The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 6

Alpha King Dimitri POV

Finishing up some pack things, I cleaned up my desk and decided to visit the training field. The new recruits were starting today and I was interested to see how good they are. Our pack is the biggest and most important in the world meaning we needed more warriors to protect every pack member.

Every single member receives training from the age of 12 but they only get enough to know how to defend themselves. If they wanted to go into becoming warriors they would have to go through the same program anyone else would. No special treatment for them just because they are from my pack.

I was interested as who the warriors were as earlier on today my Beta had mind-linked me saying how he had met his mate.

Which intrigued me. Not as many female werewolves are able to shift as men because of the large amount of humans that have become mates with our kind, creating wolves that are not able to shift but still have all the same powers of strength, power, speed and so on. Therefore, not as many women go into the training of becoming warriors as they do not want to be seen as 'lower'(because they can't shift, they are bit weaker) even though many men can't shift either but still go into warrior training.

When I had asked my Beta if she was shifter he had said that she was not. It's interesting because that means even without a wolf, she a strong female as she had to of gone through the tough trial of having to be one of the small amount of wolves that had passed and were able to come here and train.

As I arrived to our training field, I smelt her. But it can't be?

My Beta Victor has found his mate and I might just be smelling his mate through his senses since we were connected trough the pack link.

MATEEE my wolf Dim shouted through our mind-link.

It can't be though...Can it? There's no other girl I can see and I'm pretty sure we're straight...I asked my wolf and started to scan the area.

"OKAYYY...Everybody! Training is over and you can leave!" Gamma Denis shouted and some of warriors left including a figure that was hooded. Strange.

I walked to the Victor and Denis hoping to ask them some questions.

"Hey guys, sorry I couldn't come earlier I have pack business. How are our new warriors?"

"Oh they're great!" Denis shouted happily.

"How many females?"

"Uhh...two...Why?" Denis replied

"Mate is mine!" Victor growled and I just rolled my eyes at him.

"I know Victor I just wanted to know because I had just smelled something amazing, a mixture between summer fruits and chocolate." I rambled on and decided that that smell is now my favourite.

"OMG ARE WE GOING TO BOTH MEET OUR MATES TODAY??? TWINSSSS!" Victor shouted and I generally felt like whacking him on the head.

"Mmm I don't know...anyway I'm going. Bye guys." I said.

"Bye my ultimate twin! I'll love you forever!"

Alexandra's POV

I smelt him before anything. God he smells nice. It's a mix of coffee and sweets...mmmm...

He cannot find me! I'm too broken and he'll want to know what has happened to me and what's behind my hood. No one can know.



"OKAYYY...Everybody! Training is over and you can leave!" Gamma Denis shouted and I felt relieved. Some of us left from exaughstion while some continued to linger to try and meet the Alpha King. I pulled on my hoodie more to hide myself and practically ran out of the field.

Before I slipped inside I turned around to gaze at the werewolf king. He was a tall and broad man in his early 20s. With dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and a jawline that could cut, he looked like the God himself.

MATEEE! My wolf Lina shouted and I flinched.

I do not need a mate.

Especially the Alpha king. I cannot lead this pack.

I laughed at the thought...ME? Leading a pack?


I can't lead a pack with all the questions that would be asked about me. I can't even meet my mate because of the trouble that that could bring.

My wolf whimpered at not being able to meet my mate.

When I left England, I left lots of suspicion and if I become Luna it would bring so much trouble from the people that I escaped from! I came here with my real name and that's bad enough already but if it became known to everyone that the Luna was me, my attackers would know where to find me and bring chaos to this pack. Even only the Alpha from the pack in America is the only one to know my true family name. I said to Lina.

I know but I want my mate...

I'm so sorry Lina...can you help me with hiding?

Of course... But I could still feel my wolf whimpering about not being with her mate.

It's going to be okay Lina.

I looked up and saw that I had reached my room while dazing off in my thoughts.

Guess it's time for dinner. Hopefully the alpha will not be there.


But I knew he there's a high chance he would be...

Let the trouble commence....

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