The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 14

The lull of the car had let me slip into a deep sleep soon after we had started driving back to the Dimitri's pack.

Dimitri had pulled me to lay my head on his lap, as he continued to drive and I was feeling comfortable and at peace being with him.


I awoke a few hours later, to Dimitri playing with the ends of my hair that had fallen out of my hood and he was staring off into the distance as he drove quietly. I felt the edge of my lip twitch as a content smile threatened to over take me.

Relaxed, I began to swirl shapes on his thigh. From the contact, I felt him shiver underneath me as I kept drawing shapes on him. I was happy to know that I affected him like he affected me.

"Did you sleep well, love?" I felt his voice vibrate through his body and startle me from my thoughts.

"Mhm" I hummed in response.

Slowly, I rose up from his lap, and looked around me. The countryside was filling the area around us and I smiled lightly at the view. The sun had started to rise, leaving behind swirls of pastel colours across the sky and a halo of golden light surrounding the trees.

"How much longer is it till we get back?" I asked interested. We should soon be approaching his territory if I had been asleep so long.

"Should be around 20 minutes before we reach my territory and probably just over 30 minutes till we get back home."

Nodding, I went back to watching the scenery pass as Dimitri drove. Everything looked like it had come out of a Disney movie.

Dimitri grabbed my hand as we drove into his territory and I felt the sparks engulf my arm as he firmly took hold of my smaller hand into his bigger one.

I looked up to see his expression, and saw that he was deep in thought.

Once we arrived back at the palace, I as usual stared at the beautiful building in awe. It never ceased to amaze me with how it was so captivating. Dimitri let go off my hand to quickly exit the car and go round to opening my door. He took my hand in his again as I got out and started to walk to the palace in silence.

As we entered, I heard a loud squeal just before something jumped onto my back.

Suddenly, that something started to whack me around the head.

"ALEXANDRA WHATEVER-YOUR-LAST-NAME-IS, HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME HERE BY MYSELF?" Someone shouted obnoxiously into my ear that will probably soon be deaf.


"I WAS READY TO CUT YOU UP INTO LITTLE PEICES, KILL YOU, RESURRECT YOU, STAB YOU, DROWN YOU AND FEED YOU TO THE BEARS! But, mehhh. I love you too much to do that. However if you do that crap again I will proceed to do just that. ANYWAYSSSS, I missed you soooo much!!!!" she said as she slowly slid off my body and stepped in front to face me.

"I'm sorry Emmy. I missed you too." I mumbled back to her softly and hugged her small body tightly, promising myself to try and not leave her behind again to not cause her any worry. Not like Dimitri would actually let me run away from him again.

Letting of her, I stepped back and gave her a small smile to which she responded with a grin.

"Okay we're going to go now, Emilia. Say hello to Victor for me please." Dimitri said and put his arm on my back to lead me up the stairs.

"Aha I will. See you later Lex." I waved back to her in reply.

Reaching the top of the staircase, I started to walk to my old room when Dimitri grabbed my arm.

"You're coming with me." He said darkly and took me by the arm as he walked to another pair of stairs that led to the top floor of the palace.

We soon came up to the top and he led me to one of the only two doors there in the large hallway.

"This is my room" He said and pointed to the door that he had led us to. "That is my office." Dimitri pointed to the door which was at the other end of the hall. "The office is mine and only myself, the beta, the gamma and you are allowed in the office unless there is an emergency and other members of the pack are allowed to come in. And only you and I are allowed in my bedroom."

As he said this, he opened the door to his room and led me inside with his hand on the small of my back.

It was enormous space that shouldn't even be acknowledged as a room as it was so big. There was large bed at the end of the room, and what looked like a huge walk-in closet and a gigantic bathroom that was connected to his 'bedroom'. In the corner of the room. There was a desk and a big shelf full of books next to it. The room itself was grey and the bed covers were black making it seem like a very male dominated bedroom. The other furniture in the room was white and looked very expensive.

I walked around the room silently with Dimitri following me and concluded that everything in here was lavish and of a large size.

Finished with my inspection, I turned around to face my mate.

"What am I doing in here?" I asked and saw him step closer to me so that there was barely any space in-between us.

"This is now OUR room. You will be sleeping in here with me. You are my mate."

I laughed.

Is he serious?

"I'm very serious Alexandra. You will be sleeping in here." Dimitri said with a set tone that sent shivers up my spine. I gulped. His presence was surrounding me and making it harder to think clearly.

"Fine." I answered quickly. There was no use in arguing. It would only make it worse. He would probably chain me up to the bed if I continued to argue with him on the matter. His aura was also making it harder to form rational thoughts and come up with decent arguments that would be able to persuade the stubborn man to let me have my old room back.

Why did he have to be my mate? And so damn irresistible? Why couldn't he just let me go?

"Because, love, you're mine now."

Damn I should stop voicing my thoughts...


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