A War of the Heart

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Chapter 5

Chapter Five

Lucy screamed and waited for the weight to hit her. She put her hands in front of her face, dropping the towel and closing her eyes. In the next instant, she felt arms wrap around her and the momentum sent her flying backward. She expected to hit the ground, but her body was turned suddenly and she fell heavily against a warm body.

She gasped as her breath left her and she heard the person beneath her curse under his breath. She lay there a moment, too stunned to move before she remembered she was naked and pressed chest to chest with this fine male specimen. She started squirming to get away, but the strong arms around her tightened.

She slowly looked up into her captor's face and gasped. His eyes were completely black, just like Raice's were yesterday. She felt a shiver crawl over her skin and the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. His teeth were no longer sharp and Lucy wondered if she'd imagined it.

"You smell…amazing," the man whispered huskily in her ear. Lucy was terrified. What did this man want from her? Why was he in the bathroom with her? She knew one thing, she wanted him to let go.

Lucy glared at the man and was reminded once again how naked she was. The man licked his lips as he surveyed her body. She felt her face flush in embarrassment and she started wiggling.

"Baby, if you don't stop moving, this situation is about to become a very intimate one," he smiled before continuing on. "My name is Michael. What's yours?"

"Let go of me. I need to get dressed and we are way too close for comfort at the moment." Lucy could feel his erection poking her in the leg and she cursed her body for growing slightly aroused. She felt her nipples harden and knew he could feel them too.

"I can smell your arousal. You know you want me, baby. Let me fuck you good and hard. I bet you've never had someone as good as me. I'll treat you real good. I'll fuck you with my mouth, then my fingers. Finally I'll push my cock into your damp wet heat and have you screaming my name by the time I'm done with you," he coaxed, his voice sounding husky with desire.

Lucy was horrified as her body came alive and her pussy grew damp. Part of her wanted to punch him in the face, but he tightened his arms just as she went to lift an arm. She heard footsteps running down the hall and prayed that it was Raice or Riven. She needed out of this situation and fast before her body turned even more against her.

A growl filled the air and she felt the body against her vibrate. Lucy was shocked into utter silence realizing the growl was coming from deep in Michael's chest. She thought back to the conversation she had with Riven last night. What stuck out in her mind was when he said they were werewolves. That little bit of information overwhelmed her and she ended up passing out. She was embarrassed, but who wouldn't faint when someone told them they were a werewolf.

Could what Riven told her be true? Was it possible for them to be werewolves? She scoffed, wanting to mentally slap herself. Why would she believe them? There was no proof. Michael probably just did that to scare her. There was no way he had a wolf inside of him just waiting to get out. Was there?

Lucy didn't want to be around in case he really did turn out to be a werewolf. She began struggling in earnest against him. Michael growled again and someone answered him from the other side of the door. Suddenly there was a thump against the door. They apparently didn't remember there wasn't a lock on the door.

"Back the fuck off Raice, she's mine," Michael ground out through clenched teeth. Lucy could feel his muscles tense beneath her. How did he know Raice was the one throwing himself against the door? Why wasn't Michael running in fear? Raice didn't seem to be someone who took orders well and wouldn't give up trying to get to her.

"Raice, hurry," she called desperately. Michael leaned forward and growled in her face. She watched his eyes bleed blacker and fear crept down her spine. She grew still, wanting to fight but knowing she shouldn't. Before she could think, Michael had her under him and his body was pressed intimately against hers. She couldn't suppress the moan that came out of her mouth when she felt his erection prod her aching clit. He was so close to entering her.

The next moment fled so quickly she almost didn't have a chance to register it. The door splintered in and a roar ripped across the air. Michael was ripped from her and she was grabbed in a warm protective embrace. She could feel the body holding her shaking profusely, and knew it was Raice by his scent.

"I'm going to kill you," Raice roared. Lowering Lucy to the ground, Raice stalked toward Michael, his shoulders stiff and his head lowered as his focus bore into the other man. Lucy felt her body grow excited and she imagined him stalking her like that. He was a very dominating man. She licked her lips and squeezed her legs together to keep her arousal at bay.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" a voice demanded. Lucy looked up and saw another man who looked exactly like Michael. "Michael! What did you do this time dumbass? Raice looks pissed and about to kick your scrawny ass."

The twin definitely had a potty mouth. Lucy rolled her eyes. This was just a shitty day so far and it didn't look like it was about to be any better. She moved to rest her back against the wall, in reach of the towel rack, and noticed Michael's twin's eyes following her. He must have been Braiden. He eyed her body up and down and took a step forward. He didn't make it far before Raice was in front of him and growling in his face.

"Don't even think about it," Raice said. He backed up until he was straddling Lucy's legs. Without looking, he grabbed a towel and threw it at her. "Wrap that around you."

Lucy did what he said without a word. Even if he hadn't commanded she do it, she had been planning on it anyway. It was hard to get the towel to wrap completely around her since she was sitting down, but she managed to cover the most important regions.

Raice turned, showing the other two males his back and reached out a hand to help Lucy to her feet. She held onto the towel with one hand and took his hand with the other. When she was on her feet she slid on the wet floor and stumbled into Raice's arms.

"Sorry," she mumbled, her face turning pink to display her embarrassment. She looked at the floor and started toward the door. She didn't get far before she noticed that Raice wasn't following her. She turned and observed him staring at Michael.

"Bro, this chica is hot," Michael said. Braiden nodded and smirked. Raice didn't flinch. He stood scrutinizing Michael with his hands clenched into fists at his sides. "I want to taste her. I can still smell her arousal in the air and it's turning me on."

That was when Raice lost control. He launched himself at Michael just as Riven grabbed Lucy's shoulders and pushed her behind him into the hallway.

Just as Riven approached the door to the bathroom he saw Raice launch himself through the air and land on Braiden. The man started punching Braiden in the face .The odds turned when Michael jumped on Raice's back. One to one was Raice's specialty and he won every time. Two against one was a harder fight, and it would be interesting to see who won, but Riven didn't have time to let it pan out.

"That's enough," Riven yelled, transferring his alpha power into the command. The men stopped fighting and turned to face him. All their eyes were black and he could sense their animals on the surface. "Get control of yourselves."

"What's going on?" Candy asked, poking her head from her door down the hall. Jaiden was close behind, their faces filled with curiosity.

"Candy, take Jaiden and go back into your bedroom. Don't come out till we're gone. I don't want anyone accidentally hurt." Riven turned his attention back to Michael as soon as he heard the door click shut. "You and your brother follow me to my office. Now.

"Raice, you and Lucy go to the den and wait for me there. Lucy get some clothes on," Riven commanded. He was too aggravated to care how his voice came across. Having no sleep was killing his mood.

"Riven, you have some explaining to do. We didn't get to finish our conversation," Lucy started, but was interrupted.

"Stop talking and do as I say," Riven growled, putting some of his authority into his voice. Raice growled and started toward Lucy.

"Don't talk to her like that, she just wants some answers," Raice voiced. Lucy looked at him and Riven could see the hurt on her face.

"I'm sorry Lucy, I'm just really tired and don't want to mess with all this. Please get some clothes on and meet me in the den. We'll talk then. Michael, Braiden, let's go." Riven turned, knowing the other two men would follow.

Raice reached for Lucy's hand and smiled when she took it. She was so tiny, but had a lot of backbone. She stood up to a male werewolf and held her own pretty well. He was proud of her. Michael walked by and blew Lucy a kiss. Raice held his beast in check, knowing there was no competition when it came to Lucy, but still snarled at him just the same.

Braiden was the next to walk by and he was definitely braver. Instead of giving her an air kiss or a wave, Braiden slapped Lucy on the ass and took off running down the hall. Raice felt the snarl rise from deep within and only Lucy's hand in his kept him from changing into his animal form and chasing after Braiden. His panther demanded retribution. The man would definitely pay later, that was for damn sure.

"I'm sorry about all this," Raice apologized. He led Lucy into the bathroom and watched her gather up her clothes.

"It's fine. It's a lot to take in. I'm just not used to all this male attention," Lucy said, shrugging it off. Raice could hear her heart pounding and her emotions were going haywire, but she hid it well. On the outside she looked very calm and composed. It was something he would have to work on with her. He wanted her to open up and tell him things, not try to hide them with a mask.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked, wanting her to trust him.

"I'll be fine after Riven explains things, I'm sure. I just feel like my body isn't my own at the moment and just need some space. Do you care to step in the hall while I change?" she asked.

Part of Raice wanted to stay and see once more what was under that towel. The few glimpses he got before were imprinted in his mind and he would definitely picture them later. Knowing she wouldn't appreciate giving him a show, Raice nodded and walked out into the hall. He waited until she closed the door before leaning back and banging his head against the wall. He was so stupid.

I'm never going to let her out of my sight. She attracts danger like a moth to flame. Raice's panther agreed fully with him. Our mate needs us to watch over her. If we didn't hear her scream, she could be mated to someone else right now.

When Raice seen the position Braiden had been in, he saw red. He would have killed him if Michael hadn't come along and if Lucy wouldn't have been naked in front of them. He wanted to cover her up and make sure she was safe before attacking. That was his priority. Riven ruined his plans for the moment, but the twins would pay dearly for what they did and Braiden would pay the most.

When Lucy came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, she was fully dressed and had brushed her hair. He assumed she used Candy's brush under the sink. He inhaled her scent and cringed when she reeked of Braiden. He felt his panther rise to the surface and growl, demanding he make her smell like him.

Moving on auto pilot, Raice grabbed Lucy and pulled her into his arms. He placed his head on her shoulder and breathed her in. He could feel her heart rate jump and smell her immediate arousal. His cock went hard and he ached to be inside of her.

"You smell like Braiden. I am going to kill him for what he did," Raice promised her. He felt her shiver and then she pushed him away.

"I can take care of myself. I don't need you to do anything," she said, backing away from him and heading the wrong way down the hall. The den was in the opposite direction.

"The den is the other way," Raice called after her. She stopped and he could imagine her face turning red. She turned and keeping her head down, walked passed him. She made sure not to touch or brush up against him.

He begrudgingly followed after her, wishing he could find some relief for his rock hard cock. This girl was going to kill him with her mood swings. She obviously wanted him, but pushed him away. What was going on? He shook his head, there was no understanding a woman.

Lucy wanted to run and hide in her room. She wanted to be home, in her own bed and let her thoughts run free. What was she going to do? Her body felt like it was being pulled in a hundred different directions. Part of her wanted to call her sister to check on her. Another wanted her to finish what Braiden started. She also wanted to run and jump in Raice's arms and let him have his way with her. She seemed to be super horny and was embarrassed. That was part of the reason she pushed Raice away.

She felt him grow hard and his cock press against her thigh. It made her wet and want to rub her crotch against his cock. She could imagine him thrusting into her, dominating her as she screamed out his name when she came. It was making her pant just thinking about it.

But she had only known Raice for a very short amount of time. There was no way in hell she was about to sleep with the dude. What was wrong with her? Her emotions and body were against her mind. She reacted to the simplest touch and her breasts ached.

She wanted to take this shirt off and lay in her bed completely naked. She needed relief, but knew she wouldn't find that here. She would have to suck it up and let it run its course; no matter how hard that was and how tempting those sexy men were. It was also strange to her that they all wanted her. Normally that was Mindy. It was different for Lucy to be the center of attention and it was kind of unnerving but fun at the same time. She had some kind of power of these male and maybe it was time she used it to her advantage. She deserved it after everything that had happened to her.

"Take a right," Raice murmured causing Lucy to jump and grab her chest, regretting the action almost immediately. She had almost forgotten he was following her. When she turned she could have sworn his eyes were completely black. She shrugged it off and turned to the right.

After another turn and a long hallway, Lucy found herself in the den. It was quite large and had enough chairs and couches to hold about ten people comfortably. It was dark, with no windows to let light in. The carpet was soft between her toes and the couch sunk in when she sat down. She watched as Raice made his way to one of the chairs against the far wall. The picture above his head looked a little crooked and she resisted the urge to fix it.

Eyeing the remote, Lucy wondered what was going on in the news. She wanted to turn on the large TV to find out, but didn't know if she was allowed. Now that she knew Riven was her uncle and that she was his niece, did that change things? She had no clue and didn't want to ask Raice.

Watching him out of the corner of her eye, Lucy could tell he was a little angry, maybe even hurt by her earlier rejection. She knew she should apologize, or even say something, but she kept her mouth closed. The silence lengthened and she felt like she was about to burst. They sat for a long time, saying nothing.

She was about to get up and leave when Riven finally made an appearance. He smiled at her, showing how weary he was when that smile turned into a yawn. He apparently didn't sleep at all last night.

"Lucy, do you care if Raice stays, or would you rather have this conversation in private?" Riven asked, taking a seat in the middle of the room.

"What exactly are we going to talk about?" Lucy asked nervously. Part of her wanted Raice gone, but the bigger part of her wanted him there because his presence made her feel protected and safe.

"Well last night, you kind of fainted toward the end of my story. I'm going to elaborate more on what I told you," Riven answered.

"You mean the part about you saying that I'm a werewolf and you are too?" she asked, laughing the matter off.

"Yes, actually, that's a part of it. I'm being serious when I tell you that, Lucy." Riven shifted positions and then turned to face Raice. "Will you get Jaiden for me?"

Raice nodded and got to his feet. When he passed by Lucy, his leg brushed hers and she felt her nipples harden and her chest felt heavy. She felt her face flush and kept her eyes away from Riven. She felt like he knew exactly what her body was doing and was extremely embarrassed.

"Please start explaining," Lucy pulled her feet under her, getting more comfortable on the couch. "Why do you need Jaiden?"

"What would you like to know first? Do you want me to elaborate more on the story, or the fact that we are werewolves? Jaiden is going to help me prove a point." Riven eyed her, watching for her reaction. She kept her face blank and her body still.

"The werewolf factor would be a great starting place," she responded. Riven's eyebrow went up, but that was the only reaction she got from him. He was about to say something when the phone rang.

He sighed and went to answer it. When he did, his face drained of color and he turned to look at Lucy. Lucy knew in her heart something was seriously wrong. Was it her sister? Had something happened?

When Riven hung up the phone, he stood a moment before turning to face her. Lucy felt her heart start racing, and braced herself for terrible news.

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