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To Love So Pure

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"If one day I don't pick up this phone and one day I never come back, I want you to know that... Through all this shit I deal with... Your who made it better everyday. Your my constant, honey badger" Caroline was a spunky 13 year old girl with a heart of gold. She was friends with everyone she could be. She never turned her back on the bullied, and always pulled them up on their feet and offered them friendship. She didn't take any bull from anyone and stood up with fist if she had to, to defend herself or others. Making friends with May Lucas, was a turning point in her life when she introduced her to then 15 year old Hot tempered guy Jesse west. He was troubled and lonely. Caroline couldn't help but to want to be near him. She felt drawn to him in a way she had never felt before. But there is so much you can do to fix a person... and then there is nothing else but to let that person go. Jesse West was a known street fighter, and one of the best despite his age. People feared him and that's how he liked it. He felt a thrill when on the pavement and his adrenaline pumped through his veins. He was content in his life, never knowing anything was missing, until he met her. Then everything changed. Without him even noticing, she had become the best thing to ever happen to him and the only person who knew who he really was behind the hard mask he wore. His light in the darkness.

Romance / Drama
Chrissy U.
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Chapter 1

“Eww, Here comes dirty undies. Maybe if I give her some soap she will learn to wash them and herself. God, How does she walk around like that and not even care.” Kora Sands said leaning against her locker holding her finger to her nose.

Caroline slanted her eyes at the girl as she placed her books in her locker.

“Kora, if you don’t shut the hell up, Im going to help you out by shoving my fist and that finger up your nose.” Caroline ground out, snatching her algebra book from her locker and slamming it shut. Finally leveling her eyes on the girls beside her.

The trio of bitches. Kora Sands, Carmen and Catlin Burns. They thought they owned the school with how they went around like their shit didn’t stink. They made fun of others like it was just a pass time game and didn’t have any remorse for it.

Caroline was all to willing to put them in their place. Having been made fun of for being poor just a few years ago when her daddy had just started lifting his auto shot off the ground. It had been hand me down clothes from her older sister Shelby and shoes she had wore for so long that she ended up growing out of them and quite literally walking straight out of them.

Yes, Caroline knew all to well what it was like. The other kids were ruthless. Throwing germ-X on her as she walked down the halls of the intermediate school. All steered clear of her, claiming she was the epitome of a walking disease. She had to fight every day and was sent to ISS more times then she can count for doing just that. When she got home, she got in even bigger trouble. Her Daddy was a battle ax when it came to misbehaving. And she can still remember the familier sting if the switch on her bottom.

Caroline didn’t blame her Daddy. He was doing the best he could to try and take care of her and he mother and sister and he didn’t understand. But everything changed when Her mother left and took her older sister Shelby with her. Caroline begged her mother to take her to. She was desperate for her attention... Shelby was her favorite and she knew that, but still... She wanted some attention to.

When Her mother left, it was just her daddy and her. And the harsh discipline stopped. Her Daddy remarried and then Caroline was shackled with two younger step siblings. And at a very young age, caroline had to grow up and take care of them, the house, learn to cook and go to school and get good grades otherwise, her dad would take her cell phone away.

Her daddys shop lifted off the ground and caroline finally was able to get some new clothes that actually fit her, and in the latest teen fashion... well shirts at least. Because Caroline didn’t care for skirts or frilly shorts and such. She didn’t care for heels or fancy flip flops. It was blue jeans and Airwalks for her and that was just fine for her.

Growing up like that gave her a new look on the meaning that everything happens for a reason. And now, she knew that one of her purposes was to be a friend to everyone, and never let anyone feel lonely like she had felt. She knew how painful it was and didn’t wish it upon her worst enemy.

Caroline jogged down the hall and met her friend half way, hooking her arm in hers and turning her the opposite way and started walking to class.

“They said something about me again didn’t they.” It was more of a statement then a question. Caroline sighed then threw another glare over her shoulder to the now giggling trio behind her and kept walking.

“Don’t worry about them Sam. They are a bunch of nasty bitches. Im sure they have skeletons in the closet. They are not worth the time to get upset over.” Caroline answered, then beamed a smile to Sam and pulled her into the classroom.

Wistles and cat calls met Carolines ears as she reached her desk and she turned to sneer at the people it came from. They were known as the emo boys. Or atleast that’s what the more popular called them. But Caroline just saw them as she did anyone else.

“Shove it up your ass Cass.” She retorted with smirk and flipping him the finger. The boys laughed and howled. Caroline rolled her eyes and took her seat as the teacher came into the room.

Cassidy Taylor had been chasing after Caroline for as long as they had known each other. He was good looking and the sweetest boy with the smoothest words she knew, and he claimed to love her. She was sure he did have real feelings for her... just like she was also certain he had these ‘real feelings’ for damn near half of the schools female population. She had dated him once. Decideding she owed it to both of them to see if they could be anything more then friends. But he doesn’t know how to stay with just one girl and Caroline refuses to be one to many of his ‘girlfriends’. So she called it off and they stayed nothing but friends. Even if Cassidy cant get it through his thick skull that it will never happen again.

The teacher called the class to attention and Caroline opened her notebook and took out her homework. She groaned. Algebra... It was the bane of her existence.

The school day seemed to fly by and before she knew it, She was sitting at her usual lunch table with her usual friends sitting around her, chatting and eating on the eggrolls she had ordered from the snack bar.

“Did you meet the new girl yet?” Sam asked her, as she plucked the pepperoni off of her pizza and tossed tem onto Carolines plate. Caroline picked one up and tossed it into her mouth. Pepperoni’s were her favorite.

“No, I didnt even know we had one.” Caroline stated tossing another pepperoni into her mouth with a loud moan.

“She’s really nice. Seem’s a little shy though.” Sophie banks stated. “I had English with her and she hardly spoke a word or looked up from her book.” Caroline nodded. Maybe she just needed someone to talk to. Its scary moving to a new place and school with new faces.

Just then, oinking sounds reached carolines ears. She turned in her seat and saw Luke Mason snorting into his sweet tea.

“That’s the new girl.” Sam pointed out. Caroline turned her head in the direction Sam was pointing at and saw a girl with her head down, looking at her feet as she walked through the tables to a desserted one in the back and sat down.

She could feel her ears heat up as she realized that Luke was oinking at the new girl for being big. What a jerk.

Caroline slammed her hands on her table, effectively shutting the offending sounds up. Turning her eyes on luke she glared as hard as she could.

“Your a dick you know that?” She said, then picked up her plate an made her way over to the new girl. maybe accidently spilling her milk on lukes head in the process. opps. The cursing and swears coupled by her girls giggles were proof that she had got her point across.

Setting her plate down lightly, Caroline smiled at the girl eating slowly at a piece of pizza.

“Im sorry about that. Luke is a jerk. He has always been like that. Don’t pay him any mind.” She said, picking up an eggroll and munching. “Its nice to see a new face around here. My name is Caroline Davis. Whats yours?”

The girl raised her head cautiously as if expecting Caroline to point a finger in her face with a Ha! and laugh at her as if the joke was funny. But she didn’t see anything but a brilliant smile and a small friendly chuckle.

“Umm... M... May... Lucas.” Her voice was low, but Caroline could hear her just fine.

“Nice to meet you May. Welcome to our school. Its not much and some of the other students are... well you know. But don’t worry about any of that ok?” Caroline said. “So beside the duchebags behind us, how are you liking your first day?” A smile spread across may’s face.

“Its ok, and I don’t worry about them. Im used to it really. Its just I don’t like getting into trouble so I just keep to myself most of the time.” She explained. And caroline understood. She wasn’t sad or embarrassed, she was just biting her tounge. Good girl.

“Well good, Because you have nothing to worry about. I have no problem knocking heads for you.” Caroline stated.

“Excuse me, Not trying to sound rude or anything, but why are you talking to me anyways?” May asked, taking another bite of her pizza and following it with a drink from her grape juice.

“Because. I know what its like to be alone in a new place. I was a new student here once. I came in 1st grade an was made fun of mercilessly. I learned to stand up for myself since then and no one bothers me anymore, but I like to make new friends any chance I get. So what do you say? Wanna get to know me and the girls over there?” Caroline pointed to the group of girls and they all waved back.

May was shocked. She didn’t really care about the bullies or bullying. She never had friends outside the ones she grew up with and never expected to make friends here at this school so fast. But this girl was... straight forward, and May kind of liked that about her.

“Sure. Lead the way.” She said, picking up her tray and following Caroline back to her table.

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