The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 15

Alpha King Dimitri POV

"Why did he have to be my mate? And so damn irresistible? Why couldn't he just let me go?" I heard her mumble under her breathe probably not even meaning to say it aloud. I felt a smirk pull up on my face from when she said I was irresistible.

Huh, she is definitely affected by the bond.

"Because, love, you're mine now." I replied lowly and started into her electric eyes that were peaking out from underneath her hood.

I heard her audibly gulp.

"Fine." she huffed and plopped herself down onto the bed. She squirmed upit and sat against the headboard whilst staring avidly at me.

Following her, I sat across her and studied her. Her clothes looked crumpled from having to stay in them for a long time and sleeping in them, peices of her hair had escaped her hood and looked knotty and she just looked tired herself.

She was sitting stiff and watched me as I quietly examined her. "Sooooo are you going to keep staring at me like some lost puppy or actually stop...." she mumbled and I saw her fiddling with the bottom of her hoodie. She must feel warm in that.

I felt my mouth start twitching from amusement at what she said. If anyone else had said that they would probably be gasping for air as I strangled them right now.

"Tell me about yourself Alexandra."

"I-I-urr-urmmm..." My mate stuttered nervously and turned away from me so I could only see the side of her hood.

"Alexandra, please tell me something." I felt frustration creep up on me as she evaded my gaze and ignored me. She hadn't told me anything about her yesterday when I caught her at the tree house either and it made me feel confused and angry. Why couldn't she just tell me something about her!? I'm surprised she even told me her name at this rate.

I saw her give me a small shake of her head when I repeated my self in response.

I growled and pulled her chin so she was turned to face me.

"Look, my patience with you is running thin but I don't want to start our relationship off by being demanding. However, you should at least tell me something, I'm warning you Lexie, you won't like the consequences if you don't share even a small detail about yourself. Now I...would love to inforce those consequences." I chuckled darkly and could see her shiver from my voice which was laced with mischief.

Alexandra's POV

I shivered from what he had said and how he chuckled. What the hell! I can't answer his question because of what happened. If I did, he would be in danger. I can't risk that.

But I understood his urge to know a part of me, his wold was no doubt on the verge of claiming me. I guess I didn't mind taking my hood off in front of him as he is my mate but I was extremely nervous. Even I haven't seen my reflection in a long time.

What if I'm ugly to him...

Eh screw him if he thinks so...I'm a strong woman. Don't need no man to tell me I'm pretty.

Yasssss gurlll, you gooo!!! I heard my wolf shout in my head with pride.

I wanted to chuckle at Lina's response. She always lifts my spirits.

Content, I looked up to face him and smiled grimly. Slowly, I raised my shaking hands to the edge of my hood.

I can do this...

Dimitri's POV

I sat there for a few minutes and watched her as she was thinking deeply. I saw her sigh in resolution and look up to face me.

Determination flashed in her eyes as she lifted her trembling hands to the edge of her hood. She froze in that position to look straight into my eyes. The hood was still on her but she had tipped it back a bit and her eyes were in view.

I felt a bit hurt that she chose to show her face instead of telling me something about herself but also proud. My mate is a strong, resilient but stubborn woman.

My wolf was bouncing inside me giddily wanting to see her face.

The first thing to catch my attention was Lexie's eyes which were a stunning bright electric blue that made me want to stare into her eyes for all of my life.

I nodded to encourage her and smiled gently to tell her to go on.

After a few moments, she continued on slowly taking her hood down. Her nose and cheeks came into view and I felt my smile grow. She already looked angelic with the light blush that coated her cheeks.

Looking into her eyes, she looked uncertain. I sighed and reached to place my hand on her knee soothingly.

"My little runaway, you don't have to do this if you really don't want to..." I said to her and twirled shapes on her knees to calm her down.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds and when she opened them I saw her self-confidence and courage grow. Turning straight to look at me, she took the rest of her hood down.

I froze.

She was...





And so many more things...

"Dear goddess..." I mumbled and took all of her in. Her skin was flawless and her lips a deep pink colour, plump and kissable.

"I Urr urm..." she said nervously and twirled her curly brown hair in her hands.

"You're absolutely beautiful Lexie." I said after I got out of my shock. And I wasn't lying. She could put the so called most beautiful girl in the world to shame. "But you're not just That, from the cause that I gave in with You, I have come realise your beauty is also within. You're incredibly passionate, protective and smart."

I saw Alexandra rise from her postition of the bed after a pause in which she blushed deeply and thanked me. After a moment, she stood up to look at herself in the mirror with curiosity.

"I haven't seen myself in so long...even at home with my parents when I wasn't wearing my hood, I would hardly ever look at myself in the mirror. It's not like I was doing it for any specific reason..I just didn't really like the way I looked.....It was the reason for why my pac-" she suddenly stopped herself and turned around to face me again.

"Please tell me at least something, Lexie..."

"I-I can't I'm sorry." she answered sadly and walked past me to the window that showed the whole of my gardens.

I growled from frustration but stopped myself and my wolf from interrogating her further as she had already shown her face to me and has probably gone through to much.

She could tell me when she was ready to.

I walked up to her and wrapped my arms from behind her and around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder.

"I adore you. I will wait for you to be ready but I do encourage you to possibly tell me even random and completely irrelevant details about yourself. You're MINE and I'm yours." I whispered in her ear and dug my face into the crook of her neck.

She smelled absolutely amazing.

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