The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 22

I'm so screwed

I thought as I ran across the halls of the palace trying to find a good hiding spot far far away from Dimitri. I just hope Emmy could find a good hiding place as well. Victor received the most damage over the pranks so he'll moat likely be very angry as well.

Suddenly I heard a loud growl from the hallway behind me, the sound coming from my furious mate and I cursed loudly.

Where am I supposed to hide?!?!

Coming across the staircase as I was running, I quickly sprinted down down them, trying not to trip over any steps so I wouldn't face plant and consequently be caught by the devil.

Now on the second floor of the palace, I looked around to try and find a good place to hide in. Everywhere around me were the rooms of other warriors and pack members. I quickly stepped into a random room by lock picking it open and shut the door quietly, locking it behind me.

Looking around, I saw that it was an occupied room, filled with girly toys and dolls. The room seemed to be of a girl around 6 or 7 years old. A smile overcame my face as I noticed some of the toys that I would play with as a child. I started getting lost in my thoughts, of the fun and happy times when I still lived in England with my parents.

I miss them.

My thoughts abruptly stopped when I smelt my mate coming closer to this room through the corridors. I froze as realisation flooded me... If I could smell him passing, he might be able smell me.

The only way he couldn't, would be if this girl's scent overpowered mine which would be hard considering I'm Dimitri's mate and my scent is potent to him.

I cursed myself internally as I sat down on the pink covered bed, trying to steady my breathing and heartbeat. Listening to Dimitri's steps, I heard him slowly approach the room where I was currently in, growls escaping him every few seconds.

All of a sudden, short, loud steps were now heard, and I listened to my mate's steps stop as a much louder and enthusiastic pair of footsteps came towards this room.

The door opened and a small girl with dirty blonde curls and bright green eyes bounced inside, shutting the door behind her.

Suddenly she turned around and gasped as she noticed me. She brought her hand to her mouth in surprise and I brought my finger to my lips, trying to make sure she wouldn't give me away.

As her surprise faded away, I saw her smile to me, nod, and continue bouncing around the room.

I quietly listened as Dimitri walked further and further away from this room and I sighed loudly from my relief. A lot calmer, I turned to face the girl who was currently sitting on the floor, humming to herself and playing with her dolls.

"Thank you." I said to her and smiled kindly to her when she turned around to face me.

"It's fine. Are you playing hide and seek?" she happily replied and bounced up to stand in front of me.

"Yep. I'm hiding from my mate. I played a prank on him, and he's angry." I answered her as she sat down next to me on her bed. Her eyes widened in childlike innocence and wonder before she burst out into giggles that made me grin.

"That's funny!! I like you!! CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND!!??"

I chuckled before replying, "Of course. I can play with you for a bit if you want?"

She grinned widely at me before nodding and grabbing my arm, drawing me to her toys.


Two hours later, my cheeks were hurting from smiling and laughing so much. I had learnt that the girl's name was Izzie and that she was 7 years old. I told her in response that I was the Alpha's mate and she hugged me for a long while before saying that was a very good thing as she supposedly liked me very much.

Both exaughsted from playing for a long time, we lay on her bed quietly staring at the ceiling.

Throughout the whole time that we were playing, Dimitri had passed the room three times, each time we would quieten down, and each time I heard his anger grow from not being able to find me.

After a few minutes of us laying on Izzie's bed, I stood up and stretched my muscles.

"I'm going to have to go now, Izzie, but I promise I'll see you another time, okay?"

"Ohhhh OKAYYY!!" Izzie replied and led me out of the room. Hugging, we said goodbye before I slowly walked down the corridor and down the stairs.

I reached the bottom floor and exhaled. The maids and pack members were walking around, focused on their business and didn't notice me as I slipped out of the palace. Looking around, only a few people were simoly roaming, so I decided to walk around as I had no form of communication to be able to talk to Emmy as I had left my phone in my room.

I hope Emmy's fine. Hopefully, she hasn't been caught, and if she has been, let's hope that Victor wasn't too bad on her.

Don't worry she hasn't been caught yet, though it seems they are close to it. I can feel her wolf still excited and nervous. My wolf Lina told me when she felt my agitation.

How can you even feel her wolf?

I asked my wolf since we aren't part of the pack, so we don't have the mindlink. The warriors only become part of the pack once we have finished the training. Also, I haven't been marked either so I'm not part of the part or the official Luna of it.

Our wolves connected to become friends too when you spent so much time together.

Oh okay, that's cool. Is there any chance you could tell me where she is as well?

No, if that could work Dimitri would have used his wolf already to find you since you have a bigger connection to him than Emmy even if you haven't marked or mated each other yet.

That's good I guess.

I heard my wolf start laughing loudly inside my head. Definitely. I can feel his rage and frustration. I personally loved the pranks, well done!

I grinned as I remembered Dimitri's expression at the glitter bombs and the air horns. Lina faded to back of my mind as I relaxed and strolled the gardens.

I stopped in surprise when a twig snapped a few metres behind me. Smelling the air, my mate's intoxicating scent filled my nose as I froze.

"Tsk Tsk Tsk, naughty mate." Dimitri chided in a dark tone, lengthening the words behind me as he came closer and closer to me as I felt the sudden urge to run for my life.

Don't run yet. Wait till he's close and do something to surprise him and then run. You'll have a better chance to escape him then.

I felt my mate approach me, his body shaking from anger behind me. Feeling his breath on my neck, I suppressed a shiver and waited for the right moment to run.

"I have been looking for you for a long time, mate. What you did to me was very naughty." I couldn't stop the shiver that wracked my body this time as his words escaped him mouth and sent tingles up my skin.

"Well..." I retorted as I turned around to face him, "I didn't like how you've been using our bond to get answers from me." I leaned closer to him and smashed my lips onto his. The action surprised him as he was still for a few moments before Dimitri was kissing me back and wrapping his thick arms around me.

Before the kiss could get any deeper and I wouldn't be able to stop, I pushed myself out of his hold and ran for my life into the woods that were to the left of us.

My mate's growl echoed loudly as he realised I had tricked him and was now running. His thudding footsteps echoed as he came closer and closer to me as I sprinted deeper and deeper into the woods, neither of us shifting into our wolf forms.

My body was suddenly thrown to floor as he jumped on me. On the last second, he twisted our bodies so I would land on him and not the other way around.

Dimitri groaned as he felt the impact of the fall but kept his arms around me tightly. I groaned in response and banged my head on his firm chest from defeat and irritation at being caught.

"I'm always going to catch you, my little runaway mate. ALWAYS."

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