The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 12

My heart was pounding loudly. They had all surrounded me. I looked all around me and saw that Dimitri had brought around 6 warriors with him. I could take down some but not all of them at once considering they looked like they had been eating steroids all day everyday.

I gulped. How am I supposed to get out of this situation?

Go with him

No, you know I can't.

I know.....I heard her sigh, I will help you try and get out but I don't think that'll do much.

I growled lowly when I saw them start to approach me.

"You are my mate. You must come with me." Dimitri said darkly and I gulped. His voice was doing wonders to me even when I was scared.

One of the warriors came closer to me and tried to take my arm so I quickly jabbed my elbow into his stomach and pushed him away from me. Another came at me wanting to knock me out so I tried to punch him but he blocked it. I quickly faked another punch and roundhouse kicked him around his head. He fell down to the floor from impact. I kept attacking all of them and was about to attack another one of Dimitri's guards when we all turned frozen at the sound of a loud, powerful roar.

Me and the only 2 conscious warriors turned slowly towards the sound, as if they were too scared to move too quick and anger the top predator.

There stood Dimitri emitting an enormous amount of anger into the air around him. He was shaking and his eyes had turned dark and narrowed as his piercing glare made eye contact with me.

We gulped.

"STOP THIS NONSENSE RIGHT NOWWW!!" he growled loudly.

"I may be proud of you for being able to take down so many strong werewolves but I would rather you not keep traumatising my warriors. Stop this now and come with me willingly. Either way you ARE coming with me."

"I am not coming with you." I sneered and saw the perfect opportunity to escape. Dimitri was standing a few metres in front of me with now only 2 of the warriors behind me. If I managed to slip behind him I could try to outrun him again.

I heard him laugh maniacally, "Ohhh sweetheart...YES. YOU. ARE." he said darkly sending shivers up my skin from his tone and the use of the endearment.

Stepping forward so I was standing closely in front of him, I tilted my head up to look at him and brushed his cheekbones with my fingertips. Sparks flew everywhere.

Smiling sadly, I looked into his eyes and kissed him on his cheek.

"I'm sorry, love." I said with tears in my eyes and slipped behind him to start running, my heart having left itself there in Dimitri's unknowing hands.

I had successfully managed to outrun him previously but I knew I only had minutes before they would find me. I ran into my apartment and I finally broke down and burst into tears.

"Lex? Are you okay? Why are you crying?! Who do I have to kill?!!" I heard Amy say and she looked concerned for me.

"I'm okay. I have to go. You won't see me again. I'm so sorry. I will miss you. If some men come up here searching for me, DO NOT LIE. Say you had seen me pack up and go. Never lie. There will be consequences. Do not question them either." I hugged her and tried to get rid of the tears that were now streaming down my face, to try and appease her obvious worry for me.

I brushed past her quickly and ran into my bedroom. Quickly stuffing my clothes and pictures back into my bag, I said goodbye again to Amy and ran out of the apartment. I can't risk Amy getting hurt as well. She doesn't deserve to get caught up in the mess that I always seem to bring.

The recent 'event' kept repeating in my head. How I wish I could have stayed with my gorgeous mate.

Do not feel sorry for yourself!! I repeated in my head and kept running. I needed to lure them away from Amy with my scent but ensure that I would leave them far behind me by trying to derail them from my location.

After a few hours of running, I smelt his alluring scent again. I had gotten mildly tired from the running and I knew that he could catch up easily. I would have to try to hide.

Looking around me, I saw a large building looming ahead. I sped up towards it to see that it was a recently abandoned house. It was dark and empty but not yet old from not being used.

Feeling satisfied with it, I walked around the lonely home to see that there was tree house which looked sturdy enough to hold my weight and still effectively hide me from plain view.

I crept up the ladder which was behind the tree and walked inside the small tree house. Inside, there was enough space for about five people to sit and play in.

Without the adrenaline pulsing through my veins, I felt absolutely exaughsted and incredibly lonely. There was a high chance that Dimitri would find me here but an even higher chance that he would catch me and I would rather he find me and I have energy to fight back than him catch me and I was too tired to react.


I awoke to the sound of someone walking on the twigs below the tree house.

Was it him?

"Mate, get down here! I want to talk to you. If you don't get down there will be even more trouble for you! I will get angry if I have to go up there to drag your ass down here!"

Yep, he's definitely here.

I peeked out from the window and saw that he was standing there all alone, not even looking the slightest bit tired.

I huffed.

Slowly, I rose and walked out of the tree house to look down on him and stood there thinking about what I should do. If I stayed up here, I would still be in trouble with him. And trapped. If I went down there, I would STILL be in trouble. But not trapped.

I guess I would have to go down.

Angry with myself on how I got myself in this situation, I climbed down to my mate.

Now on the grass, I turned my body to face him and saw that he had came closer to me as I had been climbing down. He was now mere inches away from me.

"Why did you run from me, sweetheart?"

I stayed quiet and kept staring into his eyes. They were mesmerising and distracted me from the main problem.

He saw that I wouldn't answer and he started shaking from anger once again.

"Answer me, my little runaway, RIGHT NOW...I'm sorry. Im not suppsed to get so angered, just...please. I want to understand and stand by you."

I sighed and look down to the floor, I couldn't answer without having to explain my whole past and I would rather not do that.

He took my chin with his fingers and pushed my face up to look up to his eyes again.

"I can't..." I whispered.

"You're coming me with me sweetheart, either way." At that, I bowed my head down again. I was tired of fighting the bond.

I wanted him.

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