The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 13

Alpha King Dimitri POV

"I can't..." my mate whispered. With my fingers still lightly holding her chin, I felt the sparks that were slowly passing through my body from the touch. It felt amazing.

From beneath the hood, I saw her pink full lips which I so desperately wanted to taste and a hint of her vibrant eyes.

Unable to see past the hood which was covering most of her features , I vowed to myself that one day I will get past her defenses and make her lower her hood to me, if not to everyone.

"You're coming me with me sweetheart." At that, I saw her bow her head down again with resolution in her eyes.

After a few moments I heard I small "Okay" being whimpered out.

Shocked, I stood there frozen. DID SHE JUST SAY OKAY!? I felt a happy grin coming onto my face and I stared down to my beautiful mate with love.

She can come home to OUR pack now...I want to hold her...DIMITRI WHY ARE YOU NOT HOLDING HER BUT STANDING THERE LIKE A WALDO? I heard my wolf loudly shout in my head causing a small heachache to form.

I don't want to scare her away...I thought I would have to drag her back...But she said yes...

Just hug her you wimp

Can you stop insulting me first?

Ha. No.

Urghhhh...You're so infuriating!

That's good....

Suddenly, I heard a small chuckle. Looking down, I saw my mate looking up to me again making me want to smirk from our obvious height difference.

"What is your name, sweetheart?" I can't believe I didn't know her name....I feel stupid....


Alexandra's POV

After several moments of peaceful silence, I looked up to see that Dimitri held an annoyed expression on his face with his eyes glazed over. He must be fighting with his wolf. Suddenly he gapes likes he's been insulted causing me to chuckle.

My chuckle seems wakes him up from his chat with his wolf, and make him look down to look at me. The height difference between us is making me feel small and a bit upset at the unfairness. Why does he have to be so damn tall?

"What is your name, sweetheart?" He says and the use of the endearment makes me want to blush but I hold it back.

"Alexandra." I reply.

"As soon as my warriors catch up, we'll be leaving to return to the pack." Dimitri says and turns to look back into the distance.

I do the same and see a very faint blodge of movement with my werewolf senses. They'll probably be here in around 10 minutes.

"You run fast, mate. How?"

I grunted in response not wanting to reply. He stepped closer to me with a dark aura and narrowed his eyes at me.

"What pack are you from?"

This makes me bite my lip anxiously. I do not want to tell him about England. Our pack was famous for its great warriors. He would know what happened. That I'm not supposed to be alive.

I feel him start glaring intensely at me while I'm still gazing out to space.

"Alexandra..." I hear him growl darkly.

I snapped my head up to meet his gaze and I glared back at him.

"You cannot intimidate me." I growl back making his eyes turn pitch black and snarl at the challenge. Suddenly, I'm pushed up against a tree with his body covering mine, making sure I cannot escape his strong grip on me.

The close contact between us causes sparks to light up all over my exposed skin. This seems to calm Dimitri down a small bit as he reached out to glide his finger across my arm and slowly slide the shoulder of my hoodie off.

The sensation causes me to shiver.

"Are you sure, little runaway? Because I sure do intimidate many people..." He said harshly and quietly.

I glared in response.

"Are you affected by me, mate?" He says and I sense his dark aura enveloping me and the surroundings. I could sense his immense power in the air and just continued to stare at him truing to seem unaffected.

"No." I replied calmly.

"Are you sure, mate? What about when I do this?" He came even closer to me ensuring there was not a slither of space between us and touched my face lightly.


"And this..." Dimitri continued by lowering his head and gliding his nose against my collarbone making me desperately want to shiver.

"No.." my voice cracked as I whimpered.

Sparks were flowing crazily around us as he sniffed my scent and I gave into my body's reflexes and shivered from pleasure.

"Your scent is so alluring, mate. It's what led me to you. Do I still not affect you, huh? I felt your pleasure from that shiver...I could pleasure you more...." He said darkly and leaned down more to softly place his lips onto my neck.

"Alpha, sir? We're ready to leave. The car will soon arrive to pick us up and drive us back to the pack." The moment suddenly broke and we pulled apart. Dimitri growled to the warrior for interrupting him and me while I stood there feeling shocked from what had just happened.

My wolf was purring like crazy, wanting more of what had occurred. Incredibly lude suggestions were blanketing my mind as my wolf continued to try and prolong the previous activity.

Dimitri replied to the warrior and then whispered darkly into my ear, "We will continue this when we get back, little runaway."

I felt his breath on my ear making me shiver again as he stood there for a few moments before pulling away from me. I quickly checked my hood to make sure it hadn't started to fall off when he was...doing....that...

Dazed, I watched him as he approached one of the warriors and start talking to him. As if feeling my gaze, he turned around to look at me over his shoulder and smiled darkly, winking.

Later, three cars came to collect us all and Dimitri and I were given one to share as he wanted to drive...

I'm going back to his pack.....

Soon to become our pack.

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