The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 18

"So I'm going to be putting you all into random pairs and you will have to practise the techniques we had practised earlier on whilst you are fighting each other. Anyone have any questions?" Victor asked everyone once everyone had gone through all of the battle stances.

"How are you going to be picking the pairs?" A tall slim blonde boy asked from the back of our group.

"Randomly like I already said. All of your names have been put into a system and then the app just selects two names. Simple. Any more questions?"

Everyone stayed quiet and Victor nodded before starting to call out the names.

"Ben and Vinnie."

I saw two boys from the back walk off with each other to another area. Names were continued to being called out and the pair would leave to find some space to practise.

"Emmy and Jed." Victor called out and he started glaring at the boy causing the boy, Jed, to gulp and freeze in his place. Emmy skipped up to Jed and started to pull him by the arm but then a growl echoed through the stage at the contact. I saw Emmy suddenly turn and glare fiercely at her mate making him stop before she let go of Jed but continued on walking to a free space.

I saw Victor let out a grumble under his breathe before he started the list again. "Alexandra and Harry."

I smiled at finally having someone to fight with. Turning around I saw my partner harshly glaring at me.

My wolf, Lina, laughed loudly inside of me. It was the guy that I had beat previously in the race.

I felt a smirk twitch into my face as I stared back a him. The action seemed to anger him as he let out a low growl and started to stalk off to a free space were we could train. I wished I could have winked at him, it would have set him off completely but I can't because of my hood.

I felt Dimitri's piercing eyes on me as I followed Harry with a wide grin on my face.

This would be fun.

Standing in front of him, my smirk grew as I saw his tense figure in front of me waiting for the whistle which would allow us to fight. He grinned viciously, probably thinking this would be an easy win.

"Don't worry, little girl, I know you'll lose since you are a girl after all. You can just give up now and I won't go hard on you."

The whistle suddenly blew and I saw him jump into life. He took a step to the left trying to punch me and I blocked it with no effort. My smirk stayed firmly on my face.

He once again tried to punch but this time faked a step to the right before stepping left but I still saw it and blocked it once again. I saw his anger rise as his body started shaking from not being able to land anything on me.

Many blocked punches later, his technique started slipping from his exaughstion and anger that had rised considerably and I finally made my first punch.

Not expecting any attack from me, he didn't see the fist that went straight to his nose at a strong and fast rate.


I felt myself cringed at the noise but pride filled my body as I saw him stagger and blood flow down his face.

His eyes turning black from uncontrolled rage, he turned violent and began trying to find any gaps in my defence to try and hurt me.

I blocked each punch skillfully and kicked him in the gut proceeding to punch him quickly before he could defend himself. Taking a step back, I saw him on the floor crouching, blood flowing down rapidly from his face and onto his top.

I bit my lip at his damage, a hint of guilt flowing into my stomach, and looked up to search for anyone that could help him and saw everyone frozen from where they were standing watching us.

"Urrrr could someone help him, please?" I said trying to relieve the tension and get the attention off of me.

Two of Harry's friends took a step forward, picking him up from the floor and placed his arms on each of their shoulders so his body weight was shared between the two of them. They left silently to the infirmary.

Everyone's attention came back to me and I stood there still and nervous.

Why were they all so...silent?

Suddenly a clap broke the silence and everyone broke into cheers.

I stood stunned as people were grinning and congratulating me.

Victor came up to me and patted me on my back.

"Even though the task wasn't to completely beat up your opponent, well done. You showed great technique."

I gave him a small smile and whisper a low 'thank you' to him.

Suddenly feeling a pair of strong arms on my waist, I stilled but relaxed after feeling the sparks engulf my skin.

I felt Dimitri's lips on my ear and he whispered, "Well done, my little runaway. I'm proud of you." I shivered at our proximity and felt a grin come onto my lips from his words.

Emmy skipped up to where we were standing with Dimitri still hugging me from behind with a large grin.

"HEYYYYYYY LEXIE, that was amazingggggg. OMG like no one even likes Harry and you beat him up so easily I was like 'omg she's so awesome' the whole way through. No one's going to want to anger you or anything. Anyway....eeeekkkkkkk...I'm so proud of my bestie!!" she quickly said, bouncing up and down on every word.

I gave her a big grin. "Thanks Emmy."

She winked at me before happily skipping off to where Victor was talking to some other people.

I turned around in Dimitri's arms ensuring his hands still were on my waist and looked up at him.

His eyes were already focused intently on me and he had a smile on his lips. I gulped at the closeness of our faces. If he lowered his head, we would probably be kissing.

The scary thing is, I dont think I would stop it...

We were broken out of our trance as Victor shouted that we could leave and training would be off tomorrow as it would be a Sunday.

I stepped out of my mate's arms but he took my hand to remain in contact with me and we began walking back to the palace.

"Do you want to eat, or do you want to go back to our room?" He asked as we approached the doors.

"Could we eat in our room please? I don't want everyone staring at me as I eat."

I looked up at his face as we walking inside and saw him grinning mischievously down at me.

"What?" I asked and raised my eyebrow.

"You said 'our' room. You were so intent before on wanting your own room." He grinned and walked up the stairs still holding my hand tightly.

I rolled my eyes but a smile still crept up onto my lips as we walked into our room.

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