The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 2

Urghhhh. School.

I got up and stumbled to the bathroom and had a hot shower to at least be able to find some kind of comfort within the warm water that enveloped my senses.

After I had finished, I brushed my teeth and then got changed into some ripped dark jeans and a grey hoodie. I let my hair fall out of the hoodie and made sure that the hood itself was up and hiding my face before going downstairs.

I grabbed a granola bar, putting on some shoes and went out to school, knowing I had to walk as I had not gotten a car yet and school wasn't that far away anyway.

After fifteen minutes of waking, I reached the school and grimaced. It was the kind of stereotypical school you would see on the TV. After a short moment of displeasure, I walked inside and collected my timetable from the office.

Why do I even need to go to this school...I've already done my exams and there is no point of me just having three weeks of school.

I walked into Maths class early and looked down so no one had any chance of seeing who I am. They probably don't even know I'm a werewolf even though the whole school mostly consisted of their population.

I heard some people come in and so I slid further down into my chair.

I'm not social what so ever.

I mean, people are just too much effort to try and handle due to their different personalities that seemed to shine through their masks of kindness.

"Look at that person...Who is it....Is it even a girl....Why is she wearing a hood?....Such a freak..." At that I clenched my jaw and tried to calm myself down.

Everyone was whispering about me and I needed to calm myself down before my wolf shows. Being a female wolf wasn't that rare but it wasn't very common either so when they were found they were usually shown off like some kind of artifact.

Just ignore them Alex. They're idiots anyway. My wolf Lina said to me.

Okay thanks, Lina. I replied to her.

I remembered that I was thinking I might meet my mate here. I would laugh in my own face if I could go back in time.

The class went on and the other classes where the same. Before I knew it, it was the end of school. It had all been rather pointless and boring, as expected.

One week later

It has been one week at this school and I had already given up. There was only two weeks left and I've been tempted to simply skip it all and leave but I can't do that because I promised my parents I that I would try to finish high school.

And I, unfortunately, do not like to break promises.

Unsurprisingly, I haven't managed to make any friends and everyone is still desperate to see my face. Even the damned teachers.

I'm being tripped and insulted constantly in class and the hallways so they can try get a reaction from me but they never receive one.

The only hear time they even hear my voice is when I'm answering the teachers questions.

You would think that they would have given up but no.... They continue to bully me like the petty little children they are.

I don't really care. I just want to get out of this hell hole.

And soon.

Another week later

It has been another week and they still haven't stopped.Do they truly have no personal life? It is like they only have one thing they want to do and it's this bizzare urge to annoy the hell out of me.

Calm down Lexie. We'll soon be out of her and be guards at the royal palace! Just wait one more week and we'll be there! Lina said and I agreed, automatically calming myself down at the thought of the palace.

Okay thanks Lina you're always my saviour. Love you! I replied back to her.

Love you too, now don't kill anyone please.

I laughed and felt myself smile. My wolf always managed to make me happy.

Last Day Of School- Leaving for Royal Palace

I did it!!!!! Oh my god I did it! I didn't even kill anyone!

I felt myself grin as the last bell of the school day rang and I practically skipped back home.

I'm going to the royal palace!!! An earsplitting grin covered my face as I thought about where I would soon be residing.

I had packed yesterday night and today I was saying my goodbyes and leaving.

As I reached my home, I opened the door and saw my parents standing there so I enveloped my mum in a tight hug for some long minutes. My dad was here as well and I jumped on him too and hugged him for a long time before releasing him.

I'm going to miss them.

But the royal palace will be an amazing experience that I've been waiting for since I have been a tiny child. And I would be guarding the Alpha King which most of the werewolves would find to be an honour .

I myself had completed the application two years back to join and now I am finally 18 and ready to join. I had also completed the training in England since the palace was in Russia and I couldn't fly between the countries constantly. Luckily there was a training base for aspiring guards in England. I was accepted a year ago but I had to finish school for my parents first.

I hugged my parents once more and climbed into a taxi.

The last thing I saw of them is them waving me goodbye with tear stains on their faces.

I love them and I will miss them...

Russia here I come...

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