The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 31

"Mark me."

My words seemed to echo as I felt Dimitri freeze from behind me. His arms tightened around me as his heart skipped a beat. I could practically feel his joy and confusion.

"A-are you sure?" He stuttered, still in complete shock at what I had just asked of him. With a wide smile, I twisted backwards to face him as I nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

"I want to be able to contact you anytime. I want to be able share my emotions. I want to be able to know yours. I want to know you through and through." I stated with a confident voice and nuzzled into the crook of neck, awaiting his answer.

It took only a few moment for him to come out of his state before he gave out a loud gutteral groan as he pulled me to face him. With overjoyed sparkling eyes, he gave me a firm kiss on the lips before stopping. "I really do love you, Lexie and I want to be with you the rest of our lives. I am nothing without you. Today and that other incident only proved this." His eyes searched mine before he rested his chin on my head as he wrapped his thick arms around me to push me closer into him. "I...I was so scared Lexie. You had just been attacked and t-then it happened again. I thought that maybe this time they might succeed."

Looking up, I gave him a small smile as I put my hands on his soft red cheeks. "I'm never leaving you again, Dimitri." His eyes darkened as he huffed. "You better not."

I let out a small laugh and peppered his jawline with small, loving kisses. His arms slowly rose up my body before he lightly pulled me away with questioning eyes. "When do you actually want me to mark you?"

With an even larger smile than before, I replied. "Now." Dimitri's eyebrows shot up as he looked at my in clear surprise. "Are you sure?" He asked as he leaned his face down toward my collarbone. "You need to be sure, Lexie. Because once I mark you , you'll be mine forever and ever with no exceptions. And obviously I'll be all yours." I hummed, lost as he dragged his nose across my collarbone towards the crook of my neck, leaving behind wild sparks. "I-Im sure, Dimitri." I whispered as he kissed the side of my neck, trailing up and down before he found his destined spot that made my body shiver.

"You were and are all mine anyway, even if I couldn't mark you." He whispered against my neck, blowing warm air onto it. After a short moment, he started kissing my neck again but this time with more passion and a clear determination. Soon, I felt a painful prick on the crook of my sensitive neck and I took in a harsh breath which quickly turned into a moan as love and pleasure enveloped my whole body, encompassing me.

I tilted my head back, giving Dimitri more access as he began peppering firm sensualistic kisses. My body shivered as sparks flew up it with no resistance and I let out another loud moan, unable to even try to stifle it. Lifting my hands, I slowly regained my posture and pulled his head away from me. His eyes fluttered open with dark glee and contentment as he stared at me in response.

"I want to mark you too." I uttered as I watched surprise fill his handsome features before he nodded and tilted his head to the side. "Go on then, mate."

I smiled, not really expecting him to have agreed so quickly. Even though the marking of a male isn't rare, it is strangely not common as in most werewolf relationships, both of the mates do not mark each other. This may be because if you only mark one of them, typically the female, you are still able to contact them and feel strong emotions but when both mates are marked, every emotion and sometimes even thought is shared when their minds are open.

With that in mind, I leaned towards Dimitri's shoulder and started kissing upwards, eventually reaching his sweet spot where he shivered violently in pleasure as I lightly sucked at the place where I would mark him. Continuing the action, I felt my canines grow and without much of a thought, I marked him.


Wide grins were evident on both of our faces as we strolled back to the palace, hand in hand, with me leaning slightly on Dimitri.

My marked mate.

"I like that thought, my marked mate...mmm might be even better than my runaway mate." Dimitri's voice echoed through my mind and I rolled my eyes humourously. Nearing the palace, I saw Emmy and Victor sitting patiently on the steps, chatting with one another. Emmy's head shot up as soon as we came within smelling distance, her face splitting into a wide and mischievous grin.

"YOU FINALLY MARKED HER!!! WOOHOOO!!" Her loud voice shouted across the gardens as she jumped up from her position and sprinted at me. The bouncing and excited Emmy stopped herself from colliding into me barely an inch away as she hastily moved my hair out the way to view my mark. "'s gorgeous!" Dimitri smirked next to me as he practically puffed his chest out, like some prideful gorilla.

Victor came up behind her and appeared to start choking. "O-oh my d-dear goddess. My little b-boy has all grown up-p and finally marked his mate!" Tears streamed down his eyes as he fanned himself with his hand. Dimitri rolled his eyes and whacked his friend around the head. "I'm not your little boy."

"That's right. You're Lexie's little boy now." He smugly replied, in turn recieving another slap. I chuckled under my breath as Emmy began to pat Victor's head to try and soothe his pain.

"OHHH MEEE GAWDDD, THE ALPHA GOT MARKED AS WELLLL!!" Victor's loud voiced boomed once again causing Emmy to lightly push him away as Dimitri stepped forward, no doubt ready to hurt him. "It's beautiful!" He continued, apparently having a death wish. My mate growled quietly at the running figure of Victor who was already sprinting across the gardens.

"Come on." I tugged at Dimitri's hand and pulled him towards the entrance of our home as Emmy stayed behind by the fountain to wait for Victor to return. We walked leisurely in the direction of the living room, both knowing that once we get there I would have to explain the attack and what exactly happened to me to the warriors and some of the pack.

As soon as we entered, the previously loud room became silenced having obviously felt and smelt our presence. They watched us approach some empty seats and sit down as Emmy and Victor entered the room, opting to stand in the corner. I began explaining in great detail the event which had occured earlier on the day and some background information about me and this situation. Their faces all ranged from shock, anger, and worry.

My heart was beating wildly by the end of the my description. By telling them all of my troubles, staying in this pack and marking my mate, I was practically forcing them to have to fight for me. To fight the other packs with would no doubt come for me again and again, possibly even starting a war between the packs.

"I will protect you." A voice stated into the silent room. After that, choruses of people repeated the same phrase, conveying their support until the whole room was echoing with the same sentence being repeated.

A small smile reached my face as I whispered a quiet, "thank you" to everyone. Dimitri's arm circled my shoulders as he pulled me closer to his warm body where I felt extremely safe.

Slowly, everyone piled out of the room as hours passed and we kept cuddling with one another in a comfortable silence.

"Those bastards are going to die." My mate's firm words filled the air around us just as my eyes started drooping. I replied with a weak nod before I fell into a deep sleep, my body having formed itself against Dimitri's.

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