The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 23

I rolled my eyes at him but felt my heart flutter inside of me from his words.

Dimitri sat up and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling him. "You've been very naughty, Lexie."

I rolled my eyes once again as I placed my head onto his shoulder but chuckled as soon as I saw that he was completely covered in pink glitter. He grunted as he realised what I was amused about.

"I won't be able to get this glitter out of my hair or clothes for weeks!!" Dimitri whined and my grin grew.

"You're fault, sparkly mate."

"What?? How is it MY fault? And don't call me that!!!"

"You were too damn controlling and demanding. You got what you deserved."

He grunted in response and after a minute of comfortable silence whispered a low "Sorry."

I picked my head off his shoulder to look at him and saw him relaxed as he sat comfortably against a tree trunk with his eyes shut. Smiling, I kissed his cheek and he looked down, opening his eyes, to me softly and had an unknown look in his eyes.

His eyes suddenly turned mischievous and he pulled my impossibly closer while smirking. "That's not a proper kiss." Dimitri said and held me by the elbow lightly.

I smirked in response and leaned towards him. Dimitri closed his eyes, awaiting a kiss as I leant down to whisper into his ear, "Only good boys get kisses." I sprang off him as soon as I said it and laughed loudly at his shocked expression.

I winked at him as he looked up at me, frustrated but playful.

"Oh really?" He said smirking as he rose up to stand.

I nodded my head and took a small step back as he stood at his towering height only a meter or two in front of where I was standing.

"Well...The big bad wolf wants his kiss from his mate...and he always manages to catch her so he'll give her a ten second head start. Good luck, little mate, I ALWAYS catch you. That's a promise and a threat." Dimitri said smirking and I grinned at him cheekily before sprinting off to a random direction.


I sprant through the thick trees laughing.


I switched directions as I wove through the trees so it wouldn't be as easy to catch me.


I kept running trying to get as much distance between as I have had first hand experience knowing he was very fast.


I shivered at the dark and mischievous tone which grew each time he went down a number.


I began to panic as I realised with his immense speed, he'd catch up to me quickly even if I was around 3/4 of a mile ahead of him now.


I looked around for a place to be able to hide and found a large tree that could hide me in its branches.


Reaching for the lower branch, I pulled myself up and began climbing the tree as quickly as possible.


I climbed further and further trying to find a suitable spot where I would be able to see him but he wouldn't be able to see me.


I found a spot and settled down, peering down to the grass floor.


A shiver spiked through my spine as his voice was amused and I could practically see his dark smirk from here.

"Here I come, mate. Be ready." He shouted before total silence encompassed the forest and I sat as still as possible trying to not make a noise.

A few minutes passed and I grew extremely anxious. No doubt he had already found me and was trying to make me come out myself by waiting me out.

Without making a noise, I moved some branchs and looked down to try and find Dimitri's figure.

"Looking for me?" I felt his breathe on my shoulder as he whispered into my ear and laid a light kiss onto my shoulder.

I shivered and jumped slightly from surprise and from the feeling he was giving me. Unconsciously, I tilted my head to the side, allowing him more space to kiss me.

He stopped as he laid a final kiss on my cheek and swivelled me around to face him.

"Told you I would always catch you." Dimitri said and laid a quick kiss on the edge of my mouth making my heart skip a beat. I hummed in response as I gazed at his face. How did I get so lucky?

We sat in each other's arms in comfortable silence for a little while, my head on his shoulder and his chin on my head, the birds were singing and a lake could be faintly heard in the background.

"Lexie...." I heard Dimitri say nervously.

"Hmm?" Replying, I didn't move from how I was sat.

" see..."

"Sparkly mate, I didn't know that you, the so called scary and emotionless 'Alpha King' would be so stuttering scared to say something to his mate. Tut Tut Tut. Such a little-" I chided, amused as he couldn't tell me what he wanted to say.

I was cut off as he growled and shut me up by placing his lips onto mine, effectively stopping my blatant teasing.

The sparks once again flew and I sank further into his embrace as our lips moved in sync.

Sadly, the moment ended as we both pulled apart, out of breathe. Dimitri took a deep breathe before starting to speak again.

"My parents are coming to visit today in the evening and will be staying here for a few days before they settle back into their house. They would like to meet you."

I raised my eyebrow slightly. "And why were you worried about telling me that, sparkly mate?" His eyes narrowed at the nickname but he seemingly relaxed from his tense position as I didn't reply negatively.

"You're fine with meeting them?"

"Yesss...why wouldn't I?"

"Well they would know who you are and what pack you used to be in. I'm pretty sure my dad was good friends with your father as well."

"Oh." I replied but shrugged after a moment.

We stayed in the tree for a few more hours talking about random, harmless things, intent on finding out as much as we could about each other.

Walking hand in hand, we approached the palace. As we neared it, I suddenly remembered about Emmy and hoped she was alright.

My track of thought was abruptly stopped as a body suddenly flung itself at me.

Thinking it was Emmy, as I was used to her jumping on me, I relaxed and looked up at the body which had me in a firm grip as I lay on the ground.

I gulped as I saw an unfamiliar face that was grinning sinisterly as it stared down at me.


I glared at him and wondered how it even got this far into the territory of the royal pack. It's stink was very noticeable.

The rouge pulled me up from the ground with enough force on my arm to bruise me. Looking around the man, I saw Dimitri fighting three other rouge's at the same time.

My pride grew as I saw him obviously winning and clearly overpowering all of them.

I froze as I felt a sharp, cold metal placed against my throat as Dimitri finished off all of the rouge's that had attacked him.

Dimitri turned around and began shaking with anger as he saw me in the arms of a rouge that had a knife pressed into me. His eyes grew black as he growled loudly, showing his sheer power and dominanace.

The rouge's hand which was holding me around my waist to keep me still shook in slight fear for a short moment before he reigned it in.

"Let. Her. Go!!" Dimitri spat through his teeth and clenched his fists tightly.

All at once, I saw serveral figures emerge out of the forest.

One two three...five...eight...twelve.

Twelve rouge's slowly approached and I was greatly tempted to scrunch up my nose in disgust at the overwhelming smell.

Well this is going to be fun.

I thought as I roughly elbowed the rouge holding me and grinned savagely as everyone began fighting.

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