The Hooded Werewolf

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Chapter 9

Alpha King Dimitri POV

"Hello Alpha!" My beta Victor greeted me as I approached him and his mate

"Hi Victor and Emmy." I replied trying to not sound angry. Ever since last night, I've been wondering on who my mate was and why she had hid from me.

I want to meet mate! I heard my Wolf ask through our connection

Me too.

"So what are you doing out here Alpha? Are you going to watch us train?" I heard Victor ask me happily.

"Yes...I wanted to try and find my mate. I think she is going to be there."

"Oh...the one that ran away from you yesterday evening?"

"Yes." I abruptly answered. I knew I had sounded angry and I saw Victor's mate flinch from my tone but I could not help it, I want my mate!

"I'm going to find her this time and not let her--"

I stopped speaking as I felt the wind blow and with it the delicious smell of my mate.

Find her and don't let her go this time!

"MATE!" I growled at the thought of her hiding from me again and pushed past Victor and Emmy to see her.

Gazing down at my soulmate, I saw her to be quite tall but small compared to my large build. She was breath-taking even if couldn't see behind that hood of hers. I could see she had a lean body and I saw small wisps of wavy brown hair curl out from the hood.

I was tempted to see what lay behind that hood, she was definitely a masterpiece.

"Mate..." I whispered lowly and huskily and saw my beautiful mate shiver as I saw her gazing at me.

She is all ours!!

Her shiver woke me up from my trance and I started to growl lowly again when I saw the urge to run in her eyes.

"YOU'RE MINE!" I shouted loudly.

At that, I saw my mates eyes widen and she quickly turned around and start sprinting off towards side of the palace.


Oh I will... And I will have fun catching her.

I started sprinting after my mate and saw her running straight towards a tree.

Does she not see the tree she's running towards? I'd rather not have to give her off to the pack doctor because she had a concussion from running into it.

Suddenly I saw her quickly grab something hidden within the roots of the tree and then she changed her direction to run towards the forest which connected to the training field.

I felt anger pulsate through my body at her running from me.

My mate had planned this?! She knew she would run and she packed a bag!?

I growled loudly and began running even faster. I was surprised I had not yet caught up to the girl yet as I was and Alpha king and that meant I had good genes and I was fast but she seemed like a good trained runner.

My wolf was too starting to anger and I felt him trying to gain control so we could turn into a wolf and easily catch her.

Surely she's not a shifter either? If she's not I would easily be able to catch her in my wolf form.

At that, I decided to stop quickly and take off my clothes to then shift.

My wolf was large because of our ranking and was a deep black colour.

After quickly shifting, I sped off to our mate.

I will catch you mate. I promise you that.

Alexandra's POV

As I ran off with my bag towards the forest and sped up knowing that I had to hurry up and gain some distance between us as he would soon shift into his wolf to try and catch up.

My last result if he come too close, would be to shift as well.

That's right, I'm a shifter.

I knew he would not expect it as it's quite rare for women to shift, and it would throw him off enough for me to try gain distance and try to out run him.

Knowing that he was the Alpha King, I knew that it would be hard trying to out run him but I have to try.

Still running, I heard him suddenly slow down and take off his clothes before shifting.

I had the sudden urge to turn around so I could gaze at him in his wolf form but I knew it would be a distraction.

Hearing him nearing me, I sighed. I would have to shift.

I quickly sprint ahead whilst taking off my clothes as fast as possible so when I wanted to shift back to my human form I would not be stark naked.

Now naked, I shifted into my wolf and picked up the clothes and bag into my mouth so I could carry them whilst running.

I heard Dimitri's steps falter as he saw me transform into my black wolf.

Only strong alpha's or their equally as strong offsprings had black wolf skin and the fact that I was female makes it very rare.

Getting an advantage by gaining more land from my mates surprise, I continued to run towards which I hope is civilization.

If it reached it without being caught, I would be able to hide within the crowded human streets.

I damn hope I reach it before I'm caught.

But we all know luck isn't always on our side.

Especially mine.

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