A War of the Heart

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Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

"Lucy…" someone's voice called as she stirred from deep sleep. She stretched her arms, bent backwards and thrust her chest out. She wiped her eyes and then glanced around. She was sitting at a table full of people. She gasped and her face turned a cherry red.

"How long have I been asleep?" she asked, feeling like it had only been seconds.

"Well I think it was thirty minutes, but I could be mistaken," Riven answered with a smile. She smiled weakly and crossed her arms over her chest. "Lucy I know you haven't met everyone, so let me introduce them. You know Jaiden and Candy." He pointed to them at the end of the table. They waved and smiled at her.

"You know Trent, Michael, and Braiden." He pointed to the three spots to the left of Jaiden. Lucy nodded and then her gaze flew to the man sitting next to Braiden. "That is Logan. He's the oldest of the four."

"Hi Lucy, it's nice to meet you," Logan said, smiling at her. She returned his smile. He was cute, but a little too old for her taste. He had a beard that made his face look rugged. His blue eyes were a sharp contrast to his long black hair. It was a shaggy look that made him look younger than he was. His smile lit up his face and made his eyes twinkle. Lucy couldn't help but blush.

"You also know Drew. The man sitting next to him is his younger brother Chris. He's a couple years older than Jaiden," Riven explained next.

Chris was like a mini Drew. They both had the same hair color, though Drew's hair was shorter. The green eyes were identical with a lot of pain in their depths. Lucy smiled timidly at Chris, but got nothing in reply except a short nod.

There were only two empty seats at the table and they were the ones on both sides of Lucy. Raice was nowhere in sight and it seemed like everyone was avoiding her like the plague.

"Sorry I'm late, Riven," Raice spoke softly after entering the room. His eyes were on the empty seats next to Lucy. He walked toward her and took the one between her and Chris.

"Let's eat," Riven announced reaching for the eggs.

Throughout the meal Lucy noticed that Trent and his brothers kept glaring at Raice. It was disconcerting and made her nervous. What was their problem? When they caught Lucy glaring at them, they always avoided eye contact with her. Had she done something wrong also?

When Riven asked Raice and her to clean up, she was actually looking forward to it. She wanted to apologize to Raice and this would be the perfect opportunity. She also wanted to know what happened outside. Why had those wolves showed up? Was it because of her?

Carrying the dishes to the sink, Lucy noticed that Raice kept his distance and refrained from bumping into her. When they would pass by each other he hugged the wall and made sure they never touched. It was seriously pissing her off.

"What is your problem? I'm sorry for earlier okay. I'm having a rough ass day and I keep finding out all this shit and am expected to just accept it. Well guess what, I can't. It's hard damn it!" she ground out. She had her hands clenched at her sides and she could feel her fingernails digging into her palm.

"I'm giving you space. It's what you asked for," Raice responded calmly. He went on cleaning the table nonchalantly. Lucy growled and took off down the hallway. If he was going to be an ass she wasn't about to stay around. But she knew she was mainly pissed at herself for pushing Raice away. Let him finish the dishes by himself.

Raice cursed himself under his breath. His mate wanted to talk, that was obvious, and he pushed her away. Now it was his fault, not hers. He threw the dishes into the sink, not caring if they broke or not. He gripped the counter with his hands, pushing his panther down. It demanded he run after his mate and demand she see reason. She was his; that was all that mattered. Why couldn't she understand that?

Closing his eyes, Raice drew a long breath, loving the scent that was uniquely Lucy's. It hovered in the air around him like perfume. But he desperately wanted her to smell like him. He wanted to wake up with her in his bed, his scent coating her skin after a night of rough sex. The barrage of mental images those thoughts brought on caused Raice's cock to go hard instantly. He was in the middle of fixing his pants when someone walked in.

"Raice, where's Lucy?" Riven asked, glancing down at the raging hard on that was difficult for Raice to hide. Raice kept the blush off his face. It was none of Riven's business. Riven cocked an eyebrow at him, but said nothing.

"She took off toward the front door. What do you need?" Raice asked. He kept his attitude in check, not wanting to give Riven another reason to punish him.

"I was making sure she wasn't around so I could talk to you," Riven answered calmly. He leaned back against the counter, crossing his arms over his chest.

"What's up?" Raice asked, sighing. He knew what this was about. It had been a long time coming.

"I've kept your secret this long, but I won't any longer. I can't. Unless you tell me the whole story behind your past, I will have to tell the pack your secret. Trent was right when he said I was lying to the pack. As an alpha I have to make some judgment calls. Because of Lucy things have changed. I need to know exactly who my niece is getting involved with and who I'm protecting. I can't trust you with the safety of my pack if you don't trust me. I'm giving you a warning. If you don't tell me your whole story, I'll be forced to kick you out of the pack. I'm sorry, but my pack comes first." Riven let his words sink in a moment before leaving the kitchen.

Raice stood in deep silence a moment before clenching his fist and punching the wall as hard as he could with a roar. His hand went through the wall, leaving a hole the size of a watermelon. "Shit."

Head lowered in defeat, Raice started down the hallway to Riven's office. It was time for the truth to come out. He knew what would happen, but he had to trust his alpha and the decision Riven would make after hearing his gruesome tale.

Lucy soon found herself on the front porch. She leaned on the banister and put her face in her hands. She didn't hear anyone approach, but a throat being cleared signaled someone was outside with her. She jerked her head up and turned to find Braiden smiling at her. Well she thought it was Braiden. It could have been Michael. She couldn't them apart yet.

"Which one are you?" she asked.

"Wow, you wound me. How could you not recognize this handsome face?" he asked mockingly, grabbing his chest in fake pain. Lucy rolled her eyes.

"You're definitely Braiden. What are you doing out here?" she asked resuming her previous position. She heard Braiden's footsteps as he approached her. They stopped just to the left of her and then she felt the banister move as he took the same position as her.

She turned her head just enough to see him out of the corner of her eye. "What do you want?" she asked.

"I'm just making sure nothing happens to you. It's not safe out here without an escort. Raice or Riven would have my ass if one hair on your pretty little head was harmed. I got to watch my own ass honey." Braiden smiled at her bumping her with his hips. She smiled and bumped him back.

He grinned before hitting her hard enough to cause her to stumble to the side. She glared at him before saying, "It's on."

She rushed at Braiden and hit him with the full force of her body. He only stumbled a tiny bit, but it was enough to send both of them flying down the stairs and landing on the grass. Lucy sucked in air as she tried to refill her lungs. She sat up on her legs and placed her hands on her knees.

"You big oaf! How'd you manage to move a big ass like me?" Braiden asked, laughing and spreading his hands and legs out. "If this was snow I'd make a snow angel."

"You are such a pansy," Lucy mumbled, climbing to her feet.

"Excuse me?" Braiden asked, slowly getting to his feet. He stared at Lucy and she slowly turned to face him.

"You heard me?" she asked innocently. She realized that he was providing just the distraction she needed to get her mind off everything. She just needed to relax and have some innocent fun.

"You're going to pay for that," he growled. He darted forward, but missed Lucy as she sprinted away from him, her laugh echoing back to reach his ears. "I'm going to get you."

Lucy pushed her body as fast it could go, loving the wind blowing in her hair. She was enjoying herself. She needed this after the fight with Raice. She jumped over a fallen log as she made her way into the thick forest. She had no clue where she was running to, but she knew that she couldn't let Braiden catch her.

She heard a creek ahead and hoped it wasn't too wide. She was almost to the creek when she realized she couldn't hear Braiden following her. She slowed and surveyed the forest. Coming to a stop, she caught her breath, happy she had out run him.

Lucy sat down on a fallen tree stump and listened as the wind blew the leaves of the trees and a bird called to its mate. She was about to head back to the house when she noticed the forest grow eerily quiet. She looked around trying to find what had scared everything into silence.

When she saw nothing, she got to her feet and started walking back the way she came. She hoped she was going in the right direction, definitely not wanting to get lost in an unknown environment. She took a tentative step forward when a twig snapped to her left. Her head jerked in that direction and her eyes darted around trying to find the source.

"Braiden this isn't funny," she called tentatively. Another twig snapped and then a shape came barreling out of the woods and right toward her. Not having time to even scream, Lucy closed her eyes and braced herself for impact.

She heard someone laughing and opened her eyes slowly. When she saw Braiden bent over and holding his stomach she clenched her fist and moved toward him.

"You should have seen your face," he said, laughing so hard it was difficult to understand what he was saying. He stood up and Lucy gasped.

"You're naked," she stuttered. She averted her eyes, looking anywhere but at Braiden. "What happened to your clothes?"

"Um yeah, that happens when we shift," he said easily. He walked forward until he was standing a few feet away. "Feast your eyes on my sexiness."

"You're a pig," she growled, turning away from him to hide the smile that now graced her lips.

"You know you want to laugh. I had you scared shitless, young lady," he commented casually. Lucy spun around to tell him off, but didn't realize how close they really were. She tripped and fell into his arms. He caught her easily, keeping his eyes locked on hers. She felt her body's instant reaction and cursed herself. She knew he could smell her arousal and it made her face turn red in embarrassment. She felt a shiver run over her as Braiden pulled her closer. She knew that she shouldn't like it, but she did.

He locked one arm around her waist and pulled her flush against him. She could feel his erection poke her in the belly. His other arm went to the back of her neck, pushing her hair aside. She kept her eyes locked on his, wondering what he was going to do.

She rubbed her hips against his, causing a jolt to shoot straight toward her throbbing clit. She moaned, unable to hold back. Braiden growled and ground his hips against hers. He lowered his head and kissed her with a dominating spirit. She resisted at first, but a nip of her lips caused her to open her mouth in a gasp. When his tongue entered her mouth she lost all control. She rubbed her aching nipples against his chest, wanting to feel his bare skin on hers. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She tilted her head sideways, giving him better access as their tongues fought for dominance.

Braiden's arm around her waist disappeared and she felt a tugging sensation as her shirt started moving upwards. She whined in need as lust overcame her. She had to be closer. Breaking away for a moment Braiden easily pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her in only her bra and shorts. His hands moved to her chest and he cupped her breasts.

"You feel so good. I love the sounds you make for me," he whispered in her ear as he trailed kisses down her neck and onto her shoulder. She shivered and bucked her hips against his. He picked her up and started walking backwards as he captured her lips with his again.

When her back hit a hard surface Braiden lifted his leg and set her down on it. She rocked against him, rubbing her pussy against his leg, wanting to find some relief.

"I ache," she admitted, breaking way from his kisses breathlessly. She heard a noise and then her bra was thrown across the forest. She forgot what she was going to say as soon as his mouth covered her nipple and his teeth raked across her skin. She moaned and thrust her chest up, giving him better access.

Some part of Lucy was screaming at her that this was wrong and that she should stop, but her mind was lost in the lust that clouded it. Braiden kissed her chest and then his mouth captured her lips. His hands replaced his mouth and his thumbs rubbed across her nipples. She rocked her hips faster, needing some relief. She was experiencing things she had never felt before. She knew Braiden could help her find relief, but she didn't know how.

"Help me," she moaned against his lips.

"Patience, baby," he answered. "Let me pleasure you."

Braiden picked her up again and she heard her shorts rip. Her panties soon followed and now they were both naked. She could feel his cock press against her pussy and knew if she moved her hips a certain way he would be inside of her. She was about to do just that when he turned, moving her away from the tree. He set her on the soft moss that covered the ground. She knew she should be disgusted, but all she could think about was finding relief. A picture of Raice flashed across her mind but she ignored it. He had rejected her this morning and she was still hurt.

When Braiden stared down at her, feasting on her with his eyes, she whimpered. She wanted him to finish what he started. He could stare at her later. She arched her hips and rubbed her pussy against his rock hard cock. He moaned and held her hips down.

"None of that yet," he commanded. He moved his head down to kiss her lips and then her neck. He cupped her breasts in his hand and then moved his fingers lightly down her stomach and to her thighs. Goosebumps followed in their wake. She shivered in delight.

When he spread her thighs and his eyes took in her wet pussy her face turned red and she covered it with her hands. "No, look at me as I feast on your delicious pussy. Let me taste your cream as you come in my mouth."

When he licked from bottom to top, Lucy could do nothing else but move her hands and grab onto whatever was near. She dug her fingers into the moss as her hips bucked off the ground.

Braiden moved his hand to hold her hips in place and spread her thighs wider. He sucked on her clit, causing Lucy to moan in pure bliss. She could feel her relief coming over her and knew she was close.

"Don't stop," she begged. Braiden smiled and she could feel it against her sensitive skin.

"Don't worry baby, this is for you," he purred, the vibrations causing her to topple over the edge. She came with a scream, her vision going black and her body sending jolts of pleasure all over. She cried out Braiden's name as his tongue continued to lap at her juices. After what seemed like hours, she finally came down from her high. She looked down and saw Braiden lick his lips. She knew she should be embarrassed, but she was still partially lost in the feelings of her first orgasm.

"Now I'm going to fuck you with my cock and you're going to scream my name like you just did. Your pussy is going to clench around my cock and we're going to come together. Then I will sink my teeth into your neck and you will be mine," he instructed. He climbed up her body until his chest was level with hers. "You are mine now."

"I'm…" Lucy couldn't say the words. Something wasn't right. What was she doing? "Raice?" Though she barely breathed the words, she knew Braiden heard her by the way his eyes darkened and his mood turned foul.

"Raice isn't here, baby. Nothing will stop me from claiming you." Braiden flicked his thumbs over her nipples and kissed her mouth. She was thrown back into the lust that consumed her before. What had she been saying? Her mind had drawn a blank and she let herself go.

"Say it! Tell me your mine," Braiden growled.

"I'm…" Lucy trailed off once more and then gained courage. "I'm yours."

Raice had finally worked up the courage to tell Riven his story when he felt something was terribly wrong. He started wiggling in his chair and his panther fought for control. His eyes went black and he started growling.

"What's wrong Raice?" Riven asked, watching the changes over take Raice's body. He was unsure what was happening to the man, but he knew there was something wrong. He felt the temperature drop in the room and his wolf went on alert.

"I don't know. My panther is going crazy and I can't seem to control it. I feel like something is terribly wrong. Lucy, I gotta check on my mate," Raice growled, managing to sound more animal than human. Riven jumped to his feet as Raice made his way toward the door.

"Calm down, I'm sure she's fine. Let's check the front porch," Riven spoke calmly. He needed to calm Raice down. He wasn't above using his alpha influence, but he wasn't sure if that would work if this had something to do with Lucy. They needed to find the girl so Raice's panther would calm down and he could take control. Raice didn't seem to have much control when it came to her and Riven knew that if he changed someone could possible see him in panther form.

Raice could feel the change starting to come over his body. His panther knew something Raice didn't. He had to find Lucy or he would go crazy. He started searching every room. He couldn't find her. He tried the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, and every bedroom he came across. He even tried the basement, but still Lucy was nowhere to be found. He sniffed the air, trying to find her scent, but everywhere it was faint and old.

"She's gone!" Raice cried, his panther roaring in his head, demanding to be let out. "I have to find her."

Raice stumbled out the front door and her scent hit him like a ton of bricks. She had been there, but so had Braiden. Raice growled and lost control of his panther half. The change came over him in a rush and soon he was running on four legs toward Lucy's scent. Braiden's scent was always close behind and Raice was getting worried. What if Braiden tried to claim her? Had Lucy gone of her own free will or had Braiden forced her into the forest? He growled.

He pushed his legs to move faster, jumping over trees and through the bushes. He could smell Lucy up ahead. He was almost there. He jumped through the last bush and came to a screeching halt. The sight that was in front of him had his heart breaking and his panther taking full control of his mind. His human half disappeared to the recesses of his mind and his panther went on the hunt.

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