The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 11

I knocked on the door my new apartment and waited for my room mate, who had told me on the phone call last night that her name was Amy, to open it. A few moments later a tall redhead peeked out of the door with brown eyes and freckles dotting all over her face. She noticed my bag and started grinning widely.

"Hey!" she said cheerily and pulled me into the house by my arm.

"Um, hi..." I replied under my hood feeling affected from being away from Dimitri for so long.

"Come in, come in, it was so lonely living here all alone but now I have you and you have me so we should be absolutely fine."

I smiled lightly at her, picking my head up a bit so she would see the smile, and walked in with my bag. Inside, I saw the apartment was quite big and looked very homey.

"So this is the living room and down there to the left is the kitchen, on the right here is my room and next to it is yours! You can go in and unpack whilst I make myself something to eat, I just woke up. Do you want anything?"

"No thank you, I'll call you if I need anything." I replied and opened the door. Amy nodded her head at me before waving at me and started walking to the kitchen.

I walked into my room and saw that it was a peach colour with a double bed in the middle of the room and a small walk in closet and bathroom. Taking a moment to look around, I placed my clothes in the closet and the photos on the bedside table. The unpacking only took me around ten minutes so once I was done I flopped down onto the bed and stared at the ceiling.

My chest was constricting from the pain of not being near my mate and I groaned. I wonder where he is now.


It has been a week since I had moved in and I was feeling incredibly lucky. Amy has managed to become a great friend and doesn't mind me wearing a hood constantly to hide my face. I have told her most thing except how I'm a werewolf and what really happened for me to run. She thinks that I was traveling Russia and had decided to stay here for a decently long period of time.

We were currently laying on the couch watching a movie and stuffing our mouths with pizza whilst talking about our complicated lives. Amy had moved here three months ago to have a gap year and to be away from her ex that had cheated on her with her sister. When she had told me, I had felt the urge to find and strangle the boy.

We were laughing like crazy clowns when I looked at the time and saw that I had to go to bed so I would be able to wake up easily tomorrow to go to work at my new job - the bakery.

"Goodnight Amy." I said before slipping into my room and having a quick shower. As usual, I fell asleep with the thoughts of my mate.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm screeching. Groaning, I switched it off and dragged myself out of bed to the bathroom. My hate for the damned things had unsurpringly not decreased.

I don't think it ever will.

I put on some jeans and a hoodie, tucking my hair back into a ponytail, and secured my hood to cover my face. Feeling ready, I walked out of my room and quickly ate a granola bar before exiting the house.

After a ten minute walk, I reached the bakery and entered, ready to start my new job with the little but decent amount of experience I had from my grandmother.


Lunch had soon passed and the feeling of freedom was buzzing in my veins. The peacefulness and stability of living with humans had been calming me down and I was happy that I had decided to stay here in this city. I finished another batch of pies and gave them to cashier so she could place them in their accorded spaces..

I went back into rhythm of baking and soon I found that it was turning dark outside and it was time to go home.

Alpha King Dimitri POV

She has been gone for over a week now and I was angry. When my mate had shifted, I was so stunned I had slowed down and she had managed to outrun me. I felt proud of her but mostly frustrated that someone like me, an ALPHA KING, couldn't catch a werewolf.

I had left my pack with my Beta and his new found mate to look after the pack while I was seeking out my little runaway. Me and my few soldiers had been searching for her scent when we had caught a whiff two days back near a hotel. When we went inside, there was an old lady that, after some long persuasion that I wasn't a pyscho stalker, had said that she saw my mate a few days before, saying that she was traveling Russia.

Frustrated, we left and tried to catch more of her scent. We had failed and decided to stay in a city overnight when we once again smelt her delicious scent at another hotel. After another interrogation, we had found out she had only stayed there for a night and left in the morning to catch a bus. Tired, we slept there and in the morning we once again left to try and decipher were she could of went to next.

The morning afterwards, we reached a big city, crammed with humans, but we had lost any sense of her scent which consequently lead to my wolf becoming increasingly short tempered and I was on the verge of lashing out at anyone in my way.

I have to find my little runaway.


How do you know?

It's a gut feeling.

We resumed our search in the city and when the sun started to descend, I smelt the fresh aroma of summer fruits and chocolate.

We had found her.

Alexandra's POV

I strolled out of my bakery after receiving my weekly paycheck and started walking in the direction of my apartment. The wind blew and I suddenly smelt the dizzying scent of coffee and sweets.

Damn it, he found me...

I quickly smelt the air to try and tell how close he was. Finding out that he was at maximum 500m away, I panicked. Stressed, I twisted and turned into different alleys trying to lose him, but it his scent would only increase... he was gaining on me.

Swerving into a random corner, I came across a large body of muscle and I gulped. I quickly turned around to try and run in the opposite direction when I saw my mate come into the alley with some more guards.

Oh crap, I'm surrounded.

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