The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 24

The rouge which had previously held me stumbled back from my jab, allowing me to roundhouse kick him to the face. He fell to the floor from the force of my hit and blood dripped down his face. Using his confusion and dizziness to my aid, I put him into head lock and waiting till he lost his conscious.

Leaving him behind I joined my mate in fighting the rouges. We went back to back as serveral rouges tried to attack us but not any successfully landed any blows as our defense and attack was in sync. We would attack and turn around to the right. Defend and turn. Neither of us taking it to the extreme and killing them.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed our guards come running out of the palace and join in on the fighting or catching the ones that were trying to flee.

I punched the rouge across the jaw and heard a loud cracking noise. Cringing at the sound, I still continued punching at any enemy that was coming in front of me or anywhere near me.

Soon, most of the rouges were on the floor, close to loosing consciousness or were completely knocked out. All of them with bloody injuries, staining their clothes red. The guards took them all, dragging them by their hair towards where our jail cells were.

I turned around to face Dimitri with a satisfied grin as he turned around as well. Placing my arms around his neck, I kissed his cheek.

Rising onto my toes, I whispered into his ear, "We make an awesome team."

He returned my grin and winked.

"We do." Dimitri replied and we stared into each others eyes, lost in the moment.

A loud cough broke our gaze and we looked to see who it was. Standing there was an older version of Dimitri who I guessed was his father. He had the same dark hair and face features whilst Dimitri got his blue eyes from his mum. Next to him was his mother, she was taller than me and had straight blonde hair and dimples as she smiled at me.

"Dad, mum meet Lexie and Lexie meet my parents." Dimitri introduced us and I smiled at them. His mum stepped forward and hugged me tight.

"Call me Lily or mum if you would like. I've always wanted a daughter. And that's Alek, my husband." She let go and Dimitri's dad stepped forward to bring me into a hug as well. Once he let go he introduced himself as Aleksej or Alek for short. I smiled at them as I took Dimitri's hand in mine.

We all began to walk the palace and the men began talking about what had just transpired with the rouges. Lily slid in next to me and smiled warmly.

I followed the others inside the office and we all sat down on the seats with Dimitri behind the desk. The silence enveloped us and I began fidgeting with the ends of my top.

"So tell me more about you, Alex, wait is it alright if I call you Alex?" Lily broke the silence and gazed at me.

"Yeah it's fine... Well name's Alexandra Darkblood and I'm 18. I recently just moved here and joined the royal guard training which is where Dimitri found me."

His parents froze as they heard my last name which seemed to affect so many people. Whilst Dimitri narrowed his eyes playfully at the 'found me', I gladly missed the bit about me running from him.

"D-Darkb-blood?" Lily stuttered and looked at me with wide eyes.

"Uh... yep."

"Oh goddess."

I awkwardly smiled and bit my lip nervously. Turning around I faced Alek to see what his reaction was.

Aleksej was studying me, after a few moments he seemed satisfied and smiled at me.

"I can see the resemblance. You look so much like your dad but your mum's features are evident on your face as well. I wonder how I didn't notice it before. How are they? Are they alright?"

I felt my cheeks heat up, I missed my parents and haven't really been speaking to them lately. Guilt filled me and I promised myself that I would call them later when I had the chance.

"My parents are alright. They've settled in in America and are living quite happily. My dad helps out with the Alpha business there and basically runs it. How do you know them?"

"Me and your dad, Charles, are best friends. We met as children and stayed really close over the years. We call each other as often as possible but unfortunately I haven't been able to call him lately, the last time was maybe a month ago? Anyway, I met Kate, your mum, when your dad first met her too. It seemed like love at first sight. I'm so happy for them."

I grinned at him, Dimitri's dad had talked with such joy about my parents it made me happy.

After that, Lily starting talking about casual topics and I grew to love her care-free attitude and personality. She talked about some of Dimitri's childhood and each time I would grin and laugh at the moments in which he had embarrassed himself or ruined high amounts of different things. Meanwhile the boys were talking to each other quite casually as well, none of them ready to breach the more serious subjects so the mood would not be dampened.

Some hours later, Lily and Aleksej left to go to their guest room after saying goodbye to us and promising to meet again.

Me and Dimitri walked out of the office, hand in hand but were abruptly stopped as Victor came rushing towards us with a large grin on his face.

They became talking quickly in Russian, evidently not knowing I could understand it. I rolled my eyes at them and listened in.

"Теперь Емми сидит одна в своей комнате после я её наказал, но она сказала што она больше так не будет делать. А што ты будешь делать с Александрай?" Victor asked and I smirked.

(Now Emmy's sitting alone in her own room after I punished her, but she said that she will not do that again. What will you do with Alexandra?)

"Я ещо не знаю, но я сделаю это в нашей комнате, может быть я буду напугать её както или я не дам ей её сладостей, я спрачу их под кровать пока она не спросит прощения, она любит свой еду."

(I don't know yet, but I will do it in our room, maybe I will scare her somehow or I won't give her her sweets, I'll hide them under the bed until she asks for forgiveness, she loves her food.)

I smiled widely as I realised I knew his plan. It would be funny to outplay him, knowing what he will do.

We walked inside the room moments later and I went inside the bathroom, waiting for him to carry out his plan which I will turn around.

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