The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 3

I arrived at the palace and all I could do was stare.

It was sooo beautiful.

It was three stories high and stretched out long around the front garden. It had silver walls with columns and had many windows surrounding the alluring walls. In front of the magnificent palace, was a garden with a fountain that had golden statues encircling it, making me dizzy. Flowers coated the area and I felt myself smile. Just the garden itself was enticing me.

I could fall in love with this palace, it looked amazing and still managed to look homey.

I walked past the garden slowly, memorising all of the exquisite details and stepped inside of the palace.

Before I could gawk at the interior, someone came up to me.

"Hello, I'm Stephen. Are you one of the new warriors that'll be joining us today?" A tall bloke asked me. He was staring at me past my hood trying to look at my face. Too bad that no one can see my face past the hood. Sucker.

"Hey. Um...Yeah. I'm Alexandra." I replied cautiously.

I knew that not many women joined to become warriors so when they do they're usually flaunted. If they're good of course. Which I am. But there's no way they would even think to display me like some object.

I mean, look at me. HA! YOU CAN'T!

I saw his expression shift to shock and I snickered.

"Urgh...Urgh..You're a girl? Oh wow, we've only had a few before. Come follow me and I'll show you to your room." he said and started to walk up some stairs.

As we were walking up stairs, I looked down and saw the hall in which I had stood moments before. It was dazzling. I'm literally running out of synonyms for this palace. It's all so beautiful.

The walls were covered with portraits of previous kings and queens of the werewolves and I sighed. All this royalty surrounding me. It feels magical. I could almost feel the past lives from them climb up through my fingers to my soul.

Snapping out of my daze, I looked up to see that we were walking through a long corridor and stopped outside of a door at the end of the hall.

"So this is your room. Unpack and do whatever. Dinner for the new warriors is at 7pm downstairs in the dining hall. Dress casually. It's just down the hall in which you came in in earlier on the right. Unfortunately, the King cannot come to meet the new recruits tonight because he has his duties to attend to. He will be hopefully at training tomorrow. The training starts at 6am in the front garden on the field. Don't be late." he said and walked off.


Walking into my room, I saw that it was quite big and had a queen-sized bed in the middle against the wall with a large wardrobe. I left my bags on the floor and flopped onto the bed.

Ahhhhh. So plushy. The bed felt like feathers as I snuggled into it, burying my face into it with an earsplitting grin.

After the nearly 10 hour flight from America to Russia, I was super exhausted.

Slowly, I dragged myself out of bed and began to unpack my bags. I laid out my books on the shelves and my clothes into the wardrobe.

I looked at the time and saw that it was around 6pm so I started getting ready.

I took off my leggings and hoodie that I had worn on the way here and stepped into the shower to be nice and clean for the dinner with the new guards.

Once I had finished taking a long relaxing shower, I pulled on some high waisted black jeans and a burgundy loose crop top hoodie making sure that my brown hair was out and curling down my front. My hair was quite long meaning it reached my belly button in loose wavy curls.

Checking in the mirror that you couldn't see my face past the hoodie, I read the digital alarm clock to see that the time was near enough 7pm.

Walking out of my room, I closed the door pulling my hood down even more and ambled down the stairs towards the dining room.

As I walked in, I saw lots of people talking whilst sitting down on a long table. I looked around for any girls but didn't see any. That's great. I'm surrounded by boys. Just perfect.

I mentally groaned and plopped down into the empty seat near the back of the table and heard some whispers.

"Look there's a girl..."

"Why is she wearing a hood?"

"Is she a freak?"

"What is she even doing here?"

"Ha.. a girl. She's not gonna survive here with us boys."

Yeah right ass. I bet I could beat you up making you unconscious in a matter of seconds. I thought.

I have a feeling this is going to be a long dinner...

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