The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 4

The whispers were continuing to swirl around me and I was getting fed up with it. I could feel my hands and legs shaking. Can they STOP? I mean I understand that I'm a girl AND I'm wearing a hood but I mean come on, get over it!

Oh calm down Lex. The Gamma will come soon and it will stop. My wolf said.

You're right Lina...I'm just so fed up with all the whispering. I thought it was over when I had finished high school!

Don't worry. It will probably stop when training starts. They'll be too pissed that a girl is beating them!

I snickered. My wolf always knows how to cheer me up. I would of probably killed someone by now if she wasn't there for me.

Suddenly I was brought out of my thoughts as I watched a 6ft muscly guy with blond hair step into the room. Everyone stopped chattering and stared at him. He had brown eyes and strong features. Overall, nice looking.

"Hello warriors! I'm Gamma Denis (A/N pronounced deenees), the Alpha and Beta are away on some business. I'll be helping you train tomorrow. You have proba--" he was cut off as someone rushed in.

"I'M SOOO SORRY I'M LATEEE! DID I JUST INTERRUPT YOU? OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY!!!! URGHHH. Carry on....I'll just go sit....." a small girl said with bright red cheeks said. She was quite small but I could see straight away she was strong.

I'm just generally happy that there's another girl here at the palace.

I saw her scan the area and her eyes brightened when they landed on me. She walked over next to me and sat down.

From the close distance, I could she she had bright forest green eyes and blonde straight hair.

I smiled at her through my hood.

"Right....okay then... No more interruptions I hope. So, as I was saying, I'm Gamma Denis and I'll be helping you train along with the Beta and the Alpha sometimes. Whoever had brought you into your accommodations has probably already told you that we start at 6am on the field. I'll be training you with the Beta and Alpha as they'll most likely be back later tonight. I hope you do well. Now lets eat." I heard the Gamma say as he then proceeded to sit down in a seat. Everyone began eating and started to talk again.

My mind drifted off as I thought about how that Gamma was speaking in English because he knew that most people here didn't not speak or understand Russian here as none of us had come from here and English is the most common werewolf language. It was an obligation to know English even if it was not your first language. Which seems a bit strange considering that the previous kings and queens of the werewolves mostly descended from the Russian lineage.


"So HELLOOOO! I'm Emilia but you can call me Emmy!" the girl said happily and beamed at me I smiled at her and chuckled. She's so lively I couldn't help felling cheerful.

"Hey...I'm Alexandra, you can call me Alex or Lexie..." I replied and stuffed some food down my mouth.

Whatt??!! I'm Hungry! A girl's got to eat!

"Okay Lexie! I'm so excited for tomorrow! I'm from Canada and 18, what about you?" She said and stuffed lots food into her mouth as well.

I like this girl.

"I'm 18 as well...and originally? England. But we moved from there a couple of months ago to America and I just today arrived here in Russia..."

"Hmmm! That's so cool! I can sooo hear your English accent! It's soooo adorable!!!" She squealed loudly. I'm surprised we haven't brought any attention to ourselves yet.

I just smiled back at her and resumed eating.

"If you don't mind...You don't have to show me your face or anything but like do you ever take of your hood? I think I understand why you're doing this...So people don't judge you by your looks and that's actually so smart ...But do you ever take it off?" She babbled and seemed nervous to ask me in case it would offend me.

"No not really, only my parents have seen my face and some of my really close friends from England. Thank you for not asking to see my face. Hopefully, you'll become my close friend here too." I replied and grinned at her.

"Okay!!!" She yelped and hugged me tightly.

We had soon finished eating or more like gobbling down the delicious food and were simply chatting for the rest of the dinner while many of the boys stared at us whispering stuff about us like how we were here and why.

The dinner finished after an hour in which I learnt a lot about Emilia's life and she learnt about mine and we returned to our rooms which were next to each others.

I said goodnight to Emmy and went to lay down on my soft plushy bed.

I wonder what tomorrow will be like. At least I now have a friend here.

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