A War of the Heart

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Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen

Lucy screamed again as her father grabbed her and started pulling her towards the bedroom door. May was getting up from the floor where she had been thrown when the door flew open and hit her. She rubbed her butt and glared at Aren.

"Who are you? Let Lucy go!" May grabbed Lucy and started pulling her in the other direction. Aren, not expecting this, let Lucy go. Lucy tumbled back into May and they both ended up on the floor.

Aren growled and grabbed Lucy again. This time he threw her over his shoulder. "You are coming with me, daughter, and you're going to like it."

May stared at them in shock. This was the girl's father? He was treating her like crap! That was no way for a father to act.

"Let her go," May shouted. Before she could do anything, there was a loud noise and then a panther and a wolf came barreling toward them. May instantly recognized her father, but the panther was a surprise. She wondered if it was Lucy's mate.

Lucy saw Raice running toward her and she started kicking her father. Aren grunted and grabbed her legs, but didn't put her down. "Let me go! Raice, help me!" Lucy shouted.

Raice roared and shifted back to his human form. He stalked forward, Smith following him in his human form. "What is going on here?" Smith asked, taking control of the situation.

"My father is trying to kidnap me again," Lucy said in exasperation. Smith looked at Aren with raised eyebrows.

"Why do you insist on kidnapping your daughter when it is obvious that she doesn't like your treatment of her and wants to be with her mate?" Smith asked, his anger evident.

"I will not let my daughter be murdered because of her association with that bastard. His father is camped out on her pack's territory just waiting to attack. I'm trying to protect her, but she can't see that." Aren set Lucy down and pushed her away from him. "I'm done trying to help. Raice can get you home. I'm out of here."

Aren tried to pass, but Raice stopped him. He stood in front of him, growling low in his throat. Lucy looked anxiously at Smith. She didn't want her mate attacking her father. She was pissed at her father, but she didn't want him getting hurt. She kind of understood where he was coming from now, and only wished he would have explained himself earlier.

"Dad," Lucy tested, the name coming strangely to her, especially where Aren was involved. "Why can't you see that I'm not a little girl anymore? I'm a grown woman and can make my own decisions. You have to let me go. You haven't been in my life until just now. You can't expect me to easily accept you and do as you think is best. I've been living on my own for years now and I'm fully capable of making my own decisions. You have to let me grow up. I can't be your baby girl."

Aren studied his daughter and then looked back at Raice. He sighed. "Fine. We can head back. I'll stay and fight. I just wish that I could have found you at a different time and we could have had a different relationship."

Smith sighed, glad that things were clearing up. He looked at May and she nodded at him. He was glad his daughter wasn't hurt. He would have killed Lucy's father.

"What was this about someone being under attack?" Smith asked. Aren looked at him, sizing him up. They stared each other down, neither willing to submit first. They started growling and Lucy and May interceded.

"My pack is going to be attacked by Raice's father. He is after my mate and wants to kill him. He may even try to take over our pack, if he doesn't kill us all first. We are outnumbered, and not trained to fight. We're going to get massacred." Lucy moved closer to Raice. Raice sidestepped Aren and made his way over to Lucy. He wrapped his arms around her and crushed his lips to hers. He pulled her tight against him and dared anyone to say anything.

"Aren, can I speak with you a second?" Smith asked. Aren looked at Lucy and Raice and then nodded. They both left the room.

"I'm going to give you two some privacy," May said, a blush on her face. Lucy opened her mouth to tell her she was sorry, but Raice silenced her with a kiss and a growl at May.

May jumped and then darted toward the door. She shut it behind her and Lucy could hear her footsteps disappearing down the hallway. She looked up at Raice and smiled at him.

"I missed you, my love," Raice said, pushing Lucy's hair off her face. Lucy's heart stuttered. He had just used the "L" word. She didn't know whether to kiss him, or to say it back. Raice chose for her, crushing his lips to hers and backing her up toward the bed.

His panther was demanding that he claim his mate. He was already hard and he could smell Lucy's heat starting to pick up.

"Raice, it would be rude," Lucy spoke against his lips. He growled at her and lowered her onto the bed. He disposed of her clothes and then looked her up and down as she lay bare before him.

"Mine," he said, and then proceeded to show her just that.

Aren and Smith were on the other end of the house discussing they could help each other out. "Would you be willing to let my pack help yours out?" Smith asked.

"It's not my pack. I'm a loner, having no pack to call my own. My daughter's alpha's name is Riven. He lives not far from you." Aren shrugged like being a loner was no big deal.

"Do you think Riven would be willing to accept my help?" Smith asked.

"Why would you endanger your pack?" Aren asked, actually intrigued. No alpha did another alpha a favor unless they wanted something in return.

"I see that you really care about your daughter and that you don't want anything to happen to her. I have two daughters myself. I don't want them to get hurt. If this crazy man takes over Riven's pack, and you say he lives near me, then what's to stop him from taking over mine next? It will give me a chance to branch out and meet some other alphas. I've kept my pack pretty secluded, and I think I could be keeping my daughters from their mates. Maybe one of them has a mate in Riven's pack. They need to meet men their age." Smith took a seat on the edge of the couch arm.

"If you want, you can follow us to Lucy's pack in the morning, and talk to Riven yourself. I can't make any decisions for him." Aren started toward the front door. "I'll be back early to take my daughter home."

Smith watched the strange loner walk out his door, not looking back. He shook his head. That Aren was a mystery. He didn't know if he was a good guy, or someone that liked being on their own. Oh well, he didn't need to worry himself with the loner, he had a meeting to plan and had to figure out what to say to Riven tomorrow.

Lucy woke the next morning with a hand thrown over her stomach and a face resting on her chest. She opened her eyes and smiled down at Raice's sleeping face. He looked so innocent when he was asleep. His hair was getting long and she ran her fingers through it.

"Good morning," Raice said, his voice husky with sleep. Lucy grabbed his head and gently pulled him up for a kiss.

"Good morning," she replied. Raice sat up and stretched. Lucy enjoyed the view. He shot her a smirk and she couldn't help the blush that covered her cheeks.

"Let's get you dressed and find me some clothes. We need to get back to the pack." Raice climbed off the bed, reaching his hand out to help his mate down. When her feet touched the ground, Lucy was pulled into a strong chest and Raice kissed her softly. She could feel his erection pressing against her stomach, and couldn't hold back the laugh.

"I don't think you really want to go home yet," she scolded. Raice just shrugged and kissed her again. Lucy pulled away to get dressed. She could feel Raice's eyes on her ass as she bent over to grab the shirt he had thrown to the side.

After dressing and finding Raice some clothes, they made their way into the living room where Smith was sitting, a coffee cup in hand. "Good morning," he said.

"Morning," Lucy said, a smile on her face. She and Raice sat down and the silence was starting to grow awkward. Just then May appeared with a tray with three coffee cups in her hands. She smiled at Lucy and Raice and stopped in front of them. She leaned down and they took two of the cups. May grabbed the last cup and then lowered the tray to her side. She set it on the arm of the chair and then sat down.

"Father, do you really have to leave?" May asked. "Can't I, or Abeline go with you?"

"Where are you going?" Lucy asked. Raice put his hand on her thigh and she distractedly looked down at it. He gave his hand a tight squeeze and smiled at her.

"I'm accompanying you back to your pack. I'm going to speak with Riven about helping you out with your problem," Smith answered Lucy. Then he turned to his daughter. "Maybe after I know this alpha a little better we can all go. Until then, you're not to leave this territory. I need to know that my daughters are safe."

"Dad, you worry too much about us," a new voice said. Lucy looked up at the mirror image of Mabel. They were definitely twins. "Hi, I'm Abeline."

"Hi sister," May said. "This is Lucy and her mate Raice."

"Nice to meet you," Lucy said politely. She watched as Abeline walked over and sat on her dad's lap. Lucy felt a pan of jealousy. She wished she had her father back, even if he wasn't her biological one.

"Now, what's this about us being safe?" Abeline asked. Smith sighed and then told her about the situation.

"Why are we getting involved?" Abeline asked.

"Yes, that's the question I was going to ask," Raice said, speaking up for the first time. His coffee was halfway gone and his hand had stopped rubbing my leg.

"Like I told Aren last night, there's no telling that this man will just stop at your pack. He could take over your pack and then make his way to mine. I can't chance that. I'd rather stop him before that. I have my daughters to think of. They could even find their mates with one of the males in your pack. It's a chance I'm willing to take for their happiness," Smith explained. It grew quiet in the room and then both May and Abeline started talking at once.

Smith had just shushed them when Aren's presence became known. He cleared his throat and stood taking in the scene. "It's time to go. I have gotten us a means of transportation."

"Lead the way," Smith said, ignoring the looks his daughters were shooting him. "I'm ready."

"Riven, someone's coming up the drive," Braiden's voice woke Riven up. He groaned and looked at the clock. It was 9:00, but he felt like it was earlier. He was exhausted, but happy for the little amount of sleep he had managed.

"I'm coming," he called. Braiden's footsteps could be heard going back down the hallway.

Riven didn't know who it was. The man picking up Candy wasn't due till this afternoon. He had plans until after 2:00. Maybe it was Aren bringing Lucy home. He had no clue.

After getting dressed quickly, skipping his shower till later, Riven made his way to the living room. "Who is it?" he asked Braiden who was peeking out the window.

"I don't know, I can't see them yet." Braiden grew quiet. "They're getting out of the car now."

"Well?" Riven asked after a moment.

"It's Lucy, Raice, Aren, and some strange man. They're coming up the steps now," Braiden said, lowering his voice toward the end. Riven nodded and then waited for them to enter.

The door was opened and Raice came in first. Lucy followed him and then Aren came in trailed by the stranger. The door was closed and then everyone looked toward Riven.

"Well? What's going on?" Riven asked. "Who is this?"

"My name is Smith, and I'm an alpha of a pack north of here," Smith explained. Riven raised his eyebrows.

"No offense, but why are you here?" he asked suspiciously.

"I'm the one that found Lucy and took her in. When her father came to get her and her mate showed up, I was told what the situation was like down here. I've come to ask your permission to help you out." Smith waited for Riven's reaction.

"Riven, before you say no, I think you should consider it," Aren spoke. Riven's gaze flew to him.

"Why?" Riven asked, curious.

"You are outnumbered, and out matched. Your men know how to fight, but nothing extreme. They would easily be killed. You have nothing to lose, and this man is asking for nothing in return." Aren stepped back and watched Riven's gaze drift back to Smith.

"You really want nothing in return?" Riven asked, crossing his arms. "Why do you want to help us?"

"Why don't we go somewhere private where we can talk, alpha to alpha," Smith suggested. Riven looked around the room and then nodded.

"This way."

Lucy watched her uncle lead Smith down the hallway. She turned to Raice. "I'm hungry," she said.

"Me too." Braiden moved forward. "I always am though. Let me cook us something."

"I think she was implying that she wanted me to cook," Raice growled, shooting Braiden a glare.

"You know my cooking's better than yours," Braiden teased.

"Children," Aren mumbled before turning and disappearing out the door.

Candy woke to her back against something warm and moving. She started to jerk away and then realized that there was an arm around her waist, holding her to the moving object. Turning her head, she saw Drew's face. She relaxed and couldn't keep the smile off her face. She turned all the way around until her chest was pressed against his. She reached out and put her hands on the top of his chest. Drew's eyes shot open and he looked down at her.

"You shouldn't be here," Candy whispered.

"I know," Drew replied.

Candy's hands dipped down and she leaned back to give herself access to his smooth skin. She ran her hands down his chest, skimming his nipples and making him suck in a breath. She smiled and then her hands landed on his stomach. She traced a circle around his belly button and then traced the edge of his pants.

"We can't," Drew said quickly. He grabbed Candy's hand and moved his legs to hide his erection. This girl was going to be the death of him. If Riven found out that he had spent the night in here, he'd kill him. Drew closed his eyes.

Candy studied Drew's face, watching the emotions pass over his eyes before he closed them. Did he regret staying with her last night? Did she do something wrong? Before she missed her chance and could think on her actions, Candy leaned forward and pressed her lips against his.

At first Drew remained unmoving under her lips. Candy almost pulled away, but then got a better idea. She traced his lips with her tongue and pressed against them, asking for entrance.

Drew didn't move. He knew that if he kissed her back it would be all over. His wolf was already riding him. Mate. It said. Yea right. Drew didn't believe it. It was just reacting to a female that was willing.

When Candy drew his lip into her mouth and bit down, Drew lost it. He grabbed the back of her head and opened his mouth. His tongue shoved into her mouth and then it was a battle for dominance. Candy's hands rested on Drew's chest and she moaned. Drew growled. He pushed Candy back and then swung his leg over until he was resting on his knees and arms above her.

"You play with fire," he growled, his eyes gone black. Candy smiled at him.

"Maybe I like to get burned," she replied, grabbing the back of his neck and crushing her lips to his. Drew lowered himself until his stomach rested between her thighs. His hands moved to the side of her shirt and he slipped underneath. Candy shivered and wrapped her legs around his waist. Drew's hand did a circle on her stomach and then grazed the bottom of her breast. She wasn't wearing a bra and he growled his approval. He sucked her lip into her mouth and bit down gently.

Candy reached down, grabbed Drew's hand and placed it on her breast. She was aching for him. She had never felt like this before. He was causing her to feel like a woman instead of the girl she was treated like. She wasn't breakable like everyone said. She wanted to feel like this all the time.

When Drew pinched her nipple her back bowed off the bed and she moaned into his mouth. Drew's hand cupped her and then started to knead it gently. After a few moments he moved to the other one. Candy was turning to putty in his hands.

"More," Candy moaned. It was all it took for Drew to realize what he was doing. He jerked back and looked down at her in horror.

"This is wrong," he mumbled. He jumped off her, climbing off the bed. He ran his fingers through his hair, staring at her. Then he bent over, grabbed his shirt and socks and took off running. He flew out of her door, slamming it behind him.

Candy stared after him in shock. Her mouth was swollen from his lips and bite, and her breasts ached for his touch. She felt like she had been kicked in the stomach. Never again.

"Never again," she promised herself, the tears flowing freely.


Here's the other chapter I promised! I have some things to tell you all! I am planning on having this story finished by the 14th of January, but I can't promise that. The reason for the random date is because I start my second Semester on the 14th and school will cause me to have less updates!

The next news is that this is the first in a five book series! (Hopefully). The next book will be either Trent's or Braiden's. I'm unure. If I do Trent's, then Braiden's will be after than then Michael and lastly Candy's. Candy's needs to be last because she needs to get older and I need years to pass!

Which would you want first? Braiden or Trent? Let me know!

Thanks all!


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