The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 19

"So..ur...I've decided to take my hood off when we go to dinner." I say quietly under my breathe, my head tilted down as I stared intently at the floor.

Sparks exploded across my skin as I felt Dimitri's fingers lift my chin up to face him. "Are you sure?" he whispered and stared deeply into my eyes, searching for anything that could say I was having any doubts about my decision.

I nodded my head and gave him a small smile as I took of my hood.

His lips tugged up into a smirk as his fingers lightly traced the contours of my skin and he leaned down to place his lips onto my collarbone.

A small moan escaped me as he placed butterfly kisses up my throat. It felt amazing. Deciding to tease him, I quickly slipped out of his hold and gave him a big grin.

I threw off my hoodie, leaving me in my leggings and bra before running away inside the bathroom.

With the door locked, I heard him growl, frustrated and I felt my lips turn up into a smirk.

"You'll pay for that, little minx." he said loudly through door in a dark tone.

I shivered and took off the rest of my clothes to go into the shower.

After a few minutes of me washing up and relaxing underneath the warm water, I stepped out into the bathroom.

Luckily, I had kept some clean clothes in the bathroom incase I would forget to bring any. I reached inside the cupboard for a plain white shirt and black jeans and put my dirty clothes into the dirty laundry basket.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Dimitri sprawled out on the bed. Hearing the door open, he looked up to see me.

Giving him a small smile, I looked for the time and saw that we don't have to get ready to go to dinner any time soon so I layer down next to him.

He rose up to sit against the headboard and pulled me on top of his legs, so I was straddling him. I felt him take a lock of my hair into his hand and start playing with it.

"What pack are you from?" Dimitri asked after a moment of comforting silence. I froze instantly at the question.

"I don't want to have to repeat myself, Lexie. I have been asking you this for a long time now and you have been evading the question each time. Tell me, please im begging you."

I shook my head and fiddled with the end of his shirt. Suddenly I felt his soft lips on my jawline. "Tell me."

I had closed my eyes at the sensation of his lips against my skin and shook my head.

"Please." he repeated in a darker tone whilst trailing his lips down my neck and sucking at where my pulse was erratically beating.

I gave out a soft groan as my mind blanked. What did he want?

His lips continued to leave a blaze wherever he went and I felt my body relax against his.

"What pack, Lexie?"

"I--I--urrr...which one?" I stuttered incoherently.

"Did you have more than one pack?"

He asked against my skin, making sure not to stop kissing me as he asked.

I nodded and arched, giving out an embarrassing moan, against his body as he kissed my sweet-spot above my collarbone.

"How long did you live in for the most recent pack before this one?"

My mind was empty as he sucked on my sweet-spot and most likely left hickeys all over my throat and shoulders. He stopped his attack for a moment to repeat his question as he stared me into my eyes.

"A c-couple of months at most. It was in America." I answered. "Good girl." he whispered and kissed the edge of my lips.

I opened my eyes as he stopped and saw him staring intently at me with darkened eyes. We kept eye contact for a long moment before he asked another question which I was unhappily waiting for.

"What pack were you born in?" Dimitri asked and stared deeply into my eyes, waiting for a response.

I gulped. "We lived in England..."

"What pack?" he repeated. "Because I have fairly good idea. But I want you to answer me. Truthfully. What pack do you originally come from?"

"Darkblood warrior pack." I whispered and felt a tear flow down from my eye. I saw him nod, no surprise on his face, and then tug me into him so he could hug me.

I felt safe and warm in his arms. We stayed like that for a long while. He pulled away after a long comforting moment and gently rubbed my tears away. "What happened? I know some of it as it was reported back to the our pack but we only got some details and we still don't really know what actually happened as it was before my rule."

I took a big breathe before answering. "An enemy pack had been angry with us because my dad, who was the alpha, refused to give me away for marriage to someone despicable who only wanted me for my looks and bloodline. They joined up with two other packs that had disliked us for a long time and attacked us one night. It turned out we had a mole in our pack, one of the older gammas, that had poisoned our guards so when they attacked it was took everyone a while to figure out what was happening and fight back. Many people had been killed before they even realised what had occurred. Our defense was still so good though. Even with more than half of the dead from the poison, they managed to kill most of the attackers which was amazing. They were outnumbered but we were winning...Until I h-had been captured."

I felt Dimitri vibrate from anger underneath me. I gave him a sad smile before continuing.

"They had managed to catch me after I had killed one of the enemy's betas. I was tired and wounded and couldn't fight off the group of twenty warriors that surrounded me. I harmed a lot of them though. By the time they dragged me up to the stage, half of them had big bloody gashes from me. My dad saw me on the stage and ordered for the fighting to stop at once. The enemies, which were the Eyeshot pack (who wanted me for marriage), the Warlight pack and the Redminder pack tried to bargain me, saying that they'll stop fighting if my dad lets me go.

That was definitely the wrong thing to say. My dad got really angry and killed one of the Alphas. Anyway...the fighting got worse and many more of our warriors were poisoned from something that they put into the air. We all ran. Only some of us survived. We split apart. My family ran to America, some to Japan, some to Portugal and so on. But they're still after us, every once in a while we'll hear the news of some of the families that had escaped being murdered."

I finished talking and looked up to see Dimitri's expression. He was still violently shaking from anger.

"Calm down, Dimitri." I said and brushed my hand against his cheek. After a few moments, I felt his shaking quiet down.

"I'll protect you." I heard him say in a tone not to be disagreed with. I nodded head and gave him a small smile.

"Dinner?" I asked and rose off of him.

"I have to do something first." he said and stood up to tower over me. I gulped as I stared up at him.

His lips. I stared at them and saw him slowly lean down.

Our lips finally met.

The kiss was slow and passionate. His fingers slid into my hair and played with the ends. My hands roamed his body before reaching up to pull on his own soft hair. I felt his groan vibrate against my mouth. Sparks were engulfing me at our heated kiss.

Out of breathe, we pulled away from each other and took in big gulps of air.

"Now we can go to dinner." he said with a smirk.

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