The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 27

It was midday as I walked alone around the palace grounds after our training session. Dimitri and I were strolling through the gardens casually talking when he remembered about half an hour ago that he had to deal with pack matters which he had kept avoiding and had left me with a promise to see me later at dinner.

Our relationship had definitely gotten better than before, both of us totally trusting the other. A smile graced my face as I thought of all the memories which we had traded about our childhood to each other.

Autumn was clearly approaching as I watched an amber leaf slowly drift down to the ground where there was already a small file forming under the colossal tree. A breeze caressed my skin and I shivered as I smelt the aroma of the woods. The wonderful smell had always brought peace upon me since I was a little child.

Straying from the path which I had been currently walking through, I wandered into the thick woods on my left. I skimmed my fingers through the rough skin of the trees that I passed by with a slight smile on my face. A sudden laugh escaped my lips abruptly as a butterfly flew lightly in front of me.

I placed my arms around myself to keep myself warm as I walked deeper into the forest which had gotten considerably colder the further I roamed away from the safety of the path.

Gazing up, I admired the way in which the branches of the tree practically smothered the light of the late afternoon sun, not completely allowing it to pass through it's thick layers but let in enough to see the area that surrounding me.

The quiet and mystery of the forest had always kept me fascinated when I was younger and it still did now. I grinned at the peaceful feeling which had settled, encompassing me and closed my eyes shut.

Moments later, the loud crunching of leaves near me startled me as my eyes flew open and I turned around to try and locate the sound or person that made it.

Suddenly, I felt an immense pain to my head as something was bashed against it. Swiftly stepping back and turning back, I saw a rouge grinning savagely at me.

I raised my eyebrow at him before my eyes looked down to the bat which he has hit me with. Anticipating the next attack, I saw the rouge launch it's body at me and I roughly punched him in the gut before he could hurt me.

The rouge spit in my direction in anger before shouting murderously, "You'll regret that, Princess. I was sent to only deliver you a message but now I'll kick your ass too."

I snorted in amusement in response and rolled my eyes. "And what is this message?"

He passed me a small note card and I read it quickly before putting into my back pocket knowing he could use my distraction to attack me again.

Dear Alexandra,

My little princess, beware beware for we are coming for your lovely self. You know you only belong to me.

I may not have been able to capture you once before, but I will now.

With love, your soon to be mate.

Determination and anger settled in as I realised the person which had sent me this was the one which had attacked my birth pack.

I growled at the rouge and saw him close into me again so I kicked out and threw punches that landed onto his now bleeding face and bruised body. Some of his blows had also landed on me but nowhere near as many as I had, leaving cuts on me.

As his body fell to the ground from unconsciousness, three more rouges approached me growling before they attacked me, obviously not expecting their partner to not be laying on the floor.

I cursed loudly before sending punches and kicks out to their bodies.

One of them took out a knife and tried to stab me. I moved out of the way in time and he only managed to cut into my arm leaving the blood to gush out the deep wound.

Wincing, I forced myself to ignore it and try take out the rest of the rouges. My eyes settled onto one of the rouges and watched as he once again threw himself at me, slashing his knife out. Moving out the way in the last second, the rouge stumbled in surprise before I roundhouse kicked him and he fell the floor. Kicked him once more, he sliced into unconsciousness.

Two more to go.

I faced the next attacker as he landed a harsh punch to my gut. Trying not to bend over in pain, I blocked the next punch and in return punched him in the jaw. The other rouge approached me from behind as I continued to fight and took me in surprise as he kicked out.

I stumbled back, trying to face them so I could see them both and grabbed the first one by his long blonde hair as he neared me once again and kneed him in the face before thrusting him into the other rouge.

They both lost balance and fell to the ground. I grabbed the knife from the floor and stabbed the blondie in the gut. I watched as his eyes widened in shock before his eyes rolled back.

Taking the knife out of him, the last rouge finally stood up and tried to attack me. I blocked it and flipped him. Kneeling down, I stabbed him in the same place.

Exaughsted, I fell onto my butt and looked around me. The grass was covered in blood as four rouges layed there, half of them dead. Rising up after a few moments, I stabbed the remaining two not wanting them to escape as by the time I would reach the palace, my exhaustion and wounds would most likely take over me.

I dropped the knife down to the ground and began walking in the direction in which I had entered the forest. My vision was shaky as I tried to not pass out as black dots flitted past my sight.

After a dreadfully long time of me dragging myself through the immense gardens, I finally got the door.

Dimitri's POV

I paced around the dining room space as I waited for Lexie to come back home. Dinner had started just little over an hour ago and she was no where to be seen or heard. My wolf had been on edge ever since this morning, almost anticipating that something bad would occur today which left me nervous about why she was missing.

My worry had increased as Emmy told me that no one had heard from my mate after the training session. She didn't run did she?

No. We had finally gained some ground in our relationship, she wouldn't run from me now.

Or would she?


"Oi Dimitri, sit down, you're going to wear the carpet from all your pacing. Don't worry. She hasn't ran away again, and she never will. Now lets just hope nothing bad has happened to her." Victor said to me pulling me out of my thoughts and patted my shoulder trying to offer me some comfort.

"That's all we can do anyway, your pacing and growling at anyone who approaches you isn't going to help the situation." Emmy's soft voice added in and I sighed in frustration before sitting down roughly on a chair.

After over twenty minutes, my fists where clenched tight as my wolf threatened to come out and search for my mate.

The only reason we didn't go searching for her straight away was because of Emmy who suggested that maybe Alexandra wanted some peace and quiet alone and lost track of time. It was however becoming quite obvious that that is not what had happened.

I suddenly stood up and accidently startled a pack member who didn't expect any movement from me. "That's it. I'm going to find her." I growled loudly, my eyes probably pitch black, threatening anyone to go against me.

Everyone moved away from me as I went by them and neared the doors when they suddenly flew open with a loud crash.

I was ready to growl at the intruder when I noticed that it was my mate.

She stumbled in through the doors as blood dripped down from her head, her already healing arms and legs also letting out the blood from large scratches which where littered throughout her whole body.

My wolf and I growled at the amount of injuries on her as thoughts of how it could have happened flew past my mind.

She lifted her head and met my gaze straight on with a grim smile. "Sorry I'm late. How was dinner?" She said with no emotion in her voice before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fell to the floor, unconscious.

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