The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 30

I was back in the forest again. My heart raced as I watched multiple rogues step out of the covers of the trees.

Can I do this again?

My mind fought itself as I struggled to gain composure. I would not show them the chaos that was successfully brimming inside of me.

But this time it was different. Another person stepped and joined the others ahead of me.

The figure was clothed all in black with a mask covering their face. I frowned as I thought of who it could be.

Were they connected to what had happened before in the forest?

Or maybe they were connected with what happened in England...

My thoughts scrambled to get to a reasonable and truthful conclusion but I knew I wouldn't get to the bottom of it without talking to the stranger myself.

"Who are you?" I asked in a clear unwavering voice towards the mysterious person.

"Someone you know, darling. And someone that's very close to where you are right now-"

The dream that I was in was suddenly interrupted as someone shook me awake. "Lexie!" My eyes flung over as I took a deep breathe, feeling my heart beat loudly inside my chest.

Turning my head, I saw Dimitri frowning as he hovered over the side of my body, obviously being the one who shook me awake from that dream.

Calming down, I have him a grateful smile and kissed him softly. "Thank you." His frown deepened as he continued to stare at me.

"Are you okay?" His deep worried voice echoed throughout the dark room. My lips twitched at his concern as I nodded. "I'm fine, Dimitri. It was just a dream."

He seemed to calm down and after a few moments of watching me, he laid back down next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

Minutes later, we both fell back into a comfortable sleep.


Storming into our room, I slammed the door closed and locked it behind me. That idiot was not allowed to enter.

All day, he hovered over me like some kind of annoying bug and practically leeched off all of my remaining energy by bothering me every 30 seconds.

Sit down, Lexie.

Stop walking so much, Lexie

You're working too much...

Why don't you just lay down?

Do you want me to carry you everywhere?

You look tired, why can't you just stop?

All day the frustrating orders and questions would flow out of Dimitri's mouth until I just couldn't take it anymore and ran into our room where I could finally be in peace.

I understand he was just worried about me because of what had happened, but seriously?

Why couldn't he just leave me alone?!

Huffing, I plopped myself down on the bed and layed in a star position, exaughsted.

I felt myself relaxing and snuggled my face deeper into the soft blankets. I then grabbed more of the blankets from underneath me and rolled around the bed, making myself look like a human roll, enclosed in the thick plush duvet.

Happy, I grinned and shuffled up the bed with my body until I was completely comfortable. I felt myself drift off into a deep sleep but I suddenly flinched when I heard a deep chuckle coming from somewhere behind me.

I rolled eyes, sure that it was Dimitri but realised that I had locked the door and I knew that for some reason, Dimitri was very weird and paranoid meaning the door was basically impenetrable if it was locked which meant the intruder must of come through the window.

With wide eyes, I tried to shuffle and squirm out of my blanket roll but found myself more stuck. I felt myself panic even further when I heard the unknown person presence somewhere into the room.

Taking a deep breath, I stilled my body and carefully took off the layers of the white duvet around me. I then sat up on the wide bed and frantically looked around the room.

I felt Lana growl from within me as she smelt the air around us.

Definitely an intruder.

At that moment, I really wished that Dimitri had already marked me so that I could tell him that someone was here.

That just in case, I really did love him.

Glancing around, I finally spotted the stranger in the corner of the room, steadily watching me as I slowly got out of my bed. I didn't want to take my eyes away from the black clothed figure so I blindly reached out for anything on the bedside table for anything that could possibly help me defend myself.

Because for all the times I said that I was fine and healed, I didn't mention how my ribs, arms and legs still ached with every step I took.

Grabbing onto something, I pointed it towards the mystery person and noticed that I had somehow picked up a knife that Dimitri had placed there ever since I got attacked.

"Well, well, well. We meet again, Alexandra." A gutteral voice echoed through the room and I felt myself freeze up from its familiarity. My body started shaking as I gulped loudly and quickly tried to estimate if I would be able to run out of the room before the Redminder Alpha, Fintler, could grab me.

Fintler, the one who for some unjust reason, agreed to help marry and kidnap me from my family and pack in England when I was only 16. The one who agreed to give me to the Alpha of the Eyeshot pack, Asar who was the ringleader of that attack two years ago.

Looking back at the malicious Alpha, I took in his ragged features. "What do you want?" I asked and watched as an ugly grin rose up on his scarred face. "Why, to finish off what we started two years ago, of course."

I felt my heart stutter as I gave him a brief nod and ran for the door, unlocking it as fast as I could. I felt him quickly approaching me as I flew out of the room, with him only a metre away from panicked self. Sprinting down the corridor like a madman, I grabbed onto the bannister and used my momentum to go faster down the stairs, on the verge of face planting.

Nearing the bottom, I took a deep breathe, ready to shout as loud as I possibly could.


I reached the floor and decided to run out of the palace onto the gardens. I managed to get outside without being caught but as soon as I reached the steps, I felt my hair being tugged as Fintler grabbed onto it.

Realising that no one was going to help me as they weren't anywhere close enough, I decided to take my life into my own hands.

As per usual.

Yeah, but it's not like we need the others help anyway. We're amazinggg! Lana stated and a faint smirk rose up onto my face.

Swinging myself out of his grip, my scalp ached as I reached forward and stabbed him near his waist. His yellow eyes widened as he staggered back. Blood seeped out from in-between his fingers as I took the knife up to his neck, holding him up so he doesn't fall onto the floor from the blood loss.

"What is Asar planning?" I questioned him. "You'll see soon enough. Just wait until he comes for you, sweet Alexandra." He barely finished talking before I slit his throat, uncaring for his petty life.

From behind me, I heard loud shouts, but I just zoned it all out and dropped Dimitri's knife by the dead body. I rubbed my hands against my jeans, wiping off the remaining blood, and swiftly turned around to stare blankly at the oncoming parade of people approaching me.

"It's fine." I uttered as soon as they came close enough and rolled my eyes at their clear disbelief at what had just happened.

Dimitri seems to notice my obvious disregard to answer anyone's questions so he took my hand and started to drag me off to the woods beside the palace. "Clean up the body and be ready for dinner. All questions will be answered then." He boomed loudly and continued to walk with me by his side.

Fleming deeper into the woods, I felt him stop and turn to face me. His fingers trailed my face as he examined me. I looked up to see him already staring deeply into my eyes.

"Once again I was not there to help you." He whispered before placing his head against the crook of my neck. I wrapped my arms around his firm body and let my emotions flow.

My body started twitching as I felt sobs wrack up from within me. Tears rolled down my face as my mate hugged me tighter, trying to give more comfort.

After a while, we both sat down on the grassy floor, with me on his lap as I rested against his body with his arms wrapped tightly around me.

"He's back, Dimitri. He's back and he wants me. I'm scared. What if he hurts this pack like he hurt mine?" I whispered hoarsely and felt his arms tighten around me.

"This is your pack now, Lexie. Anyone could agree. I will protect you. The pack will protect you. We'll fight this bastard and he'll have his last breathe. Everything will be fine, love."

I relaxed further into his embrace and turned my head to kiss the junction of his neck. "Thank you, Dimitri. I love you." I felt his head dip as he kissed me softly on my lips and replied, "I love you too."

After a long comfortable silence, I decided to break it.

"Mark me."

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