The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 8

I'm so stupid. What am I supposed to do now?! If I hadn't been stuck in my own thoughts, I would have of smelt my mate and would not have stumbled into him. Now he knows he has a mate and will look for me.

Damn it!

I doubt I could run away because generally, where the hell would I go and there's a good chance the Alpha would smell me if I step out of this palace.

The only reason I managed to escape earlier without him smelling me out, was because I had poured the last bit I had of my perfume which hides my scent. If I came out of my room now, with the perfume now faded from my clothes, my mate would be able to smell me straight away and would catch me.

I could continue training and try harder in camouflaging into the group so he wouldn't be able to see me. I'm good at that. Years of being the loner in school has taught me well. However, he would still be able to smell me.

Damn it! What do I do?

With these thoughts in mind, my mind managed to shut down and fall asleep.

How will I survive tomorrow?


I woke a few minutes before my alarm. While sleeping I had decided that I will try to hide whilst training and if it does not work out, I will run.

Just incase this does occur, I packed my backpack with the essentials I would need to escape and took some family photos.

Finishing this, I washed myself quickly in the shower, brushed my teeth, pulled my hair into a messy bun and put on some leggings and a hoodie, pulling it up to hide my face.

Satisfied with how I look, I took my backpack and walked outside to hide it so if I needed to run, I would be able to easily grab it and go. I stuffed it behind a tree and walked back inside to get some well needed food.

My wolf Lina was still whimpered and was in a mood since I told her that we had to ignore our mate. She wanted to be with him and to complete the bond but she understood the importance for us to hide.

Doesn't mean I agree with it.

Oh shush Lina, you know I don't want this, I don't want to have to hide form our mate.

I know but I really want to meet him. He's ours.

I know...I'm sorry Lina...

Its okay, I understand. I wish this was different.

Me too.

At that, I felt my wolf go back into the back of my mind.

I walked into the dining room and saw Emmy already there stuffing her mouth with her breakfast with Victor sitting next to her, staring.

Wow. They're such a couple.

I picked up some food and sat down opposite the love birds.

"Heyyyyyy Lexie!" I heard Emmy shout happily.

"Hi Emmy and Victor." I replied grunting, I do not like mornings.

"Hello!" Victor greeted happily as well.

Goddess they're both such morning people...

After 10 minutes, we had finished eating and we walked to the field. The love birds were chatting non stop whilst I was walking, grumbling to myself behind them about how they were to happy for it to be morning.

Suddenly the two stopped, and me being me, I had not noticed until I walked right into their backs.

Well done. I heard my wolf snort.

Oh shush.

"Hello Alpha!"

Oh damn it! Why does this always happen to me!? Damn it! He's going to smell me!! Luckily, the wind wasn't blowing right now and Emmy and Victor in front of me were basically hiding my scent as theirs oozed out and around me. If the wind blew or one of them moved away from in front of me, I would be found.

I prayed to the moon goddess that that wouldn't happen.

"Hi Victor and Emmy." I heard Alpha Dimitri say. His voice was doing wonders to me. I found my knees weakening at the sound. His voice. It was coated with honey and sounded husky.

I wonder what it would sound like with him on top of us in bed

Lina!! Omg stop!!

"So what are you doing out here Alpha? Are you going to watch us train?" I heard Victor ask my mate.

Goddess please no...

"Yes...I wanted to try and find my mate. I think she is going to be there."

"Oh...the one that ran away from you yesterday evening?"

"Yes." I heard him abruptly answer. It sounded like he angry with what had happened.

"I'm going to find her this time and not let her--"

I didn't know what he was about to say as the wind blew and felt my hair pick up from it. DAMN IT! He's going to smell me now!

"MATE!" I heard him growl loudly and push past Emmy and Victor to where I was currently standing.

My eyes widened as I saw him towering over my small frame compared to his large one.

I looked up and saw his eyes to be a beautiful ocean blue colour. They were mesmerising. Anyone could lose them selves looking into them.

"Mate..." I heard him whisper lowly and huskily.

I shivered at his deep voice. His body was tall and muscly and his facial features sharp. Damnnn he's hot.

And all ours!!

My movement seemed to wake him up from his trance as he started to growl lowly again.


At that, I did the only thing that I could think of...

I ran.

Which was probably not a good idea since he wasn't the alpha king for nothing.

I heard him growl loudly as I ran towards my bag.

Goddess this is going to hard.

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