The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 20

"Are you sure about this?" Dimitri asked for the sixth time since I had gotten dressed.

Since I had said that I wanted to take my hood off to show myself to everyone else, I had chosen to wear a simple top that was tucked into my high-waisted, black jeans. Basically... Exposing my face.

"Yes. Now let's go down for dinner." I said and grabbed his hand, dragging him out of our room.

"'re using contact with me now...maybe I should kiss you more often." he whispered erotically against my ear, sending shivers up my spine.

I felt my face heat up and I slapped his arm, glaring at his amused expression before walking quicker down the stairs, still holding his hand.

As we approached the dining room, I stopped and listened to the obnoxious voice which was talking loudly inside the room and made sure that we were not able to be seen from any angle from inside of the room.

"I mean why else would that tramp wear a hood anyway?" The first voice, which seemed familiar, said, obviously unaware of our presence behind the dining room.

"I don't know but maybe--" The second voice seemed nervous and was interrupted by the first.

"She was probably disowned by her parents because of how ugly and repulsive she was."

"I don't think you should say that, what if she was in some accident?"

"Yeah, right. The accident of her being conceived."

I felt Dimitri's anger increase by every word that was said. His whole body was shaking violently and his eyes had turned pitch black. I squeezed his hand in an effort to try and calm him down. Dimitri looked down to face me, and I saw that his wolf was on the verge of taking over and most likely slaughtering the idiots inside.

I twisted his body around and threw my arms around him in a last effort to calm him down and make sure he wouldn't explode. I felt his shaking quieten down and he placed his arms around my waist, dragging me impossibly closer to him.

Dimitri shut his eyes and I saw his features relax as he embraced me.

"She has definitely either has a deformed, horrid face or she's just plain ugly. Why else would someone wear a hood?"

My mate's eyes suddenly flew open and turned back into the menacing glare, directing it to the dining room which contained the probably soon to be the dead moron.

His fists clenched and his body was set ready to attack.

I pulled him down so we were level headed and whispered into his ear, "Come on, I'll show them just how deformed I am."

I pulled on his arm and we entered the dining room as the moron decided to open his mouth again.

"The king is probably only using her for--"

"I dare you to finish that sentence." Dimitri said, rage clearly seeping in through very word and I suddenly knew why the voice seemed familiar earlier. The moron was Harry; the guy who was constantly annoyed that I beat him.

The room was silenced into shock. I felt all eyes focus on me and gasps were heard all around the room as they blatantly stared at my exposed face.

I slowly walked up to Harry with a blank face, not giving anything away and I saw him gulp. Fear flashed in his eyes before he took a step back. Good, be scared.

"Not so deformed am I? But you are about to be." I remarked and chuckled.

Harry didn't have time to react before my fist met his already damaged face.


It nicely fits with the broken nose we gave him earlier. My wolf chuckled in my head making me smirk and I fought of the laugh that was threatening to overcome as he fell down to the floor barely conscious and his jaw now broken.

Everyone continued to stare, flitting their eyes from me and Harry in astonishment. "What are you all looking at? Eat and socialise or whatever." I stated but still felt their lingering eyes on me. A growl echoed throughout the room from mate and suddenly the dining room was filled with forced chatter.

I left Harry groaning on the floor to go back to Dimitri who was studying my advancing figure.

"That was hot." he whispered in my ear as soon as I reached him, making my cheeks burn.

"So what did I miss?" A happy Emmy bounced into the room only to be stopped short as she saw my face and the still moaning Harry sprawled out on the floor.

"Oh. My. GODDESSSSS!!!!" She suddenly exploded after a quiet moment and ran up to me, jumping ontop of my unsuspecting body.

We both flopped down to floor loudly as her body barreled into mine.

"YOU'RE SO GORGEOUS, OMG! AND THANK YOUUUU SO MUCH FOR KICKING SOME ASS AGAIN ON THAT ANNOYING HARRY KID!" She shouted loudly, inches away from my face as I layed on the floor, with her ontop of me.

I grinned and burst into laughter. She soon joined in and rolled off me to lay next to me.

After a few minutes of us laughing, we calmed down and saw our mates approach us cautiously, both pulling us up from the floor.

"Okay, now I need food." Emmy said as soon as we got up and we all followed her, murmuring in agreement.

Picking up all of our food after receiving it, we sat down in the spaces near the back to finally eat. We all ate peacefully, talking casually every so often about random, unimportant things.

Once we had finished eating, we placed the plates away and sat down to continue talking. Seeing Emmy obviously holding back, I answered the question that was clearly bubbling up inside of her and Victor.

I frowned as I tried to figure out what to say to her and felt Dimitri's hand suddenly clasp mine supportively. I looked up to him and gave him a small thankful smile.

"I used to wear a hood because my 'looks' had caused lots of trouble in my pack and I've learnt that people tend to doubt the one with the supposed good looks anyway." With that, I began explaining about my past in light detail and slightly hushed, making sure no unwanted people could hear.

"Wow." Victor said as Emmy and him sat opposite us, taking in all the information I had said. I leaned on Dimitri's shoulder, feeling tired and felt his arm slide across my back to rest on my waist, holding me tightly against him.

"I'm always going to be with you, no matter what. If he even dares come close to you again, I'll kill him." I heard him whisper against my head as he kissed my hair.


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