The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 21

I woke up and once again found Dimitri's arm around my waist. I rolled my eyes, remembering that I specifically told him to not do it before I fell asleep. Struggling to get out of his hold, I felt him shift behind me and mumble, "Shh sleep some more, Lexie."

"No come on, let's get up." I said to him and whacked him lightly on the arm that surrounded me.

"Nope." he said popping the p.

"Fine, I'll just go downstairs by myself, maybe I'll find someone else to eat with." I said as I finally managed to get out of his hold.

He cursed loudly before jumping out of bed. I stood there smirking and quickly ran inside the bathroom before he could get any ideas.

After finishing doing everything in the bathroom, I changed into some leggings and a white v-neck long sleeved shirt in the walk-in wardrobe.

I walked out a few minutes later and heard Dimitri coming out of the shower still grumbling about being woken up early. Rolling my eyes at him, I waited for him to be completely dressed and then we walked downstairs to eat our breakfast.

"Stop being so possessive!" I whispered to him harshly as he put his arm around my waist, "Or I won't talk to you."

He chuckled, obviously not believing me.

The smell of eggs and bacon whifted through the air as we came inside of the dining room. Inside, everyone was chatting and had seemed to get over yesterday's events but were still sneakily looked at my face, wanting to see if I was wearing a hood again.

Dimitri's arm tightened around me as he saw some of the boys looking at me appreciately. I glared at my mate and walked out of his hold to get some food.

With my hands later filled with eggs and sausages, I went over to sit with Emmy and Victor leaving Dimitri behind still packing layers of food onto his plate.

"HIIIIII LEXIEEEE!!!" Emmy shouted as I sat down across from her and her mate.

"Hey." I said and gave a smile and nodded to Victor before settling down to eat.

A few moments later, Dimitri sat next to me and I continued to ignore his presence.

He can't just keep lording the mate bond on me to get what he wants. And he has to stop with the possessiveness, I'm not some baby that he has to keep hold of and be strict with.

Emmy quietened down as she watched me clearly ignore my mate as he kept trying to talk to me. Each time he would try to say something I would silence him with my icy glare and move away from him. He seemed to understand what I was doing and stopped talking just as I was about to get out of his reaching distance.

As we finished eating our food and putting it away, I saw Dimitri start to get frustrated with my silence.

I hid my satisfied smirk as I walked ahead of him and Victor with Emmy happily bouncing next to me.

"So what's up?" Emmy asked as we started walking around the fields. After we had gotten out of the dining room, our mates had been mind linked and so we decided to walk around as Dimitri and Victor had to do their pack work.

"The sky." I replied to her question and saw her roll her eyes at my response.

"Nooo...I mean why are you ignoring Dimitri?"

"He's just being annoying by using the mate bond to get what he wants. Like he used it to find out information about me. He's also way too possessive. I mean, it's cute at first....then it gets frustrating."

We had stopped walking and were standing under a willow tree as I explained the situation to Emmy.

"Hmmm...yeah I understand, Victor does it too but calms down considerably if you're anywhere near us because he's still scared of the threat you gave him." She chuckled when I burst out laughing, "But it is annoying, after he marked me he's began simply following me...LIKE I'M HERE FOR A REASON, I CAN PROTECT MYSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH." Emmy suddenly exploded and her face turned red as some of the gardeners turned around to see what the commotion was about.

"Yeah..." I replied and frowned. Why do boys have to be so... so... stereotypically male?


I raised my eyebrows at her outburst, "Which is..."

"We should take revenge against them!!"

"How will that help the situation?" I said, amused.

"Urrgh...dunno. But it's fun and I'm bored. Plus it could show them that we're not to be messed with."

"Okayyy..." I said and warily watched her as her expression turn sinister.

After a minute of her grinning like a maniac, she started bouncing around crazily and faced me again.

"I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!! We will have to have lots of thing though. MANYYYY. Ehhehehehehh. They won't know what hit them." She said and burst into laughter that is usually only heard in horror movies.


Two hours later, we stop proudly at the door of Victor's and Dimitri's shared office. Earlier, we had manged to get them out by persuading one of the other warriors to distract them.

The room, as you walk into it, seems pretty harmless but I know it will be hilarious to watch their reactions to the pranks we have done. A camera was installed at the edge of the room, hidden from anyone but at a good angle to see the reactions of our mates.

Hearing Victor's and Dimitri's voices rounding the corner, me and Emmy ran into another room and switched on her phone to see the pranks happening.

The camera showed Victor slamming the door open, frustrated from having to do pointless things with the warrior, and suddenly jump and fall to the ground by tripping over himself in surprise from a loud noise. Dimitri had jumped too and managed to trip over Victor's body but stopped himself from sprawling onto the floor in time.

Prank 1: Complete.

Emmy and I laughed, one of the simpler pranks had been for a loud noise to echo loudly when the door is swung open from the air horn attacthched to the wall.

I saw Emmy suppressing her laughter as she awaited for the bigger prank to play out.

The floor in the office was squared tiling 20cm x 20cm and we randomly picked some of them to have glitter bombs that would explode over the person as they stepped on the tile. The bombs were spread across the room, knowing that maybe in a month's time another less used tile would be stepped on and a glitter bomb would startle them.

We watched as Dimitri helped Victor stand up and as they walked towards their desks, which were in opposite corners of the large room, two bombs suddenly exploded as both of them stepped on the glitter tiles.

We both burst out into laughter at their shocked faces. Their clothes and hair were filled with sparkly pink glitter.

Prank 2: Completed.

Me and Emmy both looked at each other and burst into loud laughter again. As we calmed down, we watched both of the men walk slowly and caughtiosly to their desks, trying not to set off any more of the glitter bombs.

One more was set off to Victor as he approached his desk and Emma burst back into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

As they both sat down, they both jumped quickly back off the chair as a long noise echoed into the room when they sat.

Prank 3: Completed.

Another of the harmless small pranks had been to put the another air horn under the chair so when they sat, a loud noise was made to startle them.

Our loud laughter echoed across the small room me and Emmy were cramped in at our mates. They both looked shocked and angry.

We saw a warrior run inside the office, obviously having heard the loud noises, and struggle to keep down his laughter as he saw Victor and Dimitri covered in pink glitter. The supposed scary alpha covered in pink abomination was not a very fear inhibiting sight apparently. I watched the boy gulp as he saw our mates start to get angry and run out of the room.

I gulped as I saw Dimitri's eyes look around the room and finally focus on the camera that we had placed to film them.

We're so in trouble.

That was my last thought as Emmy and I ran out of the room to try and find a safe place to hide from our mates.


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