The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 5

I woke up to the sound of my alarm shrieking.

How nice. Not.

Pffftttt....Why did they even invent alarms? Like did they make them specifically to torture people? Seems like it...

Grumbling under my breath, I slid out of my warm covers and trailed to the bathroom.

I quickly took a shower and put on some black sports leggings and a grey hoodie that says 'I'm not always sarcastic, sometimes I'm asleep'.

Still tired, I put my hair in a quick messy bun and slid my hood over my face to hide it.

I stepped out of my room, I made sure to lock it and went downstairs to the dining room to eat some breakfast.

Reaching the room, I stopped for a bit to try and spot Emmy when out of nowhere I feel someone jump onto my back and squeal.

I guess I found her.

"HEYYYYYY!!!!" I'm also guessing she's a morning person...How is that even possible?

"Hi" I mumble back to her and walk to the pile of food. Food is my saviour.

"I'M SO EXCITED! ARE YOU? I AM! WAIT I ALREADY SAID THAT! OH WELL! HAHAHA I'M SO HAPPY TO BE HEREEEE!" She shouted and I'm pretty sure she burst my eardrum.

"Urgh yeah, I'm excited....sorry I'm not a morning person and I NEED FOOD!" I replied and once happy with the pile of food on my plate I sat down by the table with Emmy trailing behind me with an equally amount of food on her plate.

She continued to babble on to me but I sat silent, listening to her and eating my food.

Food wins over everything.

I finished eating and looked up to see that most people were walking out towards the field so I looked at the time and saw that we had 10 minutes to get there.

"Come on Emmy. Let's go now." I said and picked up my plate and put it into the sink like everyone else did.

Emmy did the same as me and then proceeded to grab my elbow and intertwining hers into mine whilst skipping towards the training area.

We reached the area in time and did some stretches to warm up our muscles.

After ten minutes, we saw the Gamma coming toward us with another man.

"Hello everyone! I'm hoping you have had a good night sleep because we will be training very hard today to see everyone's abilities. This is Beta Victor, he'll be helping us usually." He said and pointed towards Beta Victor who stood next to him.

The Beta had short blonde hair and a sharp jawline with deep brown eyes. He had a strong build and seemed quite tall as he was about the same height as Gamma Denis.

"Hello guys!" He said grinning and I saw his eyes sweeping over everyone. Damnnn another morning person. He'd be perfect for Emmy. Speaking of her, what is Emm--

"Mate." I heard her whisper and out of the corner of my eye I saw the Beta strutting to us.

Well who could guessed? Emmy and Victor? One morning person and another? Perfect.


After lots of chatter, which also included the newly found couple hugging and staring into each others eyes, fighting over if Emilia should train, her winning, training finally started.

"Okay then! Now that that's sorted....race around the palace grounds 3 times. I want a winner!" The Gamma told us and I could hear a chorus of moans.

Let my tell you...It is torture on another level considering if you think that the palace itself is large, the gardens are MASSIVE.

We had started jogging with a few of the boys running ahead to try and show off but I just shook my head and rolled my eyes at them.

Those boys then proceeded to be near the back within the first 20 minutes.

On the second lap I was near the front still jogging in an even pace with Emmy near the middle looking only a tiny bit tired.

I'm proud.

Now on the last lap, I only had one more person in front of me. He wall tall with long brown hair that was sweaty from all of the running. I could feel myself begin to tire out and I saw his steps beginning to falter as well.

I had still not used up all of my energy so when I saw the finishing line half a kilometer ahead, I began sprinting.

The guy noticed and tried to run ahead as well.

This part was always the hardest part. You had to have enough energy to sprint and with us all running so many miles we were all definitely tired.

We were neck and neck with the finishing line being approximately 150m in front.

I began to sprint harder and so did the other guy.

With us only having about 100m left, I glanced at him and saw him practically abut to die of exhaustion but still running as hard as he could. He saw me looking at me and glared.

I got to give it to the guy. He's good competition.

But I'm better.

I still had some strength left so I forced myself to sprint even harder.

The guy noticed and tried to speed up as well but he was over-estimating himself and how much strength he had left causing him to trip and face plant the floor.


I really have got to find out his name to stop calling him 'the guy'.

I saw him getting up and glaring at me so I just continued to sprint down the finishing line.

"Annnnddddd...Well done! The girl, Alexandra is the winner!!!!" The Gamma shouted and smiled at me.

I pulled at my hood making sure it was still on and it was.

I knew we would be doing something like this so on the inside of the hood I had clipped it's material to my hair to make sure it wouldn't fall off.

A few seconds later, the guy had finished as well with some other boys running behind him who must of caught up with him when he fell.

I stood up and walking to him, he saw me and glared.

"Hey. Good race. What's you name?" I asked

"Harry. Now go back to what hell you came from. I don't want another slut."

My eyes widened as I took a step back from him and frowned. "The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's ass and wait." With that, I stalked off, rolling my eyes.

Emmy was near the middle of the group so she had finished about 10 minutes later.

When she finished, she grabbed my arm and flopped down to the floor.

"So.....that was a good warm up! Let's start training!" I heard the Beta say.


Erghhhh.....this is going to be a longggg day.

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