The Hooded Werewolf

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Emmy's reaction.

Emmy screeched as tears slid down her eyes hysterically. "I'm going to be an auntie!!!! EEEKKKK!!! AHHH YESSSSS!!!!" Her arms waved around crazily and she bounced up and down and around the room we were in.

I chucked in response and reached out to give her yet another hug. "You're going to be the best auntie."



I gripped Dimitri's hand and glared at him with all the rage and anger I could. "YOU did this to me." I gritted the words out of my teeth as I grimaced in pain as sweat continued to build up on me.

I hated this situation. I was trapped on the hospital bed giving birth to a baby that Dimitri put inside me. My body was on the verge of simply falling apart and everyone was just nicely smiling being positive by saying "It'll all be worth it. Come on you can do this!" and I'm ready to slaughter them all.

Luckily or unluckily Dimitri hid away all of my knives and was holding my fists to prevent me from attacking anyone and him. My glare intensified as I loosened my fist and instead grabbed the inside of my mate's wrist to hold onto it as yet another "PUSH NOW!" was heard from the midwife taking care of me.

Utter pain flooded my system as I pushed the baby out of me. Tears stained my vision whilst I deathly gripped Dimitri's hand, enough for his fingers to turn a pale colour. I loosened my hold on him until the worst of the pain enveloped my body and I once again took hold of his wrist.

"Annnddd...The baby is out! It's a girl!" The midwife was heard at the same time Dimitri cradled his wrist with a pout. I reached out for the baby and saw the most angelic features.

"I love her." We both uttered at the same time, both already completely wrapped around our daughter's little finger.


Any other scenes?

All suggestions are welcomed and if I like it I'll just write another scene.

Love you.

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