To Love So Pure

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Chapter 2

Caroline took her time in unveiling May’s true personality. She didn’t want to just throw her into her world without first knowing what she was going into. Her group was not the normal one. She had what others considered nerds, emo’s, jocks and of course the brains. So put them all together and it was called a cluster fuck. But who cares. No one is strapped to just one click in her opinion.

To her surprise, May fit in just right with everyone, even forming a love/hate relationship with Cassidy. Cassidy of course decided May was fresh meat. Caroline still giggles when she remembers how May smashed her book over his head when he grabbed a good handful of her ass.

It had now been a month since they met and Caroline was going to spend the weekend at May’s house at the request of May’s mother. May’s mother loved Caroline as if she was another daughter of hers that he just must have lost at birth.

Caroline loved her as well, not really having a mother to speak about, she clung to Mays mother. Not wanting to lose that feeling of what a real mother’s love feels like.

They jogged up the front steps and Caroline’s mouth watered at the smell of the delicious food coming from the house in front of them. She loved Mrs. Lucas’s cooking. It wasn’t like anything she had ever had before. She loved to experiment with different recipe’s and all different types of foods. But it always turned out so good. Caroline could never just cook like that. It never turned out for her and just got labeled at slop in a pot.

“Mom, were home.” May called out as Mrs. Lucas made her way into the living room from the kitchen. Mr. Lucas was sitting in his recliner watching the new episodes of swamp people on the TV.

Mrs. Lucas shot them a bright smile shoving the wooden spoon with red sauce in Mr. Lucas’s hand as jogged over to the girls, pulling them both into a tight hug, then grabbing Caroline gently by the chin and kissing her forehead.

“I’m so glad you could make it honey. Its always a treat to have you around. livens up this old woman’s heart.” She breathed. Caroline couldn’t help but to smile back at the woman.

“Thank you Mama. I love coming over, really.” She had taken to calling her Mama after the first few times they had met. It just seemed to fit and always put a smile on both of their faces. To Caroline, she was her mother in ever since of the way except birth. “Need any help in the kitchen tonight?” Caroline asked, as Mrs. Lucas snatched the almost clean spoon out of her husbands hands and delivering a gentle smack to the shoulder with a playful scowl.

“Not tonight Baby, Its just spaghetti today, but tomorrow I’m making a roast and I could always use new ways to make the meat more juicier. Got any ideas?” She asked, leading the way back into the kitchen.

May And Caroline poured their books out over the table. Finals were coming up the next week and they had to cram all weekend for it.

“Actually I do, if you take a knife and just stab small holes all over the roast, season it, pour a can of French onion soup mix over the top, cover and cook. That’s always worked with me, but of course we cant forget your own twist of it to .” She said with a smile.

“You will have to show me tomorrow.” Mrs. Lucas said, then pointed her spoon to the table. “Now you two get a much studying done now. Dinner will be done shortly. ”

And with that said, they dived into the books. Both May and Caroline swapping notes and study guides here and there to make sure that all of their basis were covered in every area.

Before they had even noticed, so engrossed in the books, Dinner was finished and they cleared the table to gather and eat. And once again. It was delicious and mouth watering delicious.

Later that night after Caroline had showered and changed into a comfortable pair of sleep pants and a tank top, she walked into the kitchen to help Mrs. Lucas clean up after dinner.

They cleaned in a comfortable silence. Caroline just felt so right when she was there. She didn’t see eye to eye with her step mother, and never really could act her age while she was at home. Always having to play mother to her two younger step siblings. Cooking, cleaning, Baths, laundry, homework... it all had to be done before bed time and she was the only one old enough to do it while the parents were away at the local bar and grill drinking and eating till the late hours of the night. But here... she could be the 13 year old girl that she was.

“Here baby.” Mrs. Lucas said holding out a steaming mug of hot chocolate with whip cream on the top.

“Thank you.” Caroline said softly, taking a sip of the liquid ambrosia and stepping out of the back sliding glass door to the big back porch. Caroline fished a pack of cigarettes from her bra and lit one. Mrs. Lucas just shook her head.

“I’m sorry Mama. I know you don’t like them. But Sometimes I just need one.” Caroline said, dragging on the cigarette one more time. “Don’t worry, I don’t let may have any. I respect your wishes on that.” Caroline said smiling at her adopted mother.

“Sweetheart, You know that I don’t want you smoking those awful things either. I see you as one of my children just as I see May. I honestly think you are mine and they changed the tags on the cribs at the hospital.” Mrs. Lucas laughed and Caroline joined.

“Please, don’t keep such a bad habit.” Mrs. Lucas said gently taking the cigarette from May’s hand and smashing it out on the ground with the bottom of her slipper.

“Mama!” May yelled out from the living room.

“What in the world?” Mrs. Lucas opened the glass door and Caroline and her took in the situation.

Two guys stood in the living room, one had an arm slung over the shoulder of the other one, while he was trying to hold him up. The one slumped over was bloody and bruised as if someone had beat the tar out of him.

Caroline ran into the kitchen, grabbed a clean towel from the drawer and a big bowl. She filled the bowl full of hot water and a few dashes of peroxide, then made her way as quickly as she could without spilling to the living room.

The uninjured boy dumped the beaten one on the sofa none to gently. The beaten boy groaned in protest, flipping his friend off, resulting in a chuckle.

“May go get the antibiotic cream and bandages please.” Mrs. Lucas said taking a seat next to the boy and I sat on his other side. While Mrs. Lucas inspected his injuries.

He had a shallow cut right above his eyebrow that was bleeding profusely and a bruised cheekbone on both sides. His lip was busted and his nose had a small trickle of blood still coming from it. By the smears of blood above his upper lip, Caroline imagined it had been worse then it was at the moment.

“Damn it Jesse!” Mrs. Lucas yelled finally done with her inspection, and snatched up an ear, giving it a good shake before tossing his head in Caroline’s direction. Caroline soaked the towel in the liquid and rung it out gently.

“Will I live?” He asked a smug smirk playing on his handsome face. Caroline was thrown for a moment and paused in her actions to dab his brow when he smiled showing off a row of perfectly white teeth. It felt as if her heart leapt into her throat for a moment.

Shaking her head softly, she gently cupped his chin and pulled his face toward hers to get a good reach to his injuries.

“Your damn lucky that you have only minor injuries.” Mrs. Lucas yelled poking him in the back of his head.

Jesse’s eyes landed on Caroline, but she didn’t look into them. He watched her carefully. Taking in the new girls appearance. She wasn’t skinny or thin, but she wasn’t big either. She had curves in all the right places. Her eyes were big and brown, and her nose was small and button size. She held a heart shaped face that went perfectly with the way a few loose sprigs of her hair fell around it from the messy bun it was held in at the top of her head. The dark brown color of if matched her eyes perfectly. She was beautiful. More so then he had ever seen in any other girl. She wasn’t the perfect model/Barbie doll girl. She didn’t have a tiny waist and a pound of make up. She was relaxed and carefree in his opinion. And he couldn’t help the way his stomach fluttered slightly as her pampered eyebrows creased in concentration as she wiped and dabbed at his brow.

Coming back to his senses when May came running back into the room with the items her mother asked for; Jesse pulled another smirk onto his lips and tossed his head in Mrs. Lucas’s direction.

“But I won.” He said cheekily. Then passed out.

Caroline jumped as the guy slumped over into the couch cushions. The rag dropped from her hand and she quickly grabbed the guy by the face and lightly tapped his cheek tenderly so not to further injure him.

“Jesse? Jesse are you ok?” Caroline looked worriedly to Mrs. Lucas. “He’s not waking up!” She said, her voice cracking in fear.

Mrs. Lucas just chuckled. Caroline’s eyebrows creased in confusion, watching as Mrs. Lucas began to apply the ointment to his cuts and cover then with a bandage.

“He will be just fine honey, he is just exhausted.” She said patting Caroline’s hands in a reassuring manner. Caroline relaxed and fixed her eye on the now unconscious guy in front of her.

How in the world did he get these injuries and what in the hell did he mean when he said that he had won. He won what? The fight for his life? The fact that he wasn’t 6 foot under was an accomplishment that’s for sure, but not something to gloat about.

“What happened to him?” Caroline asked, picking up the rag again and wiping the blood smears away from his nose and dabbing his busted lip tenderly.

“He’s a street fighter. He and Doogey both.” She explained, applying more of the ointment to a few scratches. ” Doogey doesn’t fight as much as Jesse does. Doogey is more or less there to make sure that this one,” She poked his unconscious head and it rolled to face Caroline. “Doesn’t get killed out there.” She said, putting the cap back on the ointment and standing from the couch.

“May, go get a few pillows and blankets please. And if you two girl don’t mind helping them get settled in for the night. I’m going to head to bed. Goodnight.” Mrs . Lucas went around and kissed us all on the cheek, when she reached Doogey, she kissed him softly on the cheek then delivered a sound smack to the back of his head.

Doogeys hand reached up to rub the abused spot and he whined, “What was that for?”

“That’s for Jesse, make sure he gets it when he wakes up.” She said with a smirk then disappeared down the hall.

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