The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 29

Darkness enveloped my senses.

Where was I?

My heart beat slow, I reached out with hand but found that I could not move or see anything. I felt paralysed I felt the panic within me rise. My mind raced as thoughts came clashing back into my brain.

The attack.

Suddenly, I felt a warm breath on my ear as someone leaned down near me. My heart raced as I thought of who it could be.

"Get better soon and come back to us." A voice whispered into my ear. A familiar voice. Come on brain, think. Think.


I had a strong urge to jump out of my skin and hug her. To jump out of the thing that was constraining me to lay unmoving. She sounded so desperate and sad.

I did this.

I lay still as emotions clouded my mind, fogging it. I wanted to wake up. I wanted to show everybody I was okay. Because I was.

Wasn't I?

The chaos within me started to dwindle as I felt the familiar sparks that always seems to calm me down.

My mate. My dear, loving mate.

"Come back to me, Lexie. I want to see your sparkling eyes, your happy smile, your everything. I love you. And I want to tell you. I want to tell the world. Please, just wake up." I felt Dimitri grab my hand as he layed himself down next to me.

My heart practically froze as I realised what he had said. Inside me, I felt a roar of happiness and love towards the one that is destined for me.

I need to wake up.

I love him.

Willing myself to even move, I grew breathless as I strained myself to do something. I had to show him I was alright. That I loved him too. He needed to know.

Slowly, I felt control seep into my bones and muscles. Bit by bit, I could feel the pins and needles rise up my body as I gained control of my limbs.

Squeezing my mate's hand, I whispered with all of the strength that I had left, "I love you too."

I felt his heart beat rise as he suddenly shot up from his position next to me.

"Lexie?" He whispered, as if he was almost daring himself to believe that I had replied.

My eyelids slowly cracked open as I have him a weak smile.

"Yep. Hello, Dimitri." I replied hoarsly which woke him up from his trance. Stumbling, he started sputtering words before he decided to give me a soft hug. Even as emotional and tired as he was, he still remembered and tried to keep me from being hurt.

Moving my weak arms, I circled them around his warm body as I felt him dig his nose into the side of my neck. Sparks bounced on my skin as I felt his warm breathe on me.

After a long moment, he lifted his head and kissed my jawline. I gave him a weak smile in return and grazed my fingers across his tired face.

"Come on, lay down and rest, mate." I said and pulled him down next to me.

Laying back down, he placed his head against my shoulder and wrapped his arm loosely around my waist, ensuring that I wasn't hurt from that action before softly tracing small circles on my skin, leaving behind goosebumps.

We then simply both lay exhausted in a comfortable and loving silence. My eyes started to slowly shut again when he uttered, "Say it again".

I gave out a small breathless chuckle, knowing what he meant straight away.

"I love you." With all the possible love and care I could, I whispered those words to him and burried my face into his messy hair.

Dimitri seemingly froze in wonder before he rose his head slightly and kissed me lightly on my lips. "I love you too" He responded against my lips before placing his head back into the crook of my shoulder.

With a content and happy smile, I fell asleep against my beloved mate.


"Oh my god look how cute they are together. If only they weren't in a hospital bed, would have totally taken a picture. Wait... I will anyway."

Woken up, I opened my eyes and glared at the energetic girl who stood at the base of my bed with her phone facing in my direction.

"Seriously?" I groaned at Emmy when she suddenly froze and at a comical speed threw her phone at Victor before leaping into my direction to embrace me.

Though that was not quite possible with Dimitri's large body next to me, so she pushed him out of the bed with a loud crash and hugged me as tight as she could without causing me any harm.

"HOW COULD YOU HAVE DONE THAT TO ME AGAIN?!?! YOU'RE ALWAYS LEAVING ME!!!" She practically shouted and I winced as I heard a ringing noise echo in my ears. Her body started shaking as her tears landed on my top and skin.

"I'm so sorry, Emmy. I love you. I won't do it again." I stated as I placed my arms around her.

"That's what you said last time, when you ran." She sobbed into my shoulder.

"I know, I know. I'm so sorry." I hugged her tighter before patting her on her back. She rose from against me to stand next to my bed and look at me.

Nodding, she swiftly turned and lunged at Victor like a small child and flung herself into his awaiting arms.

Looking down on the floor, I watched Dimitri groan and mumble curses as he slowly stood from his position on the most likely, cold floor. Raising my eyebrow at him, I laughed softly at his disgruntled look.

Scoffing at my obvious amusement, he rolled his eyes and sat down on a chair. "So how are you feeling?"

"Better than before." I joked and he seemed to mentally reprimand me as he gave me a sharp and harsh look.

"Fine...I'm fine. Trust me...It's probably all the drugs. Either way, I'll get better." I replied and took my hand in his, squeezing it reassuringly. He visibly relaxed and kissed my hand. "I love you."

"I love you to, Dimitri." Staring deeply into his eyes I saw the love within them that no doubt also reflected in my eyes.

"MWAHAHAHA, you lovebirds having a nice romantic time there??" Emmy intervened our staring as she skipped over to my hospital bed.

"Yup." Dimitri stated before rising from his seat and saying, "I'm going to go tell the doctors your awake and phone my parents who'll probably talk to yours."

Nodding, I dragged him down by his arm and kissed him. "Okay."

He then proceeded to leave and and left me behind with the hyper girl that I call my best friend.

"Sooooo.... I see you're getting on wayyyy better with our Alpha now..." She suggestively wiggled her eyebrows and out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Victor slowly tiptoed out of the room, no doubt scared of his energetic mate.

I chuckled before shrugging. "I guess. I mean, I'm not running away from him or anything like that anymore."

"True, true. Though you haven't for a while, have you? Nope. Cause you love himmmm...." She sang horribly and extremely loudly as she pranced around the room, waving her arms around like a madman.

Bursting out into laughter, I dragged myself further up my bed to sit and watch Emmy try to dance.

Five minutes later, Emmy was laying breathless on the floor with me still chuckling as a doctor walked in, clearly confused as he saw her on the floor in a star position.

Deciding to ignore her, he approached me and greeted me. "Hello Luna, I'm Doctor Eddie Langford and I'm just going to be checking up on your vitals and a nurse will come in later to redress your wounds. Is that okay?"

"Totally." I replied and studied the man. Dr Langford was in his late forties and had evident wrinkles of laughter around his eyes. Catching my gaze after finishing up, he gave me a warm and kind smile before bidding me goodbye.

Finally standing up as the doctor left, Emmy sprawled herself on the chair and began filling me in the recent gossip around the pack with vivid actions and faces to demonstrate.

I listened to her contently and laughed at the absurdity of some of the things other people did.

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