The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 26

We had decided to skip dinner and just ask for the cook to bring up some pizza for us after he fed the others downstairs.

Laying around, we watched some random shows on the flat screen television opposite the bed as we waited for the food to arrive, our bodies still tangled together.

In the middle of laughing, a knock sounded through the room and Dimitri disentangled himself from me to open the door.

The sweet aroma of food drifted towards me as he took the large pizza on a plate in his hands before he thanked the person behind the door and shut it. Swiveling around to face me, his lips twitched into a small smirk as he began approaching where I was eagerly sat against the headboard.

My stomach made grumbling sounds as Dimitri finally placed the pizza down on the bed and I heard his husky chuckle as he shook his head at me. I stuck my tongue out at him in reply and happily dug in into the delicious food.

As we settled back into bed once we had finished our food, I finally remembered that I had wanted to call my parents for a while now.

Climbing out of the bed, Dimitri noticed my movements and shot out his arm to pull my body towards his. Landing on his bare chest, I blushed and tried to pull away from his tight grip.

From the grin which was currently on my mate's face I was guessing he enjoyed my obvious fluster as I felt his firm muscles press into me.

"No Dimitri let me gooo." I sulked as I failed to get put of his grip for the fifth time as he laid there relaxed, smirking at my attempts to get myself out of his hold. His lip slightly posted as he shook his head in response and somehow pulled me even close to him than before. With no existent space between us, he wrapped his arms around me and grinned at my expression.

"Pleaseee." Begging, I gave him my best puppy dog eyes which he returned with a blank stare as he shook his head once again.

"Nope. You stay here. In my arms." He grinned and tugged me further up his arms so my face had only a miniscule distance away from his.

"Forever." He added after a moment and seemed satisfied as he continued to gaze into my eyes.

Rolling my eyes, I bit my lip anxiously as I tried to think of a way to get out of his arms. I regretted the action straight after as I watched Dimitri's eyes darken and focus on my lips. Leaning up, he smashed his lips on mine and began kissing me passionately. Unable to hold back, I kissed him back just as fiercely and felt his arms unwrap from around me as he placed one around my waist and the other in my hair. Drunk from the kiss, I forgot about everything else except the feel of his soft lips move against mine.

His tongue probed my lips asking for permission to roam my mouth and I greedily allowed it before we began fighting for dominance. Moments later, he flipped our positions around and took full control of my mouth as I moved in pleasure. His groan followed soon after.

A little while later, we separated and took deep breathes. I gave him a small smile before pushing him off me so he could lay next to me. Noticing his distracted happy state, I used it to my advantage and quickly stood up from the bed to run to where my phone was placed.

Scrolling through my contacts, I decided to call my mum instead of dad incase he was helping out with the pack. I selected her contact and pressed the phone to my ear.

"Oh look who it is. Some dear DAUGHTER who hasn't called her parents or contacted them in a long time. I wonder who it is." My mother's voice spoke from the phone and I chuckled. Looking up, I watched as Dimitri furrowed his eyebrows as he realised I wasn't sat next to him.

"I'm so sorry mum. I was just so busy. You already know how I ran away after I had found my mate. Well-"

"AH YES! That was the last you contacted us! I still do believe you could have just told him and not ran way. You know I really want some grandkids." Her voiced talked through the phone as she cut me off and Dimitri's form began approaching where I was stood. His eyes gleamed as he heard the mention of us having children and he winked at me before grabbing my waist to place his chin on my shoulder.

"Yes I know mum. That's what I wanted to tell you. Dimitri found me and I'm now back at his pack."

"OHH MYY GODESSS!!!! THANK YOUUU!!! YASSS I WILL FINALLY HAVE SOME GRAND-CHILDREN AND BE A COOL GRANNY!!!" Dimitri chuckled and hugged me tighter to him as I winced at how loud she had shouted into my ear.

"MUMMM!!!" I yelled back embarrassed and face palmed.

"What?! I'm bored over here, okay!"

I let out a small chuckle and rested into Dimitri's arms which gave me comfort. "I also really missed you and dad. Where is he anyway?"

"Dad should be here any seco-" she cut her self off and we heard the sound of a door shutting in the background. "CHARLESSSS COME HERE, OUR UNGRATEFUL DAUGHTER HAS FINALLY CALLED US!!!" I heard her shout and I rolled my eyes playfully.

"Lexie? My little pumpkin?" My dad's loving voice came through the phone as he called me by the nickname he gave me when I was four and I grinned happily.

"Yeah hi dad. I've missed you both so much!!!"

"Oh goddess! It really is you! We've all really missed you so much too..." I heard my mother fill him in on the news of me and Dimitri before we all talked for another hour with Dimitri talking to my parents too.

Dropping the call, I gave my mate a wide smile and pecked his cheek. "My parents really seem to have liked you." I said and placed my arms around his neck, his warm arms still around my waist.

"Yeah. They did. I'm still shocked our parents know each other and are such good friends." I nodded, silently agreeing with him as we settled back in into our bed as we leant against the headboard with my head on his shoulder.

Laying in comfortable silence watching the TV, Dimitri broke it by asking the question which had my lips quirking up.

"Why does your dad call you pumpkin? Is it just a nickname or is there a story behind it?"

"No there's a story. He thought of it when I was four. I was quite a energetic child and would ran around the house like I was on drugs, no one was able to catch me, let alone stop me. It was Halloween at the time and my mum had only just came back from the shop with a large pumpkin which was the same size as me, a small four year old. Anyway, for some reason I had not seen the pumpkin as I bounded down the stairs and so I landed straight into it, somehow breaking through its skin. Hearing the loud noise as I fell when I landed inside, my parents ran to where I was and found me deep inside the pumpkin, playing with the seeds. I sat there blissfully and delighted. From then on, my dad has called me his pumpkin."

By the time I had finished with my story, Dimitri had started cracking up and letting out loud laughs, causing me to join in. We laughed together for a few minutes before calming down considerably and staring at each other with contented smiles.

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