The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 25

My mind raced as I slid out of the bathroom's window and stepped onto the small legde which ran through the entire length of the castle. My plan consisted of getting away from my mate before turning the tables around onto him.

Scaling the building, I gulped as I saw the tall drop to the ground. My fingers gripped on harder to the ledge above me as I increased my speed.

Thunderous heartbeats echoed into my head as I reached for the window to slide in slowly inside the room behind ours where Dimitri was currently planning my demise.

Now standing safely on the floor of the messy office, which was the only other room situated on this floor. I gulped as I realised I had forgotten where most of the glitter bombs were located, making it a large chance that I might set one off.

It was quite obvious where they had already been set off but I knew there were still quite a few left.

I thought back to earlier on the day and remembered that me and Emmy set up a back up plan which consisted of the the non glitter bomb tiles placed in the form of hop-scotch going around through the room, opposite the second window from the right wall.

My lips formed grin as I followed the formation of our back up and reached the end of the room.

I opened the door quietly and shut it behind. Running down the stairs, I sprant across the halls and went inside a random room to get some water. Satisfied with my bucket full of ice cold water (I had found the bucket in one of the cleaning rooms in the hallway), I walked out of the room and back up the stairs.

No doubt, Dimitri would have stopped scheming and started to get suspicious with my silence inside the bathroom by now. I bit my lip as I approached the door and leaned in to try and figure out what my mate was currently up to.

Hearing ruckus coming from inside the bathroom, I quietly snuck into our bedroom and walked to where the noise was coming from.

I steadied my hands as I walked, trying to make the water not make much noise as it moved around. Reaching to where Dimitri was standing, I saw him facing the other way, his back to me. The loud noise I heard a minute before seemed to have come from the broken bathroom door which which now lay on the floor, broken.

As quickly and quietly as possible, I approached Dimitri holding up my bucket of water, ready to throw it at him.

My presence had finally been felt by him as he started to turn around but it was too late. I tipped over the bucket and watched as the cold water dripped down his body. He fully turned around to face me which shock shown in his eyes before a large sinister smirk played onto his lips.

I shivered as I saw his expression and I took a large step back, blatantly nervous.

Damnnn I shouldn't have done that!! I knew I would already get something from the glitter bombs and I just made it worse.

I grinned nervously as he took a step towards me and as I stood still and stiff.

"Why did you do that?" He asked, with a dark tone laced into his words.

My grin faltered as I bit my lip. His eyes followed it's movement and stayed there for a few moments before he rose his eyes again to look straight at me.

Rising his eyebrow, he waited for a response.

"I-Urgh-I wanted-d to get you washed and clean from the glitter?" I stuttered and asked unsure, not ready to tell him that I knew he was planning to do something to me.

His eyes sparkled mischievously as he took another step towards me, leaving only a small slither of space between our bodies.

"You're going to regret that, I promise you." My face scrunched up in confusion before realisation dawned upon me and with horror I registered what he planned to do. My eyes widened in fear and I shook my head violently, repeatedly saying 'sorry'.

Dimitri's grin grew as he took a step forward and threw me over his shoulder as I tried to escape him.

Swaying side to side as he walked, my head began to feel dizzy as Dimitri walked down the stairs to the bottom floor. My heart beat rose as I gulped loudly. We began approaching the pool when I started to try escape my mate's strong grip on my body by thrashing around in his arms, desperate to be released.

"No Dimitri! PLEASE, NO!! DIMITRIII!!! " I begged as he reached the corner of the pool.

He just chuckled in reply and flung me over the shoulder. I flew in the air for less than a moment before splashing into the water loudly.

Coming up from the bottom, I gulped in lots of air, before moving my drenched hair out of my face to look up to him.

He stood there above me with a smug look on his face. I scowled.

"Whattt?" He asked faking innocence.

My eyebrow raised at the question which had an obvious answer.

"I just wanted to wash you, Lexie." My scowl deepened as I rolled my eyes at him.

After a few moments I relaxed and replied. "Fine, I deserved that anyway." Quite clearly agreeing with my statement, he smiled in accomplishment and gave me hand to pull me out of the pool.

His eyes slid down my frame and looked at every inch of me which was currently covered in drenched clothes that were blatantly sticking to me like second skin.

Taking my hand, we walked back up the stairs and ignored the warriors that were staring at both of our drenched clothes. As we neared the top floor, we heard a loud giggle.

Turning around, I saw the girl that I had met earlier on the day and had had hid in her room from Dimitri. The small girl's bright green eyes shone as she looked at us. I smiled warmly at her.

"Hey Izzie." I said and nudged Dimitri for him to say something.

"Hello, little child." He said, almost emotionless and I shook my head at his response.


Izzie didn't seem to mind his closed-off attitude as she grinned at both us and waved. Coming closer to were we stood, she once again giggled as she saw our state.

"What happened to you both?" Izzie said as she bounced, her blonde curls following her movement.

"Your friend over here, Lexie, has been very naughty so she got a fitting consequence." He replied and gave Izzie a small smile.

She giggled in response and gave me a 'thumbs up'. I grinned in response and winked at her.

"I have to go now, Mama said that I have to got bed soon. BYEEEEE!!!" Izzie shouted and hugged us both before skipping back down to her room, not even letting us have enough time to reply to her.

"She seems...happy? And nice?" Dimitri said uncertainly as I looked up at him and smiled, nodding.

"Yeah, she's amazing. I hid in her room when you were looking for me after the prank."

His eyes glimmered darkly at the mention of the prank before he looked shocked.

"You hid with her, down here? I thought I had smelt your scent around this hallway." Dimitri said as we walked up the last set of stairs and reached our bedroom.

I smiled and walked inside our room which was now clear of any mess, however the bathroom door was now propped up against the wall, making the room quite visible from certain areas of the bedroom.

I plopped down onto the bed and layed down before looking up at Dimitri and smiling.

"What am I to do with you, Lexie?" He sighed and layed down next to me, cuddling me and placing his face into my neck. My arms went around him as I pulled him closer against me.


To all the readers, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this book, commenting and leaving reviews. I love you all so much...thank you for all of the attention given towards my book.

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