The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 10

I was laughing hysterically.

I had managed to outrun the Alpha king!!!

Feeling tired from having to run for hours to reach civilisation, I searched for a cheap hotel. When I found one, I shifted back to human form and quickly put my clothes back on, not particularly wanting any human to see my naked body. I went inside of the hotel and paid for it with my card which wasn't put on my name, I had a fake one since the whole disaster in England happened and now so Dimitri didn't track me down. The receptionist looked at me suspiciously nost likely thinking I'm some dodgy teenager that sold drugs daily.

I threw my bag down to the floor and flopped down onto the bed from exhaustion. I already felt the pain in my chest from being far away from my mate and my wolf was whimpering in my head.

I wish things were different.

I wish that I could happily jump into my mate's arms without having harm come its way to the pack. I wish I could start a family with him. I wish to have his beautiful kids that would run around the house crazily. Oh how I wish thing were different.

But it's not. And that's depressing.

I fell asleep in my clothes knowing I'd have to keep traveling tomorrow.


After waking up and quickly washing myself, I tied up my hair and walked down to the reception with my bag to sign out. I would have to keep moving for a while until I could settle down so it wouldn't be easy to find me.

"Привет милая, ты уже собирается уходит? Kуда ты идешь?" The sweet old lady at the reception asked me in Russian, the one I had last night nowhere to be seen.

(Hello sweetie, are you already leaving? Where are you going?)

"Aга, я путешествую по россии." I replied back in Russian with a happy and hopefully convincing smile. I then left after we had said goodbye to each other.

(Yeah, I'm traveling through Russia!")

Hours later, I had finally reached a bigger city and I climbed out of the bus that I had been riding in. Cities would help mask my smell from Dimitri so I would have to stay in one. Whilst still on the bus, I had decided that I would stay in this city for the night and then travel to another in which I would stay and reside in.

After finding another hotel, I quickly booked myself a room and went up towards it so I could rest, all of the running and hiding was leaving an impact on me. Tomorrow wouldn't be bad, I thought, as I wouldn't have to travel that far and I could buy myself a small apartment to live in. I could get a job. Live a normal life.

A lonely one I heard my wolf Lina say.

I silently agreed and chuckled sadly. Even if we hadn't properly met or even marked, I felt the bond pulsate through my body and I could feel the pull calling out to me, to go to my mate. I really wish I could.

Quickly stripping, I walked into the shower and stood there for a while contemplating my situation with hot water thrashing into my skin. It's hot jets, calming the sore and stiff muscles within me.

Once finished, I walked out of the shower quite a while later with red skin from the hot water but my mood and body felt considerably better.

Leaving was the best option, I kept repeating in my head. If I had stayed, the whole pack would have been in danger and that would have been selfish of me. Some may have said that surely because of the pack being the Alpha king's, they could handle it well but I simply did not want to put them in that kind of situation where they had to put there lives on the line because of me.

I slowly fell asleep and tossed and turned all night from not having my mate near me. My dreams consisted of having my mate in my presence all the time, of becoming the Alpha queen, leading my pack, having kids with my breathtaking mate and having the life everybody wishes for when they first find out about mates.


I woke up the next morning feeling fresh, my dreams still replaying in my head. It made me smile lightly. Going into the shower, I washed my hair and brushed my teeth before stepping out and getting dressed into leggings and my hoodie, making sure it was up, covering my identity from everyone and left my hair down so it would dry. Taking a pause, i looked at myself in the mirror, wondering what ny lufe has come to, beofe leaving the hotel room to sign out once again.

Finished, I walked out of the hotel and felt the sun's rays on me. It had finally reached spring and everything was warming up and lightening up from the coldness of the winter. The buds from flowers were blossoming wondrous colours and the deep smell of plants filled my nose.

Later, a bus arrived a mile from the hotel and I climbed on; I would ride on it for three hours and then go out to a hotel and look for a vacant apartment. The ride however was not pleasant. A man near the front was foreign and did not understand any Russian meaning he would start rambling in an unknown language that no one understood to anyone that was within a metre of him. I have no idea on how he even got a bus ticket.

Then, the girl that sat two seats in front of me started calling her boyfriend and they had talked in English thinking no one knew it. It was all fine until they began talking dirty. VERY DIRTY. At that point I was sure I would need holy water to rinse out my ears and then force it down the girl's throat. A mother and baby that had got on half way on the bus ride had decided to sit to the left of me and when the mother started to doze off, the baby had climbed onto me and vomited. ON ME.

When I finally got off I felt like sending a thanks to the goddess. I had survived that hell. I looked around and I for third and hopefully last time, I signed into a hotel in the centre of the city and went into my room to put away my bags and quickly have a shower.

Dressed and ready, I went out to look for an apartment. Multiple hours later, all I had successfully done was antagonise a few agents and become increasingly annoyed but as the sun started setting, I had finally found a leaflet selling an apartment with a roommate. Perfect.

I quickly called the number to see if the apartment was still available.


Some time later, I ended the call with Amy who I found out was from Australia and was happy to have an English roommate who could actually understand the language and her accent.

I would move in tomorrow.

I was surprised but still delighted that I had found an apartment so easily and went back to the hotel to make sure I had everything ready so when I woke up I could go there straight away, nothing was holding me back.

Extremely pleased, I went to bed excited for tomorrow, trying not to think about what life would have been like with Dimitri and wondering if he was even still looking for me.

Little did I know he was closer than I had expected.

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