The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 7

I felt nervous as I walked down the stairs to the dining room...What if he's there?

My stomach was jumping and swirling and it felt like it was in a jungle.

"HEYYY GURLLL!" Emmy shouted and jumped on me.

"Hey Emmy! Are you okay?"

I saw her blush. "Heh...yeah...obviously"

She was fiddling with her sleeve and I frowned. What's wrong with her? As she was peeling down her sleeve, I saw something peek out from the collar of her shirt.


"Urm...yeah maybe." By now her cheeks were as red as tomatoes.

The mark looked so pretty. It had two wolves playing with each other with their initials at the bottom.

"It looks so nice... he didnt force you, right?"

"Of course not!"

"Good, I didn't want to have to of castrated then killed him." At those words Emmy's face turned bright red once again and she spluttered for some words.


"What? You're my best friend."

And it was true, even though we had only known each other from yesterday, we knew practically everything about each other and I felt like I could trust her.

"AWWW you admitted it! You're my best friend too!"

As we finished talking about her mark, we entered the dining room and I smelt the room and fortunately couldn't smell him. We stood behind some boys to get some food and continued to talk about training. Once it was our turn, we both stuffed our plates with food. I took some spaghetti with garlic bread whilst Emilia took some potatoes and chicken.

We sat down at the end of the table and ate in a comfortable silence until someone decided to plop down loudly next to Emmy causing her to get scared, screech and throw her piece of chicken at her mate.

I sat there for a few moments trying to understand what happened and ended up laughing my head off.

"Well that was a great hello Emmy!" Victor said with a grin on his face while trying to get all of the food from his face and hair.

"OH MY- Emmy! Pfft that was great, comical." I said while still lightly laughing.

"Oh shut up Lexi!" she said and turned to her mate. "I'm so sorry, baby!"

"It's fine, I'm sorry for scaring you." Victor replied and began leaning into Emmy who looked a bit flustered until she responded and leaned into Victor, causing them to start heavily making out.

"Ewww guys stop. You're making me turn blind from all of the PDA!" I said and Emmy jumped of from the smirking Victor with burning cheeks.

"I don't think we've personally met, I'm Victor, this beautiful girl's mate!" Victor said and took out his hand to shake with mine.

"Hey...I'm Alexandra" I said and when I took my hand into his, I yanked him next to me.

"If you dare hurt this beautiful mate, you will wish you were never born, I will castrate you and slowly torture you so you'll be pleading for the moon goddess to kill you." I whispered harshly into his ear and then let go of him. When he jumped away from me I saw him look scared. Good.

Victor looked like a petrified puppy as he sat down next to Emmy.

All three of us finished eating after a few minutes and I stood up and walked to the sink to put away my plate when I suddenly walked into a hard wall that had a tempting smell of coffee and sweets.


King Alpha Dimitri POV

I was still feeling bitter from what happened earlier on today as I finally finished all of my pack work. I have been wanting a mate for so long now and my wolf and I thought we had one this morning!

I was grumbling to myself as I walked towards the dining room to eat with the warriors when I smelt that wonderful smell of summer fruits and chocolate once again.

Walking quicker in the direction of the smell, I entered the dining room and scanned the area swiftly, still following the smell when suddenly something bashed into me. I saw the figure starting to fall from the impact and I grabbed its arm and gasped when I felt sparks.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it!" I heard the figure mumble and quickly drag itself away from my touch.

"Hey, who are you?" I asked still shocked from feeling sparks.

"I... urm ...gotta go!" I heard the person say with most loveliest voice I have ever heard and run out of the room.

MATEEE! CATCH OUR MATE! My wolf Dim growled at me and I instantly tried to see where my mate went.

I saw her hooded figure run up the stairs and before I started to follow her, someone grabbed my arm.

I snarled at the person who dared to stop me from getting my mate.

"Oh HEY HEY! What's up man? What's with the snarl?" I heard my Beta say and I glared at him. I wouldn't be able to catch my mate now!


"Seriously? Oh cool! Who is our new Luna then?" he asked as Denis walked up to us.


I continued to snarl and walked off in the direction my mate ran off to to try and catch her scent.

After minutes of searching and coming up with nothing, I felt my frustration rise.

I will find you mate, and when I will, I'm never letting you go.

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