The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 32

My eye twitched with anxiety as I watched the group of people in front of me be informed of the situation to create a plan of defence and attack. I couldn't focus on one single person as my sight flitted between the many people in front of me.

They would all be willingly putting themselves in danger and my heart twisted with guilt as I thought of how many could die due to my issues. Surely no one deserves such a be entrusting your own pack in its decision to help a new possible Luna and therefore putting your own life on the line.

I sought out Dimitri's eyes as I continued to fiddle with the pen in my hand, almost enjoying the dig of the lid as it pressed against the side of my fingers, leaving behind a visible red mark. I saw my mate's eyes narrow as he turned his piercing look towards me and tilted his head in examination as he studied my nervous self.

After exusing himself, he slowly approached me with his arms apart, ready to embrace me. I sighed into his embrace and melted into his arms that radiated comfort and warmth. How I wish I could stay in them till the end of time.

"I know you're feeling guilty and there's not much I can say to change your stubborn mindset, but do know that they are all here on they're own choice and they all absolutely want to support you. Not even because you are their Luna but because you are an incredible person."

I smiled and whispered a 'thank you' into the crook of my mate's neck before standing up from his arms and turning to face the chatting crowd ahead. Trying to get their attention, I coughed loudly and waited till each conversation quickly drew to a stop.

"I would like to say I'm very thankful for your help and support and that you do not have to be here. I know you know the risks and I know you know because as a pack that I have quite recently joined, I have come to know that you are all wonderful, smart and passionate people. I am proud of you all and I am thankful that I decided to be in this pack....but there's still an out. You don't have to help me!"

Some of the people snickered and rolled their eyes as I, for a seventh time within this single meeting, mentioned that they didn't have to help me. The room erupted into their joined support and I nearly swooned from the love I felt from my pack.

My heart stuttered at the thought. My pack. But it was true, this pack had become my own home long before I even realised my connection to it. And for that, I would never abandon it or it's people again.


( one month later )

Tears flooded my eyesight as I frantically swirled around in circles, desperate to find my mate. Everything was up in chaos. And yet, we were somehow still winning.

But winning would never matter to me if my love was not by my side to celebrate it with me. If he wasn't there to have a family with me. I had began struggling to breathe as I couldn't find his impressive body inbetween the many bloody bodies that were violently fighting one another. What if he was gone?

Dead, gone?

Panic seemed to seize my veins as my body shook. He was nowhere to be found. His loud voice could not be heard shouting at the "horrid excuse of rubbish" that was fighting him. His untimely humour wasn't making me laugh. Because he himself had disappeared after a heard a wild shout of rage being emitted from him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted yet another shameful enemy approach me with his dirty yellowed teeth gleaming in the setting sun. Still searching, I grabbed one of the plenty of knives attached to me and blindly threw it at the unsuspecting attacker and saw his body drop to the ground.

That's what he gets for trying to attack someone obviously distracted.

That is so unfair.

Rude cow. Lina's words echoed in me and I smiled at the insult, slightly calming myself down from the panic attack that was threatening to overtake me. She has been more stressy and insulting for a week now, almost attacking and murdering anyone that was not a close friend to me.

Fisting my hair in frustration, I twirled around once more and noticed the messy and still perfectly curled hair that sat a top my mate's head.

Relief washed over me as I watched him take down three of the enemies at once. The pack was going down. After two weeks of threats and small, planned attacks, the pack which had previously murdered lots of my original pack in England, has finally got it's sweet death coming towards it.

Now a lot calmer, I focused on reaching Dimitri who was skillfully taking down the idiots one by one. A loud growl was heard from beside me and I turned around to face the perpetrator and at the same time walked backwards to stand back to back with my mate.

Looking at the enraged wolf, I cringed with disgust at the state of him whilst I raised yet another knife. Dimitri's arm for a brief moment squeezed my hip as a sign of support before he got back to his fight and I smiled as I grabbed the ear of the wolf mid jump and threw him at the nearest enemy.

They both collided to the floor as I threw my knives straight into their bodies with no remorse. Fighting off more and more wolves, eventually only one was left for me to take care of.

The alpha.

My pack and mate followed behind me in silence as I approached the man that ruined my childhood.

His terrified body was shaking against long stake that was dug into the ground as blood steadily streamed out of his wounds. Gashes covered the whole of his face and arms and yet I felt no pity. Kneeling besides him, I studied his profile before backhanding him. A series of shocked gasps were heard behind me but I only grimaced and frowned at the body below me.

"Why did you do it?" My steady voice shook the grounds as the alpha of the Eyeshot pack struggled to sit back up.

"You were always a gorgeous face and body to me. Yours was fantastic even in your early childhood. Oh how I wanted to--"

He was cut off as Dimitri's angered growl echoed across the bloodied field as he took multiple steps forward to the deranged maniac on the floor.

"You're a sick bastard. You are no alpha. A true alpha would not atack an innocent pack, effectively sacrificing it's members, to force someone into marriage." I was disgusted at the actions that this 'leader' had done in his life time.

"And for that, you will die." I took a step back from him and glared at his grinning blotchy face as thunderousrain began to fall from the sky.

"You would never be able to kill me, you're too weak to be able to truly hurt the one who caused you so much pain. I broke you." He smirked and tried to get up from his position before his eyes widened in shock as the loud thunderous noise of my rage matched the power of the deep thunder of anger that the sky emitted. I punched his face several times before kicking his deformed face. His unstable body shook and fell completely as he dropped face down to the muddy floor, shocking out his last breathes on Earth.

"I just did."


Cleaning up my body that was coated in blood, I found only a few bruises and cuts on my skin and for that I felt relieved as I knew Dimitri would have overreactedand would have wanted to rewind time to beat the asses of whoever touched me. I rolled my eyes at the thought of his overprotectivness.


Both his overprotectivness and Lina's violent tendicies increased around a week ago by around a tenfold. My cheeks blushed as I thought of what had occurred.

Dimitri and I had finally completed the mate bond and...consumated. I bit my lip as heat flooded me at the images of what we had spent the whole night doing. But suddenly my mind and body froze in slight terror.

Was I pregnant?

My hand reached down to my stomach as I gently circled it and smiled. In that moment, Dimitri stormed in with a grin that slowly fell to a shocked expression as he watched me rub my stomach with both fascination and adoration.

"A-are y-you pregnant?"

Grinning up at him, I shrugged in wonder and explained the symptoms that I had. After a short moment, his face split with into a wide grin as he brought me closer to him and kissed me with strong fervent passion.

"I love you so much."

"I love you much more."


"Hey, what?? Seriously I'm going to hurt you --"

Lips covered my mouth, effectively shutting me up.

The end.

First sorry for the wait I was deciding on what to do....

And so... we're finally done!!


I know it probably seems like this ending came out of nowhere and the time skip was unneccarily I should have had a plotline within...

Blah blah blah....

But you know what...oh well.

I love this story but I really didn't have the motivation to write so many more chapters when they would honestly only be filler chapters and this way it went to the actually important bits.

So yeah, I was like that month we skipped would honestly be pointless in the scheme of the book...literally just a filler.

So pointless.

Please don't be mad.

I love you all.

Thank you for sticking with this book...I adore you all.

I might write a short epilogue and stuff...

We'll see.

Thank youuuuuuuu💗💗💗

- your author,

Daniela xxxx

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