A War of the Heart

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Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen

Lucy opened her eyes and looked around. She had no idea where she was until she saw movement and it came back to her as she looked at Smith and his blank glare. She remembered the trip through the woods and was slightly embarrassed that she passed out.

"You're awake. Now I can get some answers," Smith said quietly. Lucy sat up and leaned against the wall. Her gaze trailed over the design of the unique quilt that covered her legs. She traced one of the wolves and couldn't fight the smile that crept on her face.

"This is beautiful," she commented, trying to avoid the imminent confrontation. She didn't want to tell this man anything. He could use it against her and her pack. She had to make sure she kept information general.

"My mate made that before she passed away after giving birth to our twin girls. It was a miracle that they all didn't die, but I was blessed with my babies. I keep that quilt in to remind myself my mate would want me to be happy by moving on and also to remember her by." Smith locked eyes with Lucy and that last sentence made sense.

"Sorry, I'm already mated," she growled, her fingers digging into the quilt.

"How are you feeling?" Smith asked, changing the subject. Lucy took a mental calculation of her body. She wiggled her toes and then her fingers. Her breasts didn't ache and her core no longer throbbed. She felt normal and it shocked her.

"Well, despite the fact that I should be in pain, I'm feeling great. What happened?" she asked suspiciously. Did they give her something? What was going on?

"My daughters have been suffering through their heats for a good three years now. They are awaiting their destined mates and have come up with ways to help the pain." Smith took a seat in the rocker by the glass doors that Lucy assumed led outside. She took in a deep breath and noticed that Smith's scent wasn't the only one that was present. There was a strong scent of vanilla and a hint of honey. It was definitely feminine.

"What do you mean destined mates?" Lucy asked, her attention focusing on those two words more than anything else. Did he mean what Raice felt for her? They were definitely pulled toward each other almost like it was destiny. Did he have the answers she sought?

"My wife and I were destined mates. As soon as we saw each other we knew we were meant to be. Sometimes it happens to people, but sometimes it doesn't and those individuals choose to fall in love with someone else. Growing up, I told my girls stories of their mother in order for them to love her as much as I did. I told them constantly about how we met and how the sparks flew." Smith smiled fondly, as if he were remembering that day again.

"If what my mate and I are experiencing is because we are destined mates, then I hope that your girls find their mates. He makes me feel like no other could. I wouldn't give this feeling up," Lucy found herself admitting.

"I'm glad that you have found your mate. I'm sorry if you thought I was implying anything earlier. It was more of a test to see if you were faithful to your mate. I know the heat can be difficult, but I have seen some use it in the past to sleep with whoever they please. I'm glad to see you aren't like that." Smith smiled at Lucy and she half smiled back.

"I would not purposefully hurt my mate. I wouldn't even be away from him right now if my stupid father hadn't kidnapped me," she stated then quickly shoved her hands over her mouth. Her eyes widened. She hadn't meant to say that.

"Your father kidnapped you?" Smith asked incredulously. Lucy reluctantly nodded. "Why would he do that?"

"My father believes he is protecting me. When in reality, he's making my life miserable. He only recently came back into my life after I thought he was dead for years. It's been a real shock," Lucy answered. This wouldn't endanger her pack, so she was free to discuss it. That's what she told herself anyway.

"You thought he was dead? How is that possible?" Smith asked. Lucy grew silent for a moment and studied the man. He had done nothing to show that he was cruel or heartless. He had two girls and had helped her so far. She decided to trust him with her dad's story. She launched into it, her senses staying tuned just in case they got visitors.

When Lucy was finally done talking, she was exhausted. It was dark outside and her body was starting to ache again. The story had taken a good hour, and even Smith looked tired.

"That was an interesting tale," he replied after some time. Lucy remained silent. "Well, it's getting late, let's get you in bed."

"Thank you, sir," Lucy said, smiling at the thought of lying down. Today had been rough for her.

"Let me get one of my girls so they can help you again. I can smell your heat coming on," Smith told her. Lucy nodded and stayed sitting down. Smith disappeared and Lucy let herself relax. Maybe she should ask this pack for help. What she really wanted at that moment though was Raice. Where was he? Was he on his way to find her?

It took Smith a while, but when he came back he was accompanied by a girl not much older than Lucy. They might even be the same age. Lucy smiled at the friendly expression on the girl's face.

"Hi, my name is Mabel, but everyone calls me May," the girl supplied.

"My name is Lucy," Lucy replied. May held out her hand and Lucy took it.

"Let's get you all fixed up."

"Sounds good to me," Lucy stated. She followed May down the hallway, her heart heavy in her chest. She heard a door open and then muffled voices. She turned around, but they were too far away for her to see who was in the room with Smith.

"Don't worry, my father will find your mate," May said softly. She tugged on Lucy's hand and Lucy noticed she had stopped walking. She offered an apology and then started moving again.

Aren was pissed. He had nearly been hit by a car and had lost his daughter. He followed her scent to the forest and was enraged to find two other male scents tracking her. He had been delayed by concerned citizens and had only recently made his escape. He hoped he wasn't too late.

When he made it to the spot the scents all tangled together, he was more beast than man. He left his wolf out to take in the scene. He sniffed all around. He could smell his daughter's heat and the arousal of the men, but no sex scents. He sighed and shifted back into his human form. His clothes were now shredded, and he cursed himself for being so stupid.

Following the scents on foot, Aren kept his senses tuned into the environment. He wasn't sure where they were and who owned this land. He only knew that if they had hurt his daughter in anyway, they would die. Every last one of them.

It took him about an hour, having almost lost the scent trail twice, but he found where they had taken his daughter. Some of the scents almost seemed familiar, but he couldn't place them.

He jerked back into the shadows as two wolves came streaming out of the house. They both reeked of Lucy and her heat scent. Aren almost went after them, but then he heard Lucy's voice.

"He should have been here by now," Lucy said. Aren's ears twitched. Was she talking about him… or her mate? He growled softly.

"Don't worry. I'm sure your mate will get here. My father and Jim will find him! That's a promise. They have their ways. Lie down and get some rest. I'm sure that by the time you wake in the morning he will be here," a strange female voice said. Aren's wolf growled. He was not about to let his daughter fall into her mate's hands. He had to get her away. It was the only way to protect her from what was about to happen. How could she not see that?

Shifting back to human form, Aren smiled. "I'm coming Lucy dear," he whispered before walking up to the back door.

Raice had found her scent! It had taken him most of the night to track her, especially with her riding in a car. When he had come across the accident his heart about burst. He had walked all around it and then finally picked up her scent. It went off into the woods. His panther pushed himself faster and tore after his mate's scent. He had only travelled a few hundred yards when his beast roared. There were male scents mixed with hers. He was going to kill them. Lucy was his!

He also caught Aren's scent. That man was a dead man walking. Raice was literally going to rip his head off his shoulders for stealing his mate away. His panther wholeheartedly agreed. It was just a matter of time. Lucy would forgive him… he hoped.

He had reached the place where the scents all tangled when he heard a howl in the distance. His panther's ears twitched and he stalked toward the sound. The scent of Lucy was getting stronger. It was mixed with her heat scent. Raice cursed. He needed to get to his mate before the heat became too much for her.

His mind was so preoccupied he didn't hear the wolf sneaking up on him. His mind was on Lucy and getting to his mate. The wolf tackled him to the ground and then disappeared into the shadows.

Raice roared and darted after the wolf. He reeked of Lucy. His panther was seeing red. The wolf was fast, but Raice was faster. He pounced and grabbed the wolf's hind haunches. The wolf gave a strangled cry and then went down. Raice's teeth dropped toward the wolf's neck, but he was thrown to the side when a different wolf slammed into him. This wolf also reeked of his mate.

The wolf on the ground took the advantage and bit into Raice's chest. Raice roared and swiped his paw across the wolf's face. The wolf whined and backed up. Before Raice could pounce a second time, a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"I know where Lucy is," a man's deep timbre voice stated. Raice jerked around and stalked forward. "Are you Raice?"

Raice stopped. Before he could think about it, he shifted back. He stood naked in front of this man, but he needed answers. "Where is my mate?" he growled. He took a step toward the strange man.

"She is back at my house with my daughters. They have been helping her control her pain. They have mastered a way to keep the heat at bay. If you follow us, we can lead you to her. We just wanted to make sure it was really you." Smith eyed him warily. "My name is Smith, and I am the alpha of this territory."

"Take me to my mate," Raice growled, his mind only focusing on the scent of his mate on this man. "Why do you reek of her?" Raice took two steps forward and got right up in Smith's face.

"I took the blanket she slept on and rubbed it on me and my friend. We needed to get your attention. I didn't know you were a panther or I never would have done it. You almost killed Jim," Smith spat angrily. "Your mate left that little detail out."

"I don't give a fuck! Take me to my mate," Raice grabbed the man by his throat and then threw him backwards. Smith growled and his fists clenched. Then Raice watched in fascination as the man controlled his facial expressions and kept calm.

"This way," he finally stated. Raice followed after him.

Raice could see houses in the distance, but Smith stopped and turned to face him. He put his hand on Raice's chest to stop him. "I will only take you farther if you promise not to hurt me or my pack. If I don't have your word, then you won't see your mate." Smith was adamant about this. Raice growled, but resisted the urge to backhand the man.

"You have my word. I only want my mate," he said softly, his rage barely controlled.

Smith nodded and then dropped his hand at his side. They had just started walking again when two female screams echoed around the silent night. Raice roared and Smith howled. They both shifted and took off toward the sound.

Trent took a step back and his heart started racing. How much had his brother seen or heard? "What are you doing here, Logan?" he asked.

"I could ask you the same question little brother," Logan replied. He had his arms crossed over his chest and a disappointed look on his face.

"I was just getting some air," Trent lied. He started walking away. He heard his brother following him. He turned to go the pack house instead of his own. He opened the door and left it open for Logan. He heard the door shut and then Logan was tackling him to the ground.

"You stupid idiot," Logan growled, pinning his brothers arms and hollering for Riven.

Riven and Drew came flying into the room. "What is going on?" Riven asked.

"My stupid little brother has been talking to our enemy. I caught him conversing with that alpha Aren warned us about." Logan got to his feet, letting his brother up. With three of them there now, they could easily handle Trent.

"Trent," Riven started. "Is this true?"

Trent couldn't believe his luck. How had Anthony not realized Logan was there? He was more experienced. Or had he? Did he want Trent to get caught? How much had Logan heard? Maybe he could get out of this.

"I don't know what he's talking about," Trent growled, sitting up. He glared at Logan. "What's your problem man?"

"Trent, I heard you. He killed Jaiden and you don't seem to care. You're working with him!" Logan yelled. His fists clenched and he barely contained his anger. What he really wanted to do was punch Trent in the face. The little bastard deserved it.

"I do care, you bastard. Jaiden was a friend of mine too," Trent growled.

"So you admit to talking with him?" Riven asked, his voice tired and disappointed. Trent couldn't take it anymore.

"He's a better alpha than you could ever be. Lucy was supposed to be mine. She's a wolf, not a panther. She shouldn't be with that pussy. I deserved her. Anthony was going to let me have her. He just wants Raice. You protecting him will be the end of you and this pack." Trent started laughing. And everyone in the room looked at him disgustedly.

"You gave up your friends, your family for a girl?" Logan asked, shocked. "How long have you been a part of this pack? Ever since you were a fucking baby! Riven has taken care of you, let you get away with a lot of stuff. You just sentenced your mother, your brothers, and your alpha to death. Lucy didn't even want you. You know she's in love with Raice. You let your jealously turn you against your pack. You are weak. You deserve banishment. You sicken me!"

Logan walked over to the door. He was about to open it, but decided that Riven and Drew might need him. They were going to have to lock Trent up.

When he glanced back at his brother, he could see that Trent was mulling over his words. "He won't hurt us. He promised that mother and you, Braiden, Michael and I would be okay." Trent sounded unsure even to his own ears.

Anthony was a cruel bastard, and had already killed Jaiden. He couldn't be trusted. Trent closed his eyes and buried his head in his hands. "What have I done?" he asked.

Riven shook his head, his face one of defeat. "Drew. Lock Trent in the basement. Logan, will you take first watch?" Logan nodded. Trent got to his feet and turned to face Drew.

"Lead the way. I won't fight you. I deserve this," he muttered. Drew looked at Riven and he nodded. Drew started walking, Trent following and Logan trailing behind.

"What could happen next?" Riven asked, walking down the hallway to his bedroom.

Candy was sitting in her room, her face soaked with tears. "Why Jaiden," she whispered. "Why did you leave me?"

Candy and Jaiden's parent's had died a long time ago. Riven was basically their father. They owed that man so much. Now Candy had no one. Jaiden was the only family she had left, and now he was gone.

Throwing herself onto her bed, she sobbed into her pillow. She just wanted to die. She had nothing to live for now. Her heart was broken. The man she thought she loved was the reason her brother was dead.

Drew was walking by Candy's door, headed for the back door when he heard her soft cries. His heart was breaking. Why couldn't Candy see that Jaiden's death wasn't her fault, nor his. It was just bad timing. He stopped and leaned his forehead against the door. He was going to knock, but knew that she'd just tell him to leave. He turned her door knob, glad to find it unlocked. He entered her room and closed the door softly behind him. He saw Candy lying on her bed, her face in her pillow, and her body shaking as sobs wracked her.

He walked over, kicked off his shoes, and pulled off his shirt. He left his jeans on. He knew he shouldn't be here, she was too young for him. She was only sixteen. He was almost twice her age at twenty three. But tonight he wanted to fall asleep with her in his arms. She was leaving soon and he would be damned if he let her leave without holding her one more time.

Candy didn't move as Drew climbed into the bed. It dipped under his weight and her body tilted towards his. He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her back against him. Her body fit perfectly against his. He sighed as he felt her stiffen against him.

Candy froze. She thought she was imagining Drew's scent in her room. Then when he pulled her toward him, she realized it was reality. She didn't know what to do. Part of her wanted to turn around and bury her face in his chest and let him hold her. The other part cursed him for letting Jaiden die. She had promised Jaiden she wouldn't let Drew in her heart.

Turning to face Drew, Candy opened her mouth to speak, but was stunned when she realized Drew was shirtless. She gulped and looked him up and down. Then her eyes met his and he smiled softly at her. Candy watched as he raised his hands and wiped the tears off of her face. Her eyes started watering and then she lost it.

Burying her face in his chest, Candy felt Drew's arms come around her. She wanted to hit him, to make him feel what she did, but she couldn't move. His arms felt too good around her and his heat was enveloping her. She didn't want to move.

Drew felt his eyes tear up. This girl's heart was broken, and he felt that he was responsible. Yes, Jaiden's death wasn't his fault, but he could have watched the boy more closely. He had been Drew's responsibility.

He wanted to say sorry, but was afraid that it would crush the moment and make Candy hate him. He kissed her forehead and listened to her crying stop. She relaxed in his arms and then slowly drifted to sleep. Drew stayed up another hour, relishing in the feel of Candy in his arms. When she moved, her thigh rubbed up against his dick and he felt himself grow hard. He hissed in a breath and cursed the timing.

It took him a good half hour before he was finally able to sleep. He drifted to sleep with Candy's scent in his nose and her warmth against him. He would never forget this night.


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