or anything.Only my close friends and family see me walking around without it. This has not made me popular over the years so who knows what will happen at this school. I might even meet my mate there.

"Honey, are you okay? You've spaced out again. Now that you've finished eating and don't have an excuse, lets go SHOPPINGGG!"

"Good goddess, mum noooo pleaseeee no!" I begged.

"We ARE going. Hurry now, go get dressed and we will go. The faster we get there, the quicker we will return."

"Urghhhh fine" I groaned and walked back upstairs to get changed knowing that if I refuse there will be a fight that I will not win. Trust me, I know. You should just never disagree with my mother if you want peace.

I had changed into an off the shoulder long sleeved hoodie with hood covering my face, some ripped jeans with Nike trainers and went down to find my hyper mother.

"There you are! Now lets go and shoppp! Eeekkk!" she said happily bouncing up and down. I swear my mum is more of a child than I am. As you have now probably guessed, I HATE shopping and my dear mother loves to drag me or either dad there. However, dad usually uses the 'I need to go help William' or when we were back in England 'I have to do Alpha stuff' excuse to not go. Lucky wolf.

My mother dragged my by my arm out of the door to the car while I stumbled across our front yard. Once she had pushed me into the car, she went to the other side and got in as well. She started the car and we started driving to the shops.

When we reached shops, she parked the car and practically jumped out of the car. I however slowly got out the car and grouchily walked towards were my mum was already standing outside of a shop.

We went inside of and straight away my mother went to the dresses but I went towards the hoodies, jeans and shorts areas. Anyone can see how different we are. My mum's the flowy summery type while I'm the wintery type.

By the end of some exhaustful hours, I had only bought some navy jeans and shorts and some hoodies whilst my mum bought plenty of dresses and makeup. Like mother like daughter?

We drove home and I flopped down onto our soft couch whilst my mum prepared some dinner.

I heard the door open i twisted my body to see who it was.

"DADDYYYY!" I shouted and flung myself onto him.

"Hey pumpkin!" I heard him laugh.

My mum entered the room and chuckled when she saw me practically straddling my dad.

"I've just made dinner, lets go and eat!" my mum said

We walked into the dining room and ate our dinner whilst chatting to each other.

Later, I climbed into my bed and fell asleep wondering what tomorrow will be like.

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