The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 28

Third Person POV

Dimitri's heart froze in utter shock as he caught her flailing body just as she was about to hit the ground.

His eyes slid over her, examining her injured body. Her arms and legs were coated in blood and gore, almost all of the wounds pouring out the warm, crimson liquid. Moving her hair out of her face, Dimitri flinched as he took in the thick gash on her forehead that looked like something straight out of a horror movie.

In the background, wails and shouts were heard but all Dimitri could focus on was his mate's body in tatters underneath him.

Emily collapsed into Victor as she watched her best friend slowly lose blood.

What the hell had happened?

The thought was racing through everyone's minds as they all stared in equal shock at the scene ahead of them. After a few tense moments, bounding steps were heard coming from the hallway.

Several people turned around to see the frantic parents of Dimitri approach the horror scene, already expecting the worst after hearing brief words from the guards.

Aleksej took a deep breathe in before ordering ten warriors to go out into the forests to try and see what had occurred. Everyone would be seeking answers soon after they escaped from their stupor.

The doctor had finally appeared and stepped up behind Dimitri informing him of his presence; not wanting an enraged male mate attacking him for approaching his injured mate.

Dimitri growled at the intrusion, his wolf on the verge of outbreak.

Who dared to come up to his female while she was weak?!

His eyes were a bottomless pit of blackness as he rose his glare towards the male that dared to approach his mate. Only he could touch her, he thought as he carefully lifted his mate onto his lap.

The doctor visibly froze and took a step back from the unconscious, battered body that lay on the Alpha's lap. He knew better than to anger the male right now.

Aleksej shook his head as he saw his son's obvious distress and anger. If Dimitri wouldn't calm down soon, he would undoubtedly lash out and harm someone. He could see that his son's blindsiding anger wasn't allowing anyone to help Alexandra. Aleksej slowly lowered himself down to ground, crouching down next to his shaking son.

"Come on Dimitri, let the doctor examine her. Lexie needs help and she cannot be helped if you do not allow anyone to stop the flow of blood. Do you want her to die out on you?"

Dimitri let out a loud, guttural growl at the mention of his mate dieing and after a moment, he nodded to the doctor giving him the sign that he could now approach his female.

Having now finally received permission, the doctor set about to do his job. He laid out his instruments near his future Luna and began examining her body to see where the biggest injuries were.

------- 2 hours later-------

After a long and stressful two hours, everyone had finally settled down in Lexie's room, watching her slow breaths. Dimitri was settled down on a chair beside his mate's bed, his head against the curve of her waist and hand holding hers. Everyone else was sat scattered around the room, their features displaying their worry for the pale girl laying on the hospital bed.

Suddenly, the door crashed open and bashed against the wall leaving a small dent catching everyone's attention as heads rose to look at the intruder.

Standing at the entrance was an out of breath guard with wide amazed eyes.

"She-" the guard cut himself off as he took in a deep breathe before starting again.

"Our Luna fought of multiple rouges, leaving them all extremely beat up and dead. We believe that Alexandra must have been attacked deep inside the forest. All of the rouges looked ten times worse than even her condition when she first came in. I...I...She is amazing, her combat skills are astonishing!"

Dimitri's lips twitched up slightly as he looked proudly towards Lexie. Leaning down, he kissed her cheek and whispered lowly, "I'm so proud of you. Please don't leave me." He then stood up from his previous seat and thanked the guard that still looked stunned. This seemed to wake him and everyone else up from their fascination as the guard nodded towards his Alpha and walked out of the room.

The ring of Aleksej's phone broke the silence that was practically ingrained within that hospital room. He took it out of his pocket and looked at the phone ID.

On the screen was a picture from years ago with him and Lexie's dad, Charles, on a trip just before they became Alphas. Aleksej sighed before stepping outside answering the call from the undoubtedly worried parent.

"Hello?" he voiced and waited for the onslaught of questions.

"Is she okay? How is she? She's not dead is she? Please answer me. Oh goddess, what if she's dead-" the mix of two voices were heard from the phone, both of Alexandra's parents anxious to know more about her condition.

"NO! No! Lexie is not dead, she is going to be fine. She's not awake yet but she is healing and will get better soon. Alexandra was attacked by multiple rouges and managed to kill them all by herself. You should be proud of her. We all are."

Obvious sighs of relief were heard from the phone as the news of Lexie's health was known. "You promise she's going to be okay? Do we need to fly over there?" Kate asked.

"Yes I promise that she will be fine. In fact, the doctors said she should be awake by tomorrow and if not, definitely the day after. Neither of you need to fly over here, she wasn't too injured, she had quite a loss of blood from her injuries but that was fixed and her wounds were stitched up. She will be fine."

"Okay. Thank you. Thank you for being there and thank you for informing us. Please arrange a call to us when she wakes up, Alek." Charles inquired quietly.

"Of course. Do you need anything else?"

"No thank you. We just need to rest and calm down. Goodbye."

"Bye." Aleksej repeated and ended the phone call. Not wanting to go back into the tense room, he heaved a heavy breath before leaning against the wall.

Inside, Emmy had stopped crying and lifted herself from Victor's damp shoulder. She gave him a sad smile and stood up to walk over to Lexie.

"Get better soon and come back to us." She whispered into her ear before nodding her head towards the door, signaling for Victor to leave with her.

Lily saw that she was the only one left apart the couple so she stood up and said goodbye to her son, Dimitri, before leaving the room to find her husband. As she stepped out, she found him on the wall outside and walked to him.

"Come on, lets leave. Everyone else has already left." Aleksej nodded and took his hand in hers. Looking deep into her eyes, he quietly said, "I love you."

Lily smiled and placed her palm on his cheek. "I love you too." Together, the older couple left the hospital planning to return in the morning.


As everyone left the room, Dimitri smiled grimly at his mate before getting up to lay next to Lexie on the hospital bed. He slid in beside her slowly and carefully, desperate to not hurt her.

"Come back to me, Lexie. I want to see your sparkling eyes, your happy smile, your everything. I love you. And I want to tell you. I want to tell the world. Please, just wake up." Grabbing her hand, he lowered his head to rest on her shoulder.

After a while, Dimitri's eyes began to close as his body relaxed against his mates when he felt her hand softly squeeze his.

"I love you too." Lexie whispered lowly.

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