The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 16

The rest of the day passed slowly. Dimitri would follow me everywhere with his dark aura warding everyone away me and making sure I wouldn't try to run again.

I had my hood on, like on an average day, after we fought in our room and came to conclusion that I would only keep it off in the bedroom.

At one point I got so irritated with him always being near me constantly and began shouting at him to stop but he just raised one of his eyebrows, smirked and said, "Does my presence affect you, mate?" After that I ignored him completely, deciding that silent treatment wasn't that childish and would become useful in this situation.

It was dinner time when we finally sat down to eat with other people. With Emmy sat to my left and Dimitri on my right, she started talking about anything and everything as soon as I sat down next to her and I found it soothing compared to my anti-social behaviour as I didn't have to talk that much.

As soon as dinner ended, Dimitri abruptly stopped Emmy's rambles and said that we were going up to our room.

We, minutes later, reached the bedroom after Emmy had practically strangled me from her multiple hugs and silence had filled the room.

Dimitri has been intensely staring at me as if he could try to read my inner secrets all day and I felt nervous to be alone with him in a room once again. Last time didn't end so well.

It's so sad that we don't know much about each other. I mean we're supposed to be soul mates and here we are sitting opposite each other on the bed knowing practically nothing about the other.

"Tell me something, Alexandra. Tell me anything. Just give me something. I've been thinking all day about what you could possibly be hiding but I have no idea. I'll do anything."

I thought about it for a few moments.

"Fine. But promise that I'll be able to keep training."



"What? Why!? You don't need to train anymo-"

I cleared my throat loudly interrupting him and raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, fine. You can start again tomorrow." He growled.

I smiled lightly in response and began to think about what I could say to him about myself.

"Before I moved here to join the training programme, I lived with my parents in America for just a couple of months. They're still over there. My mum's name is Kate and she is really small and thin. I'm quite tall compared to her. She's awfully kind but strict enough to be able to raise a child like me. And she looks like a model...I love her. My dad's cool too. He's really tall but probably a few inches shorter than you. He's mainly strict with everyone but he has a soft spot with me and mum. I love both of them so much." I finished rambling about my family with a grin and a glazed look in my eyes. I missed them. When I was talking, I didn't dare mention that I was mainly from England, he could get suspicious and wonder where from. Then he would know everything.

"They sound amazing."

I nodded and laid down onto the bed to stare at the ceiling.

"Were are you originally from? I noticed you said you only lived in America with them for a couple of months..."

I grimaced in reply. Why did have to be so perceptive?

I felt the bed shake as he growled at my lack of response to his question.

"Alexandra..." He growled with a sinsiter voice that sent shivers up my spine.

I winced at his anger but stayed silent and stiff against the bed.

Suddenly, he pulled me to sit up against the headboard and sat caging me in against it with a dark expression.

"Tell me." He growled out again.

Shaking my head, I saw his eyes darken and his whole body shake from supressed anger.

How do I always manage to anger him when we're alone in a room?

I bit my lip anxiously and stared at his enraged expression. His eyes were flitting from black to blue continously, showing that he was fighting for control over his wolf.

Lina (my wolf) was bouncing up and down in my head excitedly wanting to have an 'intimate' session. Hormonal wolf.

Heyyy! I know I'm hormonal but can you blame me? He's inches away from us and he looks gorgeous. I could lick him.

What the hell Lina, calm down.

Hmph. Just Tell him. He may be suspicious about it now that you have refused to answer him but it will not do much to supply him with information. You could have just simply moved packs. Not run away after one was massacred.

Fine okay, thanks Lina.

It's okay I know I'm the best.

I rolled my eyes in my mind.

"England." I murmured.

"Good girl." He said and slowly took his arms away from body but still sat there centimetres away from me, making my heart beat erratically.

He pulled my hood down from my head and I continued to stare at him.

After a few minutes of us both staring into each other eyes, he broke our eye contact by moving himself to sit on my right and switched the TV on.

Not wanting to watch it, I reached for one of my favourite books that lay on the bedside table.

We sat like that in a comfortable silence.

Time had passed quickly and it soon became dark outside. Dimitri's stood up to go inside of the walk in closet after he switched off the television. He came out a few moments later with some loose jogging bottoms and no shirt. Peeking out from behind my book, I wanted to drool from what I could see. He had some obvious muscles everywhere and I was ready to take on Lina's suggestion.

Shaking my self out from my thoughts, I saw him smirking as he watched me and sat back down next to me. "Like what you see, mate?" I blushed lightly and quickly rose from the bed and went inside the closet.

Earlier on today, Dimitri had explained how my clothes were on the left side and his on the right. I had looked through them all and had seen that it was stocked up in all the clothes that you could possibly think of and they were all in my size.

I quickly slipped out of my clothes and put them into the laundry basket and put on of one his shirts that looked incredibly oversized on me as it reached trust past mid-thigh. Not liking to wear anything else but a shirt and underwear, I didn't bother with shorts and rushed back inside to go under the covers.

Now under the covers, very cosy and warm, I looked up from my position and saw Dimitri staring at me with a dark look in his eyes whilst smirking.

"I must say, mate, I like seeing you in my shirt." I blushed and stayed quiet, turning around on my side so I wasn't facing him and had no physical contact with him.

That plan failed quickly as he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him so we were spooning.

I sighed inside my head. I tried to get out of his hold by wiggling but that also failed as soon as I heard him try to unsuccessfully hold back a groan.

I froze at the sound. Oh Goddess.

After a few moments of me deliberating, I relaxed to the feel of the sparks and our mate bond and fell asleep.

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